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Wednesday Woo #7: Demons and Denial

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New Age and occult philosophy has a wide array of imaginary life forms or forces within their belief systems. From demons to faeries, egregores, and ghosts, the possibilities are endless when it comes to the realm of the unseen world. The majority explanation is these creature are directly constructed by the mind, since most things allegedly manifest through thoughts. Silly as it may sound, this notion is notorious in such “tribes” or circles of influence within the community. “Your thoughts create your reality” is a common meme within their threads:


Which of course leads to thousands of YouTube videos about how “The Matrix” is a true depiction of how reality works.


What I find problematic is when people think the supernatural beings in their imagination are actually real, and are in a complete state of helplessness. They become panicked, lose sleep, begin unnecessary fights, and of course, frantically spend time, money, and effort in trying to find some peace. This state of mind can cause erratic behaviors in a person, often leading to a loss of job, and cause inevitable strains on relationships. It’s really ironic yet totally disheartening to find those in search of tranquility are losing their grip on sanity and solace. Many of these folks wouldn’t normally be prone to such a paranoid state of mind, but there are some who hold a psychological/genetic disposition.

It’s tedious to direct a believer toward reason and away from these ideas, especially a psychotic one. To detach their personal identity from their premonitions of invisible forces initiates a fight or flight response. They have become a see-er, scryer, prophet, crystal child, star-seed, or a light worker who is on a mission from the divine to save the world and bring forth some sort of utopia, and now some critical thinker is asking for evidence of their claims. Their philosophies have now been reduced to absolute, dichotomous thinking, where they are the good guys fighting the negative Nancys who dare to question their wisdom and powers. The system alone is set up to label all critics as “fearful sheep” who need to “do their research” – a common conspiracy theorist response that shuts down the conversation before it even begins. If you do not hold the same idea of reality as they do, then you’re still plugged into the Matrix, and either are in desperate need of them to awaken you, or are in the grasp of an evil force. So much for the concepts of rejecting duality, and us being all one.



Perhaps you’re wondering why anyone would adopt a belief in the power of thoughts such as this, but in all honestly, I cannot emphasize any one variable as a cause for every single person. What I can assert is my own reasons for cultivation and preservation of supernatural conclusions and the beings that may dwell within. I am a pattern seeking human being  – making connections where there may be none.
In a world such as this: with all of the struggle, grief, and unfairness, it’s comforting to find some sort of explanation, especially one that makes one feel more powerful.


But is it the idea of unseen worlds influencing our personal experience really the least complex when contrasted with innate human qualities such as pattern seeking? Is it much simpler for my mind to actually be creating all of the detail of reality, or that reality exist independently of my thoughts? There is millennia of evidence that existence was before my arrival, and I think it’s a safe bet that it shall continue on long after I have died. It’s much more complicated for everything to be a product of thoughts than it is for things to just simply be. Evidence is predicated upon predictability, testability, and reliability, therefore anything beyond this scope has the potential to be set aside until further investigation. Even if this reality were a simulation, or a product of some super, unified mind, how could I possibly test this?


It logically follows that if human beings had the power to connect with the mystical, we would have some way of proving this, right? It would be even more sweet if they could demonstrate their powers, AND collect a prize for their efforts! Sadly, this has yet to occur.

Here’s some of the more recent prizes offered for a demonstration of paranormal abilities:


This of course doesn’t make the paranormal to be any less lucrative of a business. There are many books, and workshops dedicated to teaching people how to wield their non-existent magical powers. I cannot tell you how much money I spent purchasing books, crystals, talismans, oils, and charms in order to alter my mind so I could manifest a better reality. Truthfully, it did give me a nice distraction from whatever was stressing me out at the time, but it did very little to help my pocketbook, nor my long-term peace of mind. I have spent many nights awake in bed fearing whatever weird presence was there. I get cranky when I’m lacking sleep, so of course, this would make matters worse. I kept thinking I saw stupid signs everywhere, which conjured up some rolled-eyes when I would mention this to others. Pretty sure that’s not what the spells were for, but I digress…

So, if the belief in the paranormal can potentially lead to financial chaos, delusional thinking, tear apart personal relationships, and disrupt your inner peace, wouldn’t you want it to at least be true? A skeptic would maintain that extraordinary evidence would be necessary for such extraordinary claims.

I wrote a short letter to my past self that kinda sums up how I feel about my old beliefs. Thank you for reading!

“Dearest Friend,

Why have you chosen to believe in whatever satisfies your imagination’s fancy? Wouldn’t it be better to occupy your mind with things that can be demonstratively true instead? You read Plato and thought life to be an illusion. Movies can be evidently differentiated, therefore while your creativity may know no bounds, your reality is indeed a subject to physical limitation. There’s no proof that those cloud angels are empirically there, however, they can shield your eyes from a harsh sun, if even for a brief period of time. There is no joy lost in living a moment that is evident, and no productivity within chasing the shadows. Demons do not truly haunt you; it’s merely a metaphor for a feelings not yet expressed. What I can know for sure, is that life as you know it shall eventually come to a close; so precious few moments left to enjoy. Is it your wish to waste them in deep paranoia of demons?


Your Ability to Reason

P.S. You don’t have to have superpowers to be a positive influence on your world, or to be worthy of your existence. Love yourself as you truly are.”

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