#SubscribeSaturday #4: No Sacred Cows

The Fourth Entry today is my friend No Sacred Cows.

No Sacred Cows is a bit different, in a good way! His videos are longer but tackle subjects like White Nationalism, Free-Speech, and Trucking. Trust me he is great and very knowledgeable about what he discusses.

His intro cracks me up as well. Every time I see the scrolling text I laugh. No Sacred Cows has a dry comical wit that I really enjoy. It reminds me of Steven Wright or Bob Newhart. Perhaps I just showed my age a little bit there. lol

Not only are his videos good but in the last few months he’s become one of my favorites on Twitter. He always has something to add to a conversation and sometimes he can really hit you with a shockingly funny tweet.

Thank you No Sacred Cows for just being you! You make some great videos and you deserve far more subscribers than you currently have. Please everyone check him out and subscribe!

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