Hammy The Apologetic Clown: Abortion

First off…this is satire!

Today, Hammy the apologetic Clown talks about a controversial topic, Abortion. Did you know that Planned Parenthood carries out 4.5 Trillion abortions every year? It’s true, it’s really true!

Anyway, I posted this video and a few minutes later I got blocked by Ken Ham on Twitter. Was it this video that did it? Probably not, but I can pretend right? lol

8 thoughts on “Hammy The Apologetic Clown: Abortion

      1. Oh I was trading sites and saved like they say. When I opened the zip file they sent me it was empty. They think they’ll get it back but really, it was losing all of you that made my heart failure. I fell in with a pretty good group here. Thank you

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      2. It’s a little stressful at first. I had a few in there I really liked and continued to get a lot of hits on. But I’m a moving forward type. I rarely look back or collect shit. Good to see you.

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