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Something Different Saturday #7: Uninformed Opinions

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So today I want to touch on a topic that is really annoying to me. It’s people who read the headline of an article or blog and then come to their own conclusions of what the blog is actually about. Nearly every day I have to explain to someone, that this blog is written from the mindset of a former theist and is not pro-theism.

For example: I write an article called Satanic Sunday, which is about something that I was either taught was Satanic as a child or I knew someone who believed that thing was Satanic. The post satirized these beliefs showing how asinine those beliefs were. However, ever single week I have someone attack me for promoting the idea that these things are satanic.

The name of the blog is An Atheist in Iowa, the url is How on earth do people come to the conclusion that this blog is promoting Christianity? FUCK! The only thing that I can come up with, is like said before, they read the title to the blog and not the article itself. This has become such a pain in my ass that I nearly stopped blogging about atheism and completely converted this to simply a blog about my life, autism, and simply things I find interesting.

So what do these folks do, once I point out that it is obvious they haven’t actually read my blog? They open it, skim it quickly and find some sentence that seems to give credence to their stance. For example, my blog about the belief that Atheists are Satanic contained a bold headline, “All Homosexuals are Atheist and all Atheists are Homosexuals,” someone took that line and said that I was promoting the idea that atheism equates to homosexuality. If you actually read the blog you would see that this portion dealt with people who had promoted this idea and my utter rejection of the notion.

I write my blog to provide information, entertainment, and as an outlet for me. Writing calms me down, but being forced to constantly defend myself from people who are far too lazy to take a couple of minutes and actually read the article makes the writing far less therapeutic for me.

I guess it’s quite common for people to do this. The idea is completely foreign to me. I would never give an opinion on something that I don’t know something about. I see this in every day conversations when someone will say something like, “I’ll tell ya’ll wut we do wit this middle eastern crisis….wut you just gotta do is dis…” and then it is obvious they have no idea what the crisis is about and probably have no clue where the middle east even is.

Uninformed opinions run rampant in society, hell our president is one big uninformed opinion. The problem is, they lead to absolutely nothing constructive and are nothing more than mental masturbation. An uninformed opinion is equitable in my mind to the term “thoughts and prayers,” it does nothing but make the person stating it feel smart and superior for a few moments. It is entirely self-serving and more annoying to anyone who actually has an informed opinion about a topic.

No this article is not about criticism. If you feel like I haven’t touched on a topic well enough or you feel that maybe I got something wrong. let me know. Countless times I have made edits due to something that I said which was misunderstood or wrong. I am open to learning and expanding my knowledge always, but if you want to state an opinion without actually reading…go fuck yourselves….

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