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Why Am I An Autistic Person?

So this post isn’t about my symptoms, it isn’t about my diagnosis, or what anyone thinks of me. What this post is about is how I choose to describe myself. I am not a person with Autism, I am an Autistic Person.

So this might piss some people off and I really don’t care. The post I wrote yesterday about discouragement was due to being banned from a Facebook group, one that had nothing to do with autism, because I had referred to myself as an Autistic person. The admin of the group stated that I was being offensive and using a type of hate speech against members of the autism community. Now I won’t mention the group or the name of the person who told me this but it really bothered me.

It is my personal opinion, but saying “person with Autism,” means that one day I might be a “person without autism.” This is of course never going to happen. Autism is a lot of what makes me who I am. I wouldn’t change it and I am “happy” to understand myself better now knowing exactly what makes me different. I’m no less of a person because I am autistic, I am however better understanding myself now. So if it hurts your feelings that I call myself an autistic person, piss off…

It also seems to me that when someone says, “person with autism,” they are adding a bit of shame to the term. I’ve heard people say, I don’t want my child limited by the label? Well, I’ve got two bachelors degrees and one day will complete my masters, I have an awesome job, and a pretty damn good life. If my life has been limited by my autism it had been in ways that don’t really matter much to me.

Now, if you want to call your son, your daughter, or yourself, a “person with autism,” that’s fine with me. I wouldn’t attempt to force something on you that you wouldn’t want. I simply expect the same respect in how I choose to label myself.

4 thoughts on “Why Am I An Autistic Person?

  1. Urg! It’s so frustrating when people tell us autistic people how we should talk about ourselves or what terms we should use. I was once told along time ago on social media that saying “Aspie” is offensive to the autistic community. This person telling me how I should choose my words was of course not autistic at all. In which case I politely told them to eff off. It is one thing as an autistic person to tell another autistic person what offends them and why, that’s fine I will take your comment in mind and try to be maybe more understanding of why I made them feel uncomfortable. But a person not on the spectrum telling me how I should talk, no. We should be able to use what words we want when it comes to describing ourselves and diagnoses etc.

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  2. I’m always amazed at the way “person of colour” is considered OK in the USA whereas “coloured person” (which is grammatically better) is not. And you can get into SJW trouble if you use the wrong one, even if no-one told you the rules (which change every few years anyway).

    Now I’m hearing that “autistic person” is preferable to “person with autism”. You zany Americans!

    My family says “Dad has asparagus”.

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    1. And we don’t spell it with a “U.” It’s color here….lol

      There is a lot of stigma in the US and by going Identity first, part of the hope it to remove the stigma.

      Think of it like this, we don’t say “Person with homosexuality” but we say homosexual or bisexual person. Autism is a part of who I am, Asparagus and all. lol


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