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Bad Theism: The God of the Book Deal

Good evening heathens and hell-bound friends and foes alike! For the last Bad theism article, click here: Bad Theism: Finely Tuned Bull****. Now, if you’ve spent any time on my blog you will know that I take it to the bible quite a bit. It’s a book filled with genocide, slavery, tape, misogyny, homophobia, and all sorts of other awful stuff. Well, tonight I am not going to beat up on the scriptures at all…that’s because tonight I’m going to beat up on the idea of the bible itself.

lazy god

Let’s say you are the god of the universe and you want to get your ideas across to the people who you created in the best way possible, so where do you start? Well, obviously it would be easiest to simply speak your rules and values to the minds of all your creation… but that’s not your style is it? No…you’re way too cool for that…so you’re going to write a book. Now being all-powerful it would be completely within your power to write the book yourself and give it out to all the people of the world, I mean you don’t want people going astray and by the time writing was invented, the population of the globe was pretty damn widespread. No…that would be too easy for you and there would be no subservience in that method, so you’re going to get someone else to write the book for you… Lastly, what language are you going to choose? Egyptian? Chinese? Babylonian? Fuck that, you are hipster god, you’re writing that shit in Hebrew, a language known only to a small group of people, in a small region of the world.

Does any of that make sense to you?


Let’s look at it from the outside…why do you even need a book to begin with? It seems rather strange that the god of everything would need men to write down his wants in order to fulfill them. That means that up until the invention of writing, man was way better off. Think of that, god had to wait for writing to be invented so that he could have men write his book for him…it’s ridiculous.

Now let’s look at how many translations have been necessary over the years. Doesn’t that strike you as odd? If it truly was a holy book, then wouldn’t people automatically be able to read it? I mean if the information contained is the only thing that is going to keep certain people from going to hell why would you create it in a form that has to constantly be updated?

The fact that god’s book can even be updated seems a bit strange to me as well. As a former fundamentalist I have heard many people speak ill against the NIV, the ESV, and the NKJV. Usually it goes along the lines that god’s word is perfect and so it needs not be updated. Yet, do these same people ever consider that just the steps from the original languages required a huge amount of changes and in some areas a lot of guessing. This isn’t me just making things up, read any bible with footnotes, including the KJV, and you will see tons of scriptures that state what a scripture could also be translated as. Sometimes this is a change in measurement, but other times it changes the entire meaning of the scripture, and in some cases might point out that people are not even sure if a certain section of a book is even in the original texts. 

What most Christians don’t realize is that we lack the originals to biblical manuscripts for the gospels. What this means is that we are often working with copies, of copies, of copies… copies by hand almost always lead to errors and yet we are supposed to believe that the copies used are perfect and that any translations later made are not as perfect. It makes absolutely no god damned sense…

I’m not Mark….

Another thing that most Christians don’t realize is that the names of the Biblical books do not always point to who actually wrote the damn book. Matthew was not written by the apostle Matthew, nor were Mark, Luke, or John…these are simply names given to these books that have been agreed upon for centuries, simply due to the fact that it has been agreed upon for centuries.

Yet another example, The book of Isaiah, is actually a book written by multiple authors, that was later mashed together in order to make a single book. We know this because the writing styles of the two authors are completely different, something that does not tend to happen in a work written by a single person. If you’ve read this blog you get to know my voice and if my voice were to completely change you’d know quickly that someone else was writing for me.


I won’t even touch on the idea that Moses wrote the first four books….okay maybe I will just a bit…Moses…did not exist…the exodus did not happen…the Egyptians never had millions of Israelite slaves, and they were never stuck in the desert for 40 years. There is zero, and I do mean zero evidence of anything like this ever happening….It’s all bullshit.

Lastly, I want to touch on the idea of timing. So let’s say you just saw the savior ascend into the clouds, he told you that it was your job to preach the good news of his return to all of mankind, and he obviously told you a lot of important information that you will need to remember, I’m pretty sure you’d get to writing…or hell, why didn’t the disciples include a stenographer? Yet once again, the books of the New Testament are written decades, sometimes 50+ years, after the events were said to occur.


Let me give you an example…for most people their graduation from high school was a fairly important event in their lives. You spend years in school and now you are finally ready to enter the world. Graduations generally involve a guest speaker who gives a speech which is meant to encourage you and your peers as you enter the world…

Now I want you to give me the exact speech that your guest speaker gave, verbatim. You can’t do it…you might remember the general theme, some of the basic ideas, but you aren’t going to remember enough to write every word that the speaker said.

Yet you expect us to believe that the writers of the new testament did exactly that, even though Jesus spends a good deal of time talking down to his disciples for being piss poor at paying attention…isn’t that odd?


