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A Cruelness To The World

If you could see the pain in my heart

When laughter breaks the calm

Knowing I’m the brunt of the joke

For doing something wrong.

I jumble my words before they exit

My mind it clearly sees

Superiority in your eyes

Looking upon me like a flea

You have no idea, how hurt I am.

Because quietly I sit showing no pain.

The pain in my mind surges forward

My thoughts the pain does claim.

I only wish to be accepted

As another human being

Yet laughter crushes the man inside

I’m broken, torn, and bleeding.

One thought on “A Cruelness To The World

  1. my fiction here: Can’t find it in my loggs now but here goes my memory:

    The pain
    sits heavy
    at the bottom
    of my heart
    I move
    with a very low
    center of mass
    The pain
    when I acknowledge it
    rewards me
    with sharpened senses
    is that why
    pain exists ?
    are reasons
    meaningful ?
    I look for a pain
    to numb another one
    it works
    is that even
    legal ?


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