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Bad Theism: Lying for the Lord

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“You shall not bear false witness against your neighbour.” Exodus 20:16

I want to talk a little bit tonight about lying, and to be more specific lying in order to spread your faith. Now the bible is pretty clear that lying is not okay in the eyes of the supposed Christian god and yet each and every day Christians spend a huge amount of time coming up with major lies in order to support scripture or give them some sort of backing for their faith. It seems strange but in reality the only way to support any lie is with more lies.


Have you ever caught someone in the act of lying and so instead of owning up to it they create an even larger lie?

Man: Seriously honey, I was out with the boys last night…
Woman: I called your friends and you weren’t with any of them.
Man: You got me honey, I was out buying you a gift.
Woman: Well where is it?
Man: Do you really think I have it on me? I left it at work.
Woman: Well, it’s strange that the bank statement shows no purchases last night…
Man: Of course not, I paid for it with cash that I got from one of my friends.
Woman: Which friend?
Man: I don’t remember….

Lying comes very naturally to us. In fact, one of the first things that a baby learns is how to lie through its cries in order to be granted whatever it wants. Even though lying is so prevalent, we still want to be seen as truthful people and so the only option we have when caught in a lie is to create a bigger lie. Over time this catches up to the compulsive liar as they are no longer capable of remembering all the lies they have told, things get mixed up and eventually the truth comes out.

Now as I said before, the bible is pretty clear about the prohibition of lying. Not only are you to not willfully lie, but according to the bible you are not supposed to speak on things which you are not absolutely positively sure. This works out for many Christians who don’t try to back up their faith with shoddy evidence. Ask many Christians why they believe and they might not be able to tell you why, they might simply say they believe simply because they have faith in belief. While this answer might be frustrating it is at least honest.


The problem comes when Christians try to use science as a means to promote their faith, many times by attempting to conform science to their belief. This can come in two forms both of which are dishonest and should be called out any time you see it occur.


The first form is used by entities such as “Answers In Genesis” which lists this in their statement of faith…


“By definition, no apparent, perceived or claimed evidence in any field, including history and chronology, can be valid if it contradicts the scriptural record. Of primary importance is the fact that evidence is always subject to interpretation by fallible people who do not possess all information.” (Answers in Genesis Website)

What exactly does this mean? It means if there is any evidence, no matter how verifiable, that contradicts biblical scripture they throw it out and still pretend as if the biblical account is correct…in other words….they lie about it. There is no other way to consider this outside of a bold-faced lie.

They will make bold claims about the sedimentary layers being proof of a biblical flood and yet we have scientific evidence that proves this is not the case. Even so, since that scientific evidence runs counter to what the bible teaches they will simply throw it out and continue to pretend it proves their side of the story….I mean…..were you there….


The second form is employed by liberal theologies where they will state that they no longer believe certain scriptures because those scriptures weren’t really written for this day and age anyway. They might also simply re-write a scripture in order to make it appear as if it doesn’t actually mean what folks thought it meant for nearly 2,000 years. It doesn’t really matter what the topic is but we will use the subject of homosexuality since it is the easiest to work with.

I want to make it clear that these are not my views.  I have absolutely no problem with homosexuality and am a proponent of marriage and workplace equality. Yet, the bible clearly speaks out against homosexuality in both the old and the new testament. The Christian church was entirely anti-gay until nearly the 1990’s and even now the vast majority of Christians would still state that homosexuality is a sin.

Liberal theologies get around this by making claims which cannot be backed by any scriptural source whatsoever.

  1. Rules against homosexuality were actually simply rules against homosexuality outside of marriage and since gay marriage didn’t exist back then it could not be sanctioned by god.
  2. Laws against homosexuality are actually laws against male prostitution and in no way a condemnation of the actual practice.
  3. Stating that the new testament actually doesn’t say anything about homosexuality.

There are a few more ways that the liberal faiths might try to promote their new progressive ideology and yet they are all, in fact, lies. The Christian that believes homosexuality is wrong is following the faith as it is written, the Christian who believes homosexuality is okay is following a faith of their own creation without a scriptural basis.

Now I’m not here to say which form of lying is worse as they are both lies and I am nothing more than a lowly atheist. Yet to me it would seem that if I needed to lie about something in order to continue believing in it….I simply shouldn’t believe in it.  Why live a life of ever-expanding lies?

Well the reason being is that they don’t want to give up their faith and so in both forms they are simply doing things that allow them to continue believing. The liberal lies so that he can conform the bible to his own worldview. The creationist lies so that he can pretend that the bible is still infallible. While the reason for their lies are on the opposite end of the scale, the reasoning is almost exactly the same…Faith cannot stand on its own.


Faith requires cognitive dissonance in one form or another. You cannot possibly believe that the bible is true and yet also believe in science. You cannot possibly believe that the scriptures are holy and infallible and yet also believe your own progressive worldview aligns with that faith. So when cognitive dissonance kicks in they create lies to help assuage those feelings and after thousands of years of doing so…the truth is shining through brightly.  God isn’t dead….god simply never was.

8 thoughts on “Bad Theism: Lying for the Lord

  1. This is beyond crazy, but it even gets worse. Mel Wild said he didn’t care if they proved the whole bible was a forgery. That he knew these forgers were inspired by god. I mean, god dammit! Their livelihood depends on lies like that. See, those bad bogey man Atheist can’t shake my faith! (Applause)

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      1. We have one that frequents our blogs now and then that will never answer a question but give another explanation. He’s the reason I did a lying segment a few days back.

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      2. What’s even funnier to me is that some of the people that hate me the most now, used to call me wise beyond my years when I was a minister writing a separate blog from the one I do now.

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