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Freethought Friday #1: To My Theist Friends and Foes

Boris Ekner is a friend of mine who I met on Facebook a few months ago. He is a great freethinker and i think you will enjoy his article today as I have. In my mind this is the perfect choice for our first entry to Freethought Friday. If you are interested in writing an article for this weekly series, please use the contact form which can be found here.

To my theist friends and foes,

This is about flipping the coin and take a look on the other side. This is about what we can learn by looking at a topic by from a different perspective. This is about daring to do what you might not have done before.

There are many atheists in the world and the number is growing steadily. It is the fastest growing affiliation world-wide.

Most atheists were once theists. They did believe in a God just as you do. They did believe in a life after death, a Heaven and a Hell. I did too, but I never believed in a Hell. I did, however, believe in a life after death. I did pray to a God for guidance and advice. It brought me comfort even though I never saw any prayers answered.

As most atheist once were people of faith – what was it that made them lose faith? Have you ever looked into it? Have you ever been bold enough to look at it from the perspective of the former believer? What do you think you would find, if you did?
What do you think you would find if you added logic and reason to your faith?Let’s use the story of Jesus as an example and add some logical reasoning to it all.

“Do you dare to do this in order to increase your understandings…”

  • God impregnated Mary in her sleep. As she was asleep God impregnated her without her consensus. (That is the definition of rape, BTW.) God did this in order to make himself visible to humanity. He did it for a good cause though, but nevertheless it was rape.
  • As God is omnipotent (the all-powerful creator of everything) and created the entire universe, why the need of a woman to create himself as Jesus? He did create Adam out of dust and Eve out of a rib, didn’t he?
  • As he now did create himself as Jesus by impregnating Mary with himself, Jesus was, by definition, his own father.
  • As God is omniscient (all-knowing) he knew that he would be killed on the cross.
  • As God is the omnipotent creator of everything he is also the creator of his own killing.
  • God, the omniscient, knew that he as Jesus, would be killed for the sins he created in the first place. That means that God committed suicide on the cross. Suicide is a sin according to the Bible.
  • This means that God, according to the Bible, is a sinner just as you and everyone else.
  • If you disagree on this it means that your God is not omnipotent nor omniscient, and that means that God cannot be a God as it contradicts the very definition.
    Conclusion – God raped Mary. – Jesus was his own father.- Jesus committed suicide for the sins of humanity, sins created by himself. – Jesus resurrected after three days – so he never really died, did he? So what was it he sacrificed, three days?
  • On top of this, there is no independent sustainable proof outside religious texts that Jesus ever existed.

This is a simple example of the thought process that has taken place in every believer when they have questioned what the Bible has taught them.
This method can be applied on every subject the Bible tells us.

  • The creation of universe.
  • The creation of Adam & Eve.
  • The talking snake.
  • The burning bush.
  • The creation of Earth.
  • The creation of Christianity itself.
  • The 10 commandments.
  • The 7 deadly sins.
  • The story of Moses.
  • The story of Abraham.
  • The story of Noah and the Ark
  • …and many more

Do you dare to do this in order to increase your understandings of people like me, the atheist?

About the Author: Boris Ekner
Born in Sweden, 1962. Living in Guatemala since 2010. Married. Father of four.
Radar engineer. Former SOG Air Force officer. Freemason.

…and a full-time freethinking atheist, and anti-theist, since 2015.

In order to stay sane in an insane world I write. For the same reason I have taken up photography, as a hobby.

You can find links to Boris’s blog, instagram, and another photography site below. Check them out, they are great!

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