Unmasking Doctrine

Unmasking Doctrine #6: Deity of Christ: The Cross

Good evening Heathens and Hell-Bound friends and foes alike! I’ve been under the weather the last week and to be honest I didn’t feel like tackling this subject on a quarter energy. I need all of my bullshit detecting abilities for this article. If you’d like to read the last in this series, click here:Unmasking Doctrine #5: Deity of Christ: Miracles. Today we are talking about the cross.


The Assembly of God church teaches that it is only through the death of Christ on the cross, that any of us have an ability to make it to heaven. the verses that they present to support this stand are.

These scriptures taken in context mean that Christ died so that we could all be saved. The second verse states that Christ became sin so that he could free of of the burden that sin places upon us. So I’m not going to fault the AoG or any other church that teaches this doctrine because it’s how the bible teaches. However, what I will be doing is taking the bible itself to task for this barbaric and disgusting set of circumstances.


Christianity is a Blood Cult of Human Sacrifice

Why does god require blood in order to forgive us of our sins? Did god not make the rules? Did he not come up with the plan? Why on earth does an all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-good creator deity require a blood sacrifice? Do you want to know why god required this? He didn’t because the god of the Bible does not exist. I can state this with absolute certainty that a good god who is all-knowing would never create a set of circumstances that requires a human being, even if that human was god in human form, be sacrificed in order to carry out any of his plan.

Man created this story and this plan. Only man would come up with something as disgusting as a human sacrifice being required. It’s not like it’s anything new. Humans have been sacrificing one another since the beginning of recorded history, in an effort to appease one god or another. This is simply another version of the same tale with slightly different premises.

The key to understanding this is that if god makes the rules then there is not, nor can there be, any justification for teaching that a blood sacrifice be required for the cleansing of humanities sins. Animal sacrifice was bad enough. I mean think of all the doves, lambs, cattle, and others that were sacrificed and simply burnt in an effort to cleanse men of sins that they had supposedly committed.  It’s truly monstrous and disgusting. No real creator would require something as base as blood in order to make amends with it, I mean what kind of monster is the god that you are trying to promote?


The Cross is Anti-Biblical

The Prophet Ezekiel states in Ezekiel 18:20-

“The one who sins is the one who will die. The child will not share the guilt of the parent, nor will the parent share the guilt of the child. The righteousness of the righteous will be credited to them, and the wickedness of the wicked will be charged against them. “

What the prophet is saying here is that you cannot stand in for another persons sin, it doesn’t work that way. We are required to be responsible for our own wrongs and in the end we are blessed or punished for those practices. I’m not agreeing with this sentiment since I don’t believe in any form of celestial karma or end of life punishment however what I do agree with is that it is no ones right or responsibility to take responsibility for mine or anyone else’s sin. This becomes especially true when you try telling me that someone had to be brutally murdered in order for my sins to be taken care of.

That’s not something I want on my consciousness no matter if it were true or not. I don’t want the blood of another to be used as an excuse for why I can basically do whatever I want in this life as long as I repent in that person’s name before death. Would it be fair for a person accused of murder to say, well sure I did it but I’m going to run free because Joe from the local convenience store has decided that he’ll go to the chair in my place? Hell no it wouldn’t but this is the exact same rhetoric being pushed by the churches.


God as Man is still god

Think about some of the other stories from the bible of men who supposedly did great things. Now think of Jesus. What is the difference? Well according to the AoG jesus is god and so instead of being a man he is god in human form. Sure he went through a lot but think of a being that has always existed and then think of the sacrifice. The time period of pain is almost non-existent that it would be like us stubbing our toe. God so loved the world that he stubbed his toe so that you could have everlasting life. The very fact that Jesus is god removes every redeeming quality from this story.

Secondly on this part I want you to realize that if we are to believe the biblical story this was all a part of gods plan. Now god knows everything, and so he knew when he created man who one day he would have to come to earth as a man and die for our sins, since god requires blood for shit. That’s an eternity to prepare yourself for a moments worth of pain. Zen Buddhists can do this and they only have one lifetime to prepare for is yet they have immolated themselves in an effort to point out what they perceived as the evils of humanity.

God spending an eternity preparing for his already planned demise is less than what we find human beings doing for one another every day of the week. A man takes a bullet for another is 10 times greater than Christ’s sacrifice, since the man taking the bullet couldn’t prepare for the pain and had to do so without thinking about it. A mother who gives her life so that her children survive is greater than Christs sacrifice because she has no assurance of any eternity that she will spend reaping the rewards of that sacrifice.

The death of Jesus is little more than an awful story of an awful god’s piss poor planning. Nothing more, nothing less.



Hammy The Apologetic Clown: Abortion

First off…this is satire!

Today, Hammy the apologetic Clown talks about a controversial topic, Abortion. Did you know that Planned Parenthood carries out 4.5 Trillion abortions every year? It’s true, it’s really true!

Anyway, I posted this video and a few minutes later I got blocked by Ken Ham on Twitter. Was it this video that did it? Probably not, but I can pretend right? lol

Weekend Tube

Weekend Tube 02/23/18

Good morning Heathens and Hell-Bound friends and foes alike. It’s time for another edition of Weekend Tube, the videos that I enjoyed the most over the last week. We had another week of great videos and I think you will really enjoy them.

