#SubscribeSaturday #1: Anti-Ordinary

Today I’m starting a new article about the content creators on YouTube that have helped make my life and the world a little bit better just by doing their thing. We start with one of my favorites Anti-Ordinary.

The above video was not the first that I saw on her channel but it definitely set her apart in my wife and I’s mind. The tearful admission of her childhood beliefs is heartbreaking but I think it’s wonderful that she chose to share it with us. Thank you.

Anti-Ordinary lives in the UK and spends her time on YouTube running the gambit between absolutely hilarious response and bible studies, to serious social issues.

She is bright, funny, and always in your face. Everytime I hear her say “Please Bitch” it has me rolling. On the serious side she is a great supporter of LGBT+ rights, atheism, and opinions on all things in between.

On a side note: her makeup is always amazing…I say this because every time we watch one of her videos my wife says….”I wish I had those skills.”

I first saw Anti-Ordinary on Godless Engineers channel in the video below.

This video really stunned me and ever since then I have been a subscriber and binge watcher of her channel. She will have you laughing, crying, and thinking about things from perspectives that you might never have considered. I cannot tell you enough just how much my wife and I have learned or how much we love this creator.

Since subscribing I have become friends with her on Twitter and learned that she is also genuinely a good person. She does a lot to help support smaller YouTubers and deserves many more subscribers than she currently has. It is my hope to see her over 1000 soon and continually rising.

Thank you Anti-Ordinary for all that you do in the community and just for being a fucking awesome person. You’ve brought joy to our lives and I know you will do the same to many others! Go and subscribe to her now!

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