#SubscribeSaturday: Special Thanks: GE & KC

So this isn’t actually a listed entry but a moment for me to be able to say thank you to a couple of people who have helped me a great deal since coming to YouTube as well as big supporters of my Weekend Tube Series. Godless Engineer and KC.

Both Godless Engineer and KC have supported me, answered questions, and offered advice. I cannot possibly thank them enough for all they have done for me as well as what they do for the community in general.

Godless Engineer spends a lot of time building up other content creators just as the video above. He has featured me in two videos over the last few weeks and I cannot tell him how much I appreciate the opportunity. You are an inspiration to so many of us and I just hope that you know this.

KC has long been the voice in the corner but has recently started her own series of great videos on Godless Engineers channel. They are awesome in every possible way. Funny, intelligent, well paced, and just fun to watch. She’s a truly genuine person and has always been very kind to me.

This man is hilarious. He can make me laugh harder than almost anyone. His videos debunking flat-earthers are some of the best out there and keep you rolling the entire time.

Both KC and Godless Engineer are quick-witted which adds to their ability to turn anything into a comical experience, even the most inane and asinine videos become a joy to watch when GE’s commentary is added and KC’s yells from the corner are heard.

So to you both I tip my hat, and I thank you. I feel so honored to have met you and hope to meet you in person some day. I cannot think of two people who are more caring and concerned with others as these two are. They are absolutely awesome and I cannot wait to see what they have in store for everyone in the future. Go and Subscribe now, you will not be disappointed.


#SubscribeSaturday #5: Godless Journey

Number #5 today is Godless Journey. Godless Journey is the smallest content creator featured today with 20 subscribers but I want to see him hit many more.

Godless Journey is actually the person that I’ve known the longest featured today. We met before either of us had a YouTube channel and were both writing blogs on here. His journey to atheism is very interesting and I hope you’ll check it out as well:

His videos are short but heartfelt and very enjoyable. He has made me think on several occasions. I enjoy his style and am very glad that he is out here with me creating content for former believers.

Godless Journey also hosts a stream called Secular Hangouts, which I would love to be a part of if we can figure out our schedules to make it work. He’s funny, he’s supportive of other creators and is an all-around good guy. I consider him a friend and I hope you will check out his channel and subscribe!


#SubscribeSaturday #4: No Sacred Cows

The Fourth Entry today is my friend No Sacred Cows.

No Sacred Cows is a bit different, in a good way! His videos are longer but tackle subjects like White Nationalism, Free-Speech, and Trucking. Trust me he is great and very knowledgeable about what he discusses.

His intro cracks me up as well. Every time I see the scrolling text I laugh. No Sacred Cows has a dry comical wit that I really enjoy. It reminds me of Steven Wright or Bob Newhart. Perhaps I just showed my age a little bit there. lol

Not only are his videos good but in the last few months he’s become one of my favorites on Twitter. He always has something to add to a conversation and sometimes he can really hit you with a shockingly funny tweet.

Thank you No Sacred Cows for just being you! You make some great videos and you deserve far more subscribers than you currently have. Please everyone check him out and subscribe!


#SubscribeSaturday #3: Cosmological

The third entry for today’s set of blogs is Cosmological. The little astronaut that could!

Cosmological is absolutely incredible. Once again the amount of information that he is able to fit into a short video is truly astounding. Cosmological is obviously incredibly bright and his editing abilities put me to shame.

Not that long ago Cosmological was featured on Godless Cranium’s channel and there is no doubt why. He’s funny, he’s intelligent, and he throws out a few swears every now and then. He has told me that he wants to run the middle ground so as to not be so offensive that people tune out but just offensive enough to keep things edgy. He’s an edgy cartoon astronaut….how many of those do you know?

One of the great things about Cosmological and many others is how much they give back to the community. Taking time to give shout outs to other creators and building up folks instead of trying to tear them down. He’s genuinely a very nice guy and I’m glad to count him as one of my friends on Twitter.

Thank you Cosmological for the joy that you bring to me and many others. Thank you for your efforts to build the community and your intelligence that you share with us all. Please, everyone go and subscribe now! He is currently just under 1000 subscribers and he deserves many many more!


#SubscribeSaturday #2: Luciano Gonzalez

The second content creator that I want to highlight today is Luciano Gonzalez.

I’m fairly new to Luciano’s channel but what I have seen of it is amazing. I love the way he thinks and to add to that he is a history buff. Nothing catches me like history…well perhaps dinosaurs….but history is definitely my favorite subject.

Luciano has way too few subscribers and I hope that we can change that. I’d like to see him over 100 very soon.  His chats are short but very informative, you’ll find ten times the amount of information in a single 5 minute video of his than you will on my entire channel.

One of the most interesting aspects of Luciano’s channel is how he relates atheist issues from the Hispanic culture.  It’s a whole different world, since Hispanic culture is steeped in Catholicism. I recommend this channel to anyone who wants to know a little bit more about Hispanic Culture, History, or atheism from a unique perspective.

Thank you so much for what you contribute to the community Luciano. I truly mean it, you are a hidden gem and everyone should check out your channel and subscribe right now!


#SubscribeSaturday #1: Anti-Ordinary

Today I’m starting a new article about the content creators on YouTube that have helped make my life and the world a little bit better just by doing their thing. We start with one of my favorites Anti-Ordinary.

The above video was not the first that I saw on her channel but it definitely set her apart in my wife and I’s mind. The tearful admission of her childhood beliefs is heartbreaking but I think it’s wonderful that she chose to share it with us. Thank you.

Anti-Ordinary lives in the UK and spends her time on YouTube running the gambit between absolutely hilarious response and bible studies, to serious social issues.

She is bright, funny, and always in your face. Everytime I hear her say “Please Bitch” it has me rolling. On the serious side she is a great supporter of LGBT+ rights, atheism, and opinions on all things in between.

On a side note: her makeup is always amazing…I say this because every time we watch one of her videos my wife says….”I wish I had those skills.”

I first saw Anti-Ordinary on Godless Engineers channel in the video below.

This video really stunned me and ever since then I have been a subscriber and binge watcher of her channel. She will have you laughing, crying, and thinking about things from perspectives that you might never have considered. I cannot tell you enough just how much my wife and I have learned or how much we love this creator.

Since subscribing I have become friends with her on Twitter and learned that she is also genuinely a good person. She does a lot to help support smaller YouTubers and deserves many more subscribers than she currently has. It is my hope to see her over 1000 soon and continually rising.

Thank you Anti-Ordinary for all that you do in the community and just for being a fucking awesome person. You’ve brought joy to our lives and I know you will do the same to many others! Go and subscribe to her now!