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Atypical Partial Review

So I haven’t finished the entire first season but I have for the most part enjoyed the show. I do have a couple of criticisms.

First off, the mother is completely unlikable, every other character on the show has some redeeming quality but her. Seriously, could they have made the mother less likable? It seems almost as though this is the purpose of her character. Any time we seem to get a moment that she seems like a decent human being, the next scene is her doing something that absolutely destroys that image. It’s really unnerving.

Secondly, the main character is autistic but they portray him far too often as simply clueless. For example:

In one scene his friend from work says he is going to “get down.” Sam looks down confused. His friend constantly talks about sex, it is completely illogical to me that Sam would not know what get down means having a friend like that. Basically, I understand that they are trying to portray that Sam has trouble with social situations and cues but being in high school he would have picked up on some of these things while growing up.

There have been times where I have really enjoyed the show, and have associated a lot with Sam’s experience. I think though that they have tried to overemphasize the autism to make the mental struggle more easy to understand for neurotypical people that watch it, but it just seems that they have created a show that provides a stereotype of autism and not necessarily a show that provides real information on what it is like to live with Autism.

All in all it’s still a decent show but I can understand why there is such a pushback from the Autism community. I think it will give people an idea that they know what it is like to have autism or what autism is, simply by watching this show. In those respects I believe that the show could be harmful in the long run.

If you are really interested in what life is like with autism. Check out Neurotypical, available on Amazon Prime. There are also some great books on the topic.

For my own personal type of autism, you could read “The Complete Guide to Asperger’s.” It was available on Kindle Unlimited, though I am not sure if that is true now.

Thanks for reading.


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