Weekend Tube

Weekend Tube 02/23/18

Good morning Heathens and Hell-Bound friends and foes alike. It’s time for another edition of Weekend Tube, the videos that I enjoyed the most over the last week. We had another week of great videos and I think you will really enjoy them.

#7: Holy Koolaid: David Avocado Wolfe – The World’s Most Successful Snake Oil Salesman?

David Avocado Wolfe has long been the bane of my existence and I think Holy Koolaid does an amazing job at taking this kook down. Thank you so much for making this video!!!

#6: Professor Stick: Viced Rhino Teaches a Creationist About Vestigial Organs

Viced Rhino joins Professor Stick in taking down this creationists arguments against vestigial organs. The Creationists argument is little more than “Science doesn’t know everything” and this video does a great job taking him to task on this criticism.

#5: Prophet of Zod: Failing To Finish Your Infomercial

This is such a good video. Basically it discussed the idea that Theists fail to complete their arguments in a satisfactory manner but I’m not doing the video justice with that explanation. Just watch the video, it’s great!

#4: InaneDragon: Tuning Out Theists

This is actually a response to a Godless Cranium video, Things Atheist Say That Make Theists Tune Out. Within this, InaneDragon takes the claims of the theists and provides an excellent argument for why they are just poorly laid our complaints.

#3: Godless Cranium: 10 Things That Make an Atheist Tune Out

Godless Cranium provides some excellent examples of things that theists say which cause atheists to simply tune out and leave the conversation. It’s a very fun video and I hope you will check it out.

#2: Godless Engineer: Wild Bill for America LIES About God in Public Schools || Wild Bill Exposed

From fun to serious, Wild Bill is a sad excuse for a human being. Tragedy struck and he was instantly there to take advantage of the situation. Godless Engineer steps in and absolutely destroys Wild Bill. I loved this video.

#1: Anti-Ordinary: Tranny Army!?

Anti-Ordinary takes it to those who think trans people can’t serve in the armed forces and what an amazing job she does. Anyone willing to serve and possibly die for our armed forces needs to be respected and allowed to do so. Thank you for making this video!

Video of the Week: Godless Cranium: Rachel Oates on Women and YouTube Atheism, Anti-Theism and More

Godless Cranium Wins again although I will say he cheats a bit by stacking the deck with Godless Engineer and Rachel Oates. Rachel Oates Steals the show and provides us with a glimpse of what it is like to be a female atheist on YouTube. Some of the things that she has to put up with is absolutely atrocious and I want to personally thank her for having the courage to continue pushing forward.  The type of disgusting pond scum that would do something like what she describes to anyone, should be exposed for the pieces of garbage that they are.