Strange Questions

Strange Questions: Aliens?

This is going to be quite possibly the dumbest blog that I have ever written…

So this question is actually going to be in response to a blog that I found here on WordPress. To quote the blog:

“Atheists do not believe in God.  Yet, I am pretty sure that if we suddenly found out that aliens invented the Earth and created the animals and humans and plants, they would be ok with it.”

Okay, so first I realize that the quote above is not well written or well thought out but let’s simplify it a bit…(How does something invent a planet?)

“If we found out that Aliens were responsible for creation, would atheists accept it?”


The answer to this is rather simple to be honest. If we found out, meaning we found verifiable evidence that pointed to aliens creating us then we would accept it. Now before you think you got us atheist folks, let me also say that if we found verifiable evidence of a divine or godly creation atheists would also have no recourse but to accept that as well.

The thing is in both scenarios there is absolutely no evidence of either a god or a superior race of aliens creating life here on earth. There is however a plethora of evidence that points to life coming about by natural means. We may not yet fully know exactly what started the life ball rolling but we do understand what the building blocks of life are and how evolution by natural selection then pushed the system forward.


Secondly….let’s just point out that if life were to have been started here by aliens that would not end the atheist/theist debate. It wouldn’t actually move the argument forward by a single inch because…

A.) Aliens are physical creatures and not divine.
B.) Theists would then be able to simply say that god created the aliens that created us.

See how this would in effect change nothing on how either group were to view the argument at hand?

So to answer the question in a simple way:

If we found RELIABLE EVIDENCE that was VERIFIABLE of either aliens or god, we would accept it as true.

Lastly I want to state that simply because something is possible it does not mean that it is also probable. To say that I do not believe in god or aliens is not to say that these things have absolutely no possibility of existing. It is to say, I see no evidence that points to that existence and so I see no need to live my life as if they do exist.

Maybe the universe is just one big unicorn fart? It doesn’t appear to be a big unicorn fart and so I won’t base my life around that idea but is it 100% impossible? Whoa to you who doubt the great unicorn asshole which granted us life and all the blessings of this earth…

Atheism once again simply means to be someone who does not believe in a god or gods. Outside of that anything is possible.

As Matt Dillahunty put it: