#SubscribeSaturday: NotJah Witness

Hello hell-Bound Friends. This week we have a single entry for #SubscribeSaturday but it’s a great one, NotJah Witness.

NotJah Witness is an amazing new Youtuber who has a lot to say about the beliefs of the Jehovah’s Witness Church. The level of indoctrination that these folks go through in order to prepare them for a life of continual service is daunting and I am shocked that so many find their way out of this indoctrination.

This channel is filled with great videos that really open your mind to JW’s dangerous beliefs. If you subscribe to TellTale Atheist then you also need to subscribe to NotJah Witness. They are both great channels and both have their own unique perspectives.

Not afraid to be a bit controversial at times, allows us to see deeply into the mind of NotJah Witness. His videos are incredible, I cannot say enough how much I love this channel! I feel for him and the risks he faces on a daily basis.

His videos are just simply fantastic and will only get better and better over time.

Thank you so much NotJah Witness for being the awesome Youtuber that you are and I look forward to many more videos from you in the future. You rock, you are amazing, and everyone should go and subscribe to your channel right now!

Weekend Tube

Weekend Tube: 03/30/18

Hello Hell-Bound Friends! It’s time for an all new weekend tube! If you’re interested in checking out my channel, click here. Also if you enjoy these videos, please like, subscribe, and share them!

Missed from last week: Viced Rhino

In a horrible moment of shame, I had this video selected for last weeks list but forgot to include it. That has now been corrected! Also check out part 2!

#1 Hiith

Hiith makes a great video on faith healing and the supposed relic, the shroud of Turin. I really think you’ll like this one.

#2 Black Sofa

I’m really not sure why this hit me so hard. It really got my emotions going because I can remember times exactly like this.

#3 The Geek Room

This discussion/debate/tea party was crazy and fun to watch but the after show was excellent. Thank you to the Geek Room for hosting it as it was a true joy to watch.

#4 Noel Plum

Noel plum does an amazing job in this video picking apart an absolutely awful argument. I think you are really going to enjoy this one.

#5 Holy Koolaid

Great video that shows even scientist can be fooled at times by charlatans and con-men.

#6 Rachel Oates

I’m an Anti-theist but I know some folks do not claim the title and have there own reasons for not doing so. Rachel does a great job laying out why she has not called herself an anti-theist and I respect her for her stance.

#7 Inane Dragon

Inane Dragon once again comes to the table with an excellent video on the absolute bs research of Max Kolbe, aka Red Pill Religion, aka Dean Esmay, aka Douchenugget.

#8 Godless Engineer

One of the absolute dumbest arguments in favor of a flat earth and one of the funniest response videos I have ever seen.

#9 Godless Cranium

Atheists have it a lot harder in other parts of the world. Godless Cranium does a great job of pointing out this fact and destroys the arguments made by the other side.

#10 Prophet of Zod

Did you know 500 people saw Prophet of Zod beat up Bruce Lee? No??? Blasphemer! lol Seriously funny video and great points!

#11 Staggerson Jagz

Crystals and dragons are an unusual cure for Chemtrails. So funny!

#12 Telltale Atheist

Another great video that exposes some very strange beliefs. Telltale does an amazing job at explaining the topic at hand and I really enjoyed this video.

#Video of the Week: Isethoriginal

Not only does this video include some horrible questions that a theist poses but it also includes a hilarious joke about Nietzsche. It’s amazing!


So those are the videos that I selected for the videos that you must watch this weekend. I hope you enjoy them and if you feel I missed any, let me know!


#SubscribeSaturday 2: Disappointed Optimist

Second on the list today is Disappointed Optimist!

Disappointed Optimist is new to YouTube and a young atheist that deserves so much respect in my opinion. He is probably one of the funniest guys that I have recently found and I absolutely love the videos he has produced so far.

While he only has a few videos on his channel so far, each and every one of them are top-notch when it comes to the information and entertainment qualities. I really enjoy his take down of Prager U in the above video. I wish I had been this knowledgeable when I was his age!

One of the key aspects that it takes to be a great content creator is to never take yourself too seriously. This video takes down one of the lowest hanging fruit imaginable, a Christian comedian, and yet Disappointed Optimist manages to turn it into a delight to watch!

He also isn’t afraid of controversy and in this video he truly takes the fight to some of the worst of the worst in my mind, folks that use a tragedy to promote their inane bullshit.

So Disappointed Optimist, thank you for being awesome, than you for providing the world with a unique perspective, and thank you for having some of the coolest shirts I have ever seen. You definitely deserve far more subscribers and I can’t wait to see what you produce in the future.


#SubscribeSaturday: Scientist Mel

Welcome to #SubscribeSaturday first off today we have Scientist Mel.

Scientist Mel is one that I’m honestly not sure how I came across her channel. I think possibly she was in a livestream one day and I checked out her channel but regardless I was glad I found it. She has an absolutely mind-blowing amount of amazing content.

Her longer videos are what I really enjoy. In the one above she discusses the importance of Publication and Peer review, I recommend anyone interested in those topics check it out.

I really enjoy how Scientist Mel delves deep into some of the ideas that we talk about a lot but might not have a full grasp of what those concepts actually are. You will find plenty to learn and enjoy if you subscribe to this channel!

If you are interested in shorter videos packed with tons of good information, Scientist Mel will fulfill that need as well. Here she describes black holes and how they aren’t actually black…something I actually did not know…lol

If you are a fan of chats, Scientist Mel has a ton of videos with great guests. She has been on YouTube for a little over a year now and has managed to have a lot of really in-depth discussions on hers and others channels. These aren’t simply fun but are an intense opportunity to learn.

Scientist Mel, thank you for being such an awesome creator and for filling the world with your scientific knowledge. I have learned so much from you over the last few months and look forward to many more videos in the future. Everyone subscribe to her channel and for even more, check out her blog:Scientist Mel Blog!