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Dealing With Self-Doubt

Good evening Heathens and Hell-Bound friends and foes alike.

Tonight I just wanted to write a very quick article about doubt, more specifically doubting yourself. I deal every day with crushing self-doubt. You might be surprised to know that when it came to writing this blog I honestly thought that no one would read it. The response has been more than I could have ever wished for and yet I still suffer from issues with self-doubt.

My doubt began in high school when I was told by a teacher, that I was not a very good writer. In fact I was told that if I didn’t improve my writing ability to a great degree that I might as well quit school, get a job and forget ever going to college.  So I did. At 18, I quit school, got a job, and put dreams of being a writer behind me. I had always dreamed of becoming a writer and with her comment my dreams had been crushed by that teacher, who may have simply having a bad day, but the ramifications of what she said followed until this very day.

It’s not easy finding a way out of the crippling fear that self-doubt can put you in, but with persistence you can fight back against your own mind. I went back to school, wrote numerous papers, got great grades and worked through these doubts as they hit me. Doubts can only hold you back if you let them.

A few things that I have found useful which you can alter to your own dreams.

  1. Write everyday.
  2. Listen to well-meaning criticism.
  3. Ignore those who just want to destroy your dream.
  4. Do what you love for yourself don’t do it for fame or fortune.

I know that writing will never make me rich, I don’t have any delusions of grandeur about my skills. I enjoy what I do and that is what keeps me going. I love to write and due to my persistence I have been able to steal back what that teacher took from me so many years ago. I know that I’m not the best writer in the world nor would I ever claim to be. I’m me, and a me who writes is a little better at being me than a me who does not.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me in this endeavor. So much love and appreciation goes out to each one of you.

2 thoughts on “Dealing With Self-Doubt

  1. Hey I had a friend that was suicidal. We didn’t know till years later when she told the story. An old guy at church sought her out to tell her what a beautiful voice she had. Made all the difference in her life. Kind or cruel, kids respond in exaggeration to how they’re treated. Glad to be a part of this. Thanks for all you put out there.

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