#7: Holy Koolaid: David Avocado Wolfe – The World’s Most Successful Snake Oil Salesman?

David Avocado Wolfe has long been the bane of my existence and I think Holy Koolaid does an amazing job at taking this kook down. Thank you so much for making this video!!!

#6: Professor Stick: Viced Rhino Teaches a Creationist About Vestigial Organs

Viced Rhino joins Professor Stick in taking down this creationists arguments against vestigial organs. The Creationists argument is little more than “Science doesn’t know everything” and this video does a great job taking him to task on this criticism.

#5: Prophet of Zod: Failing To Finish Your Infomercial

This is such a good video. Basically it discussed the idea that Theists fail to complete their arguments in a satisfactory manner but I’m not doing the video justice with that explanation. Just watch the video, it’s great!

#4: InaneDragon: Tuning Out Theists

This is actually a response to a Godless Cranium video, Things Atheist Say That Make Theists Tune Out. Within this, InaneDragon takes the claims of the theists and provides an excellent argument for why they are just poorly laid our complaints.

#3: Godless Cranium: 10 Things That Make an Atheist Tune Out

Godless Cranium provides some excellent examples of things that theists say which cause atheists to simply tune out and leave the conversation. It’s a very fun video and I hope you will check it out.

#2: Godless Engineer: Wild Bill for America LIES About God in Public Schools || Wild Bill Exposed

From fun to serious, Wild Bill is a sad excuse for a human being. Tragedy struck and he was instantly there to take advantage of the situation. Godless Engineer steps in and absolutely destroys Wild Bill. I loved this video.

#1: Anti-Ordinary: Tranny Army!?

Anti-Ordinary takes it to those who think trans people can’t serve in the armed forces and what an amazing job she does. Anyone willing to serve and possibly die for our armed forces needs to be respected and allowed to do so. Thank you for making this video!

Video of the Week: Godless Cranium: Rachel Oates on Women and YouTube Atheism, Anti-Theism and More

Godless Cranium Wins again although I will say he cheats a bit by stacking the deck with Godless Engineer and Rachel Oates. Rachel Oates Steals the show and provides us with a glimpse of what it is like to be a female atheist on YouTube. Some of the things that she has to put up with is absolutely atrocious and I want to personally thank her for having the courage to continue pushing forward.  The type of disgusting pond scum that would do something like what she describes to anyone, should be exposed for the pieces of garbage that they are.

Wednesday Woo

Wednesday Woo: What If?

Good morning Heathens and Hell-Bound friends and foes alike! Today marks another edition of Wednesday Woo! For the last Wednesday Woo, click here: Wednesday Woo Podcast #1: Life Coaches. Today we delve into the world of “What ifs?”


A wonderful game New Agers adore playing is the “what if” one. Common “what ifs” in New Age circles:


What if God is just a state of mind?
Reality is just a dream?
Aliens are responsible for life?
We can create things with our mind?
The government is controlling our minds with chemtrails (TM)?
Pigs fly out of my butt?


Ok, so that last one was a joke, but it highlights the absurdity of such claims in a way I consider much-needed. The claim that “anything is possible” then it follows that pigs could fly out of my butt. There’s just no way around that.

Sure, imagination is a wonderful aspect of human cognition – a gift of higher order thinking that can dive into the abstract and pluck a creative idea, and sometimes turn it into a reality, but some things are beyond the scope of what is real.

Are any of these “what ifs” useful? It truly depends on the topic, but I have found very few of those asked by New Agers have any profound impact on my life, other than having wasted a good chunk of it. Since I have now abandoned such far-fetched stretches of imagination, I can conclude I no longer waste time on such things. I don’t consider doing so to be very enlightening at all, but only a way to temporarily distract from whatever it in reality isn’t tolerable.

They say that to define things limits them, and that somehow an antithesis determines what is, vise versa in an olympian logical leap. When I posted the above video in an enlightenment group, these are the responses I received:


I’m not sure if the purple person was joking or not, since people will go to great absurdities in order to rationalize holding their belief that anything is possible. There’s no way to tell, since the assertion they are making is that not one thing is impossible, then it follows that not only can pigs fly, but they could fly straight out of my asshole. So either they actually believe this, or do they see the flaw in their logic, and making light of it.

As for orange, that’s just plain absurd as well. If things are defined by what they are not, then we live in bizzaro-world where nothing can be defined at all. If all things have a boundary or limit, then they would be by definition, finite. The container of all things would naturally be a part of all things itself, and subject to this empirical examination. Seems like this comment is contrary, circular reasoning to me. It also has a case of special pleading, since if all things are finite, but there are infinite things such as energy and “all possible worlds”, then that would make energy and “all possible worlds” exceptions to the rule. If all things are possible, then impossibility is also possible. Making general statements like this, especially lists of ideas that are obviously contrary to one another, is not a rational way to form a conclusion, and offers no possible aid in dealing with reality. In fact, the cognitive dissonance holding these positions creates more stress on the psyche, and recovery from this is quite arduous. I should know, for I have had to reevaluate this worldview myself.

Thinking well is of vital importance to both one’s personal well-being, and their relationships. Make sure you do not fall into these styles of thought:

Stay logical, my friends!