Something Different Saturdays

Something Different Saturday: A Response of Sorts

I’m not one to do response blogs but I felt like this one is warranted. I will not be referencing the blogs that I am responding to as I have no interest in starting some sort of back and forth war with theist bloggers. That’s not the point of this blog and so if you are interested in finding these blogs just search the tag atheism and read through a few of the posts written by believers.

Over the past few days I’ve read numerous blogs by theists who believe they are clever by adding Atheist or Atheism to their blogs. As a small side note…Theists….no one has ever decided to convert to your faith because of the tag you place on a blog. It actually just leads to atheists reading your drivel and then wondering how someone survive and write a blog without a single working brain cell.

Anyway, today I’m responding to blogs which make a claim along the lines of the following…

“God’s power would be shown on Earth if more people had faith.”


My first criticism to this is that it runs completely counter to the biblical narrative. Reading through the old testament we see countless tales of God using his power in great and mighty feats due to the faith of a single human being. A few examples of this would be Abraham, Noah, Elisha, Elijah, Ezekiel, David, Daniel, etc… According to the scriptures, god has absolutely no problem showing his power in the world of men even if the faithful are down to one or two people.


So the obvious argument is going to be that all of the examples I gave were from the old testament and that the new testament brought about changes that nullify the former examples. Well a look at the new Testament we find the apostles working numerous miracles amidst non-believers. We also find Paul who is constantly using the power of god to prove his ministry in one way or another. So even in the new testament the power of god was not confined to times when believers were the majority. So to take the theists claim at face value is to nullify the scriptures that their faith is supposedly built upon.

My second criticism of this is that it is simply a poorly thought out argument. If your god is so small that he can only perform wonders if the majority of people believe in him then he is not a god to be followed. Think of it like this. If your employer only paid you on weeks that everyone had perfect attendance, you probably wouldn’t stick with that job for very long. If god requires faith as some sort of currency which builds his power, then your god is nothing more than a trickster who gathers his power from those weak enough to worship him.

For my last criticism of this argument I’d like to point out that when you use this argument you are actually arguing for the reverse as well.

The statement…


If people had more faith, then god’s power would be shown.

is the same as saying…

People have no faith because god doesn’t do shit.

What you are saying is that while it’s true that god doesn’t do anything to warrant faith in him, we should simply give faith in a hope that he might one day actually do something. This is like putting your money into an investment that constantly loses money out of the hope that one day more people will invest and it will all be worth it. Maybe one day the Amish will take over and carriage sales will fly through the roof but it still isn’t enough of a chance for me to start investing in carriage sales today.

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Now, theists, I understand your point of view better than most would, as a former Pentecostal minister I understand how you feel. You go to church each Sunday, you read your bible, you pray, you give your tithes, and yet still you see no evidence of god actually working in your lives. Maybe your marriage is falling apart, you just lost your job, maybe you are depressed or longing for some otherworldly feeling of faith, and so you are looking for answers to why this feeling is outside of your grasp or why god won’t fix your marital or financial situation.

So what are you doing…

You make excuses for why god’s power can’t shine through the darkness. It’s obviously not the more logical answer that god doesn’t exist because, let’s face it, you’ve invested so much of your time and energy into this game that you can’t just accept that answer. So the reason is clear to you, the blessings that you seek from god would be granted to you if it wasn’t for all of these evil sinners and atheists in the world today. It’s our fault that god can’t do anything and if only we would recognize the need to worship a god that can’t do anything, then your life would be fixed and the world would be perfect.

Sorry…it just doesn’t work that way. Life is a mixture of good and bad times. We live and we die. Marriages fall apart, jobs come and go, life goes up and life goes down. God doesn’t fit into the equation because there is no need for a god to fit into the equation. Life is both good and bad for theists and atheists alike. Your faith or lack thereof has no bearing on the quality of life and while I know you will simply scoff it truly is that simple.

Oh….and I cleverly used the tags Christianity, Christ, and Bible in an effort to deconvert you all….did it work? LMAO


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