Pentecostal Atheist Bible Study: Special Guests Shannon Q and Paulogia

It’s time for another bible study this time with very special guests. We were truly honored to have Shannon Q and Paulogia join us today. Sorry that my sound isn’t great I will work on that for when we do the next Bible Study. It sounded fine in the test we did but then was muffled during the actual video.


#SubscribeSaturday: Staggerson Jagz

For our second and final entry for the day I present to you Staggerson Jagz!

Staggerson Jagz is hilarious, his videos are entertaining as well as informative. Truth be told he was the very first YouTuber that I ever subscribed to, since then I have come to see him as a friend and great help in producing my own content.

His Emit videos kill me, and I think you will see why. If you are unsure of where to start in his content and Emit video would be my suggestion. You cannot go wrong with this!

As I’ve said before, Staggerson Jagz was instrumental in me starting my own channel and while I am still not the best at it, still trying to figure out my audio, but without him I wouldn’t be on there at all. He gave me advice on what to buy, how to use it, and really was just an incredible help.

So thank you Staggerson Jagz for not only being an amazing content creator but for also simply being an amazing person. Much love to you and thank you for everything you have done and continue to do in our community. Everyone, go and subscribe now!


#SubscribeSaturday: God is Not Good

Welcome Hell-bound friends, it’s time for #SubscribeSaturday. Those folks on YouTube that I feel you cannot do without. Check out their channels and subscribe!

Were starting today with “God is Not Good”

God is Not Good is new to YouTube but his content is excellent. It’s a great mix of response and original content. One thing that I think he is extraordinary at is videos exposing the way bible stories are taught to children.

His channel also features some fantastic response videos where he takes it to religious dogma with cool hard logic. His timing is perfect and I think you will really enjoy it.

Recently he started selling merchandise and I have to admit that if my funds weren’t low at the moment I’d be buying some immediately. His designs are great and very funny!

What keeps bringing me back though are his responses to the indoctrination of children. I cannot tell you enough just how much I enjoyed these videos, they are incredible!

So thank you God is Not Good for, as you put it, “to spread the good news that life is ultimately meaningless….” Which if you subscribe to this channel and watch his videos you will see that meaninglessness is actually awesome! Go and subscribe now!