The Diary Of My Mind

A note to my readers…

I’ve decided to keep a personal diary on here. This will mostly be for those folks in the autism community who I have met and cherish. These short or long posts may be at times difficult to understand is you are not on the spectrum. I don’t apologize for that but I think maybe it will help understand just how differently my mind works.
The first beautiful thing for me today was holding my hand over the exhaust fan on the AC at work. Feeling the air pass through my fingers, warm to the touch but stimulating and calming. I desperately needed it at that moment.

The second most beautiful thing was the cool metal sheeting surrounding the building. Touching it, placing my face against it and simply leaning against it brought me a great deal of joy.

A cloud passed over head and blocked the sun for a moment. The lowering of light helped my eyes adjust and I saw a caterpillar crawling in the grass nearby.  I watched it for just a few moments as it nibbled at some grass. This was the third beautiful thing I saw today.

The most beautiful thing though for me, was coming home from work. Having a woman that loves me, who is also on the spectrum, understanding my need for calm and quiet. We sat on the couch, she knitted while I played video games. She then gave me a foot rub and we watched Star Trek together.

The last beautiful thing today is getting to share all of this with you people. It is a joy to write and have you read it. Getting to read your blogs as well is a supreme joy of mine. Thank you all so much!

Live long and prosper.


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