Weekend Tube

Weekend Tube #1

So this is simply going to be a series of videos that I found particularly interesting throughout the week as well as what I consider to be the video of the week. This will include 5 runners up and then the top video of the week.  I hope you’ll check them out.

5.) Godless Engineer Interviews Anti-Ordinary

I really recommend this video, if you haven’t seen either of these two before then this would be a great introduction to both. Both Godless Engineer and Anti-Ordinary have there own channels with some great videos. Check them out!

4.) PragerU Thinks Feelings Justify Belief in An Afterlife

PragerU is synonymous with Bullshit among the atheist community and Godless Cranium does an excellent job of taking this video apart. I hope you’ll check it out.

3.) Hugo & Jake Watch “The Case for Christ”

Damn this is funny…seriously, if you like review videos then this is the one for you. I don’t know if I have ever laughed so much at a video like this ever before. You will not regret watching this video.

2.) Why Are We Here? Because F#%K LOGIC (Joe Muslim 3-1)

Logicked has absolutely no problem telling folks exactly why their reasoning is awful regardless of the faith they follow. In this video Logicked responds to a Muslim who has some very strange beliefs. Enjoy!

1.) Why do religious believers hate reality so much?

AronRa is one of my absolute favorite activists on the planet. This talk speaks on why believers seem to have such issues with the reality that we actually find ourselves living in. I hope you will give it a view and let me know what you think.

VIDEO OF THE WEEK – David Mitchell Doesn’t Understand Atheism

Rationality Rules Debunked series is absolutely fantastic, a real highlight of any week. I’m actually a fan of Mitchell’s but he does make some assumptions that are just blatantly wrong. Check out this video and many more on Rationality Rules channel.

So what did you think of the videos above? Let me know in the comments. Did I miss a video this week that you feel should have been included in my list? If so please share so I can check it out.  If you liked what you saw, please subscribe to their channel.

Once again, thank you for following my blog and for the comments you share. I appreciate it!

5 thoughts on “Weekend Tube #1

      1. My kids got into my phone last week and changed some auto text word preferences. It was funny. I sent some weird stuff and they were laughing their asses off.

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