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the bible just does not stand up to scrutiny. Not only is it an awful book due to the scriptures held within its pages, but it also simply doesn’t make sense for a god to communicate with its creation through a book…and this goes for any religion whose god has a book deal, they are all filled with the same sort of bullshit and the same strange fact that god required men to write his or her holy words down….it makes no sense.

34 thoughts on “Bad Theism: The God of the Book Deal

  1. I have nothing to add. Lol. Great job man from Iowa. Are people so gullible? Yes. Does it matter to them? No. I have screenshot quote from Mel Wild ” if they proved the Bible was put together by forgers, I know those forgers were inspired by god”. I may have already shared that with you, but that is the kind of batshit crazy we’re dealing with. 🦇 💩 😜

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    1. Thanks. Yes, I remember that comment and it definitely proves how little some of these outdoor care about the facts.


      1. I. could do a five paragraph rant on this topic. It is frustrating. It’s equivalent to a sexual predator priest cover up. Everyone knows but fear or uncertainty or something keeps them from walking away

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      2. The Mormons have the book of Abraham that has been proven to be translated from a basic Egyptian funerary text. Joseph smith had the papyrus but made up a story from Abraham off it. Egyptology made huge strides since 1850. The translation doesn’t match the scroll at all. But they have explanations and excuses and still read from it in church. It’s canonical scripture in Mormonism. Crazy!

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      3. Of course they have explanations. Religion spends huge amounts of time coming up with asinine explanations for why they are still correct even when proven wrong…

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  2. “but it also simply doesn’t make sense for a god to communicate with its creation through a book”

    God doesn’t communicate with creation ONLY through a book.
    Nature speaks about God. “The heavens declare His glory” and all that.
    And your own mind hints at God’s existence. If you were God you could “simply speak your rules and values to the minds of all your creation” – which is exactly what God did. You’re capable of reason. And you have moral agency. You know right and wrong.


      1. No, I’m saying many religions have books that are supposedly divinely inspired, so how do you discount one over the other.

        You used scripture from the bible to claim we don’t need the bible.


      2. And what I an saying is which god? How do you know which god is communicating with you? Don’t Muslims believe Allah communicates with them?


      3. “God” and “Allah” are different names used to describe the same idea. Whatever term you want to use to refer to the creative intelligence that brought the universe into being. There can only be ONE of those. Asking “which god” is like asking “which sky” or “which Earth”.


      4. Why couldn’t it be a conglomerate of all powerful beings working together to create the universe?

        And you are now equivocating the god of one faith with all gods, so you would say that the god of the bible and Allah of the Qur’an are the same?


      5. You don’t need a conglomerate. God is sufficiently powerful to create the Universe. It’s weird that you didn’t learn this stuff in the AOG.

        I’m saying that there is only one God and you are correct that people have many different ideas about what God is like. That’s why all religions are not the same. All religious books are not the same.


      6. Maybe God isn’t sufficiently powerful and try needed to work together.

        I say it was a unicorn that created us all, this unicorn communicates directly to me and I can see the signs of the unicorns glory all throughout nature

        I won’t start with the claim that there idea only one god because that hasn’t been proven in any way whatsoever.


      7. Okay then, a unicorn created us all.
        Then you’re no longer an atheist.
        Now you’ll need to undertake the task of sorting out your theology. This is where the various religious books will be helpful. You can compare them and see which one does the best job of describing the unicorn.


      8. The unicorn requires no worship, no works, no miracles, it’s simply there because I feel it. Since unicorns can’t write it needs no book. It doesn’t even require me to believe in it.


      9. Basically you are saying, you can know god exists, but need a book to let you know anything about him.


      10. As you will see from the blog, I mention that the problem is the same with any faith that’s god requires a book deal.


      11. No, I actually didn’t make that claim. The fact that they are all written by men is true and so are equally suspect in that nature alone.


      12. Your words: “I mention that the problem is the same with any faith that’s god requires a book deal.”

        Now you’re saying you didn’t make that claim. It’s going to be impossible to have a discussion if you won’t be honest.


      13. That makes no claim that the substance within the pages are the same but that any book written by man is equally suspect.

        Thanks for verifying what I said with the quote, I appreciate it.


      14. If we are dealing with religious writings then yes, I stand on that statement.

        If you are going to try and jump to, but you accept science, I’ll cut you of here as science requires evidence, faith does not.


      15. So you’re willing to suspend your skepticism when the books, written by man, are on the subject of science.

        What about books written by man on the subject of history? Are they 100% trustworthy?


      16. No, but I don’t believe history books every claim to be 100% accurate since they are written with our current knowledge on the subject.


      17. I also never said I suspend my skepticism in regards to science. I wait to see a conglomerate of actual evidence before deciding.

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