#SubscribeSaturday #2: Luciano Gonzalez

The second content creator that I want to highlight today is Luciano Gonzalez.

I’m fairly new to Luciano’s channel but what I have seen of it is amazing. I love the way he thinks and to add to that he is a history buff. Nothing catches me like history…well perhaps dinosaurs….but history is definitely my favorite subject.

Luciano has way too few subscribers and I hope that we can change that. I’d like to see him over 100 very soon.  His chats are short but very informative, you’ll find ten times the amount of information in a single 5 minute video of his than you will on my entire channel.

One of the most interesting aspects of Luciano’s channel is how he relates atheist issues from the Hispanic culture.  It’s a whole different world, since Hispanic culture is steeped in Catholicism. I recommend this channel to anyone who wants to know a little bit more about Hispanic Culture, History, or atheism from a unique perspective.

Thank you so much for what you contribute to the community Luciano. I truly mean it, you are a hidden gem and everyone should check out your channel and subscribe right now!

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