Weekend Tube

Weekend Tube 03/08/18

Good Morning Hell-bound Friends and Foes. It’s time for another edition of Weekend Tube! Let’s get right into it.

#10 Godless Cranium: Dawah Digital Makes No Sense: Why Can There Be Only One God?

Godless Cranium is able to take the most asinine video and turn it into something funny and great. He does it again in this video that tries to prove that there can be only one god. Enjoy!

#9 TellTale Atheist: Mormons Can’t Touch Themselves

Do I even need to describe this video to tell you why you should watch it. No I do not, go watch it now!

#8 Noel Plum: Does Religion Make Us Happy?

We often times hear arguments that fall along the lines of, “At least Religion makes people happy.” It’s a garbage argument, I am far happier now than I ever was as a religious person and Noel Plum does a great job at destroying this argument.

#7 Godless Engineer: The Lord and Savior Donald Trump Stopped Climate Change

Godless Engineers Comments videos are some of my favorites and this one in particular is hilarious. Just don’t drink tea while you watch it or it might fly out your nose, we learned this the hard way…lol

#6: Jackson Wheat: Scorpion Evolution

With a thumbnail like that, how could this not make the list this week? Seriously though it’s a very interesting talk on the evolution of scorpions and I learned a lot from it.

#5 Genetically Modified Skeptic: Awful Objections to Anti-Theism

GM Skeptic provides some great counters to the most common arguments against Anti-Theism. It’s a great video that is filled with information that can help you learn how to deal with these arguments.

#4: Rachel Oates: God Wants You To Stay In An Abusive Relationship

To be honest, this video made me sick and angry, not at anything that Rachel Oates says in the video but because of how disgusting the man in, which she is responding to. It’s almost hard to watch at times but just because the opinions are so counter to anything that I think a normal human being should believe.

#3: Prophet of Zod: “Let Us Make Man in Our Image

Prophet of Zod is amazing and this video is fantastic. It is so damn funny and I don’t want to give anything away but please, please, go watch this video!

#2: KC’s Corner 12 Religious Products You Will Never Buy

Sadly I can’t say I have never bought any of these things…for a youth group event, when I was still a minister I bought all kinds of religious candy…with that said, this video is hilarious. Check it out!

#1 InaneDragon: Nation of Islam

InaneDragon taught me a lot of crazy bs in this video. I have not read much about the Nation of Islam but after watching I double checked some of the things he said and was shocked to find that it wasn’t a misunderstanding but was actually just that crazy. If you want to learn about Islam on Meth, watch this video!

Video of the Week: Disappointed Optimist Prager U And The Ten Commandments

Disappointed Optimist is an Atheist YouTuber just starting out and he isn’t even out of his teens yet. Even so he has some great points to make, is funny as hell, and as the 11th Doctor would say….Fez’s are cool! I really recommend that everyone go and check out his channel now. He only has a couple of videos but they are great!

So those are my videos of the week, please go check them out, like, and subscribe. All on the list are excellent content creators!