#SubscribeSaturday #3: Cosmological

The third entry for today’s set of blogs is Cosmological. The little astronaut that could!

Cosmological is absolutely incredible. Once again the amount of information that he is able to fit into a short video is truly astounding. Cosmological is obviously incredibly bright and his editing abilities put me to shame.

Not that long ago Cosmological was featured on Godless Cranium’s channel and there is no doubt why. He’s funny, he’s intelligent, and he throws out a few swears every now and then. He has told me that he wants to run the middle ground so as to not be so offensive that people tune out but just offensive enough to keep things edgy. He’s an edgy cartoon astronaut….how many of those do you know?

One of the great things about Cosmological and many others is how much they give back to the community. Taking time to give shout outs to other creators and building up folks instead of trying to tear them down. He’s genuinely a very nice guy and I’m glad to count him as one of my friends on Twitter.

Thank you Cosmological for the joy that you bring to me and many others. Thank you for your efforts to build the community and your intelligence that you share with us all. Please, everyone go and subscribe now! He is currently just under 1000 subscribers and he deserves many many more!

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