#SubscribeSaturday 4: Johnny Drivebye

At the number 4 spot is an excellent creator, Johnny Drivebye.

Johnny Drivebye is a great content creator on youtube and has very strong opinions on many subjects. What he does best is simply riffing on various topics and letting you know exactly how he feels.

Much like The Geek Room, JDB spends a lot of time working with and building up other Youtubers. he was one of my first subscribers on the platform and his encouragement has been a great help over the last couple of months.

JDB has some hilarious videos featured on his channel as well and I think you will be greatly entertained by what he has produced so far. Check him out you will not be disappointed!

As I said, JDB is very invested in helping other content creators reach a larger audience. He recently had me on his channel and I will forever be grateful for that. Johnny you are an amazing personality and a great individual.

Thank you so much for all you do for the community. You are awesome!


#SubscribeSaturday 2: Hymnalysis

The second entry is another great YouTuber, Hymnalysis.

Hymnalysis has a ton of great content on his channel. The basis of that content being taking hymns that are sung in churches every Sunday and critiquing them, it ends up being hysterical.

One of the great things about this channel is the sheer amount of people that he has worked with. It’s amazing. The above video is a hilarious take on “Our God Is An Awesome God,” with Aron Ra, check it out!

My first taste of this channel came through the video above and it was a great place to start. Godless Engineer and Hymnalysis work well together and they feed off each others remarks. Very entertaining and fun to watch.

So if you are a former member of the faith you will not be able to get enough of these videos. They bring back nostalgic feelings and let you know it’s ok to still find some of these songs enjoyable as long as you realize the dogmatic and crazy stances that some of these songs represent. I often find myself humming a gospel song to myself and until I found this channel I thought I was the only one.

Thank you Hymnalysis for the great content, all of the laughs, and letting me know I’m not the only former evangelical that still finds himself humming along to Amazing Grace or I’ll Fly Away. You are awesome!


#SubscribeSaturday 3: The Geek Room

Our 3rd entry today is a channel that is dedicated to awesome streams, The Geek Room.

I am a geek and the geek room fills my time with deeky goodness and atheist discussions. The channel is far better than anything I could ever say here but hopefully I will at least do them some justice.

Awesome streams is what it is all about here on this channel, whether it is covering some important topic of the day or simply riffing on some funny videos, the Geek Room does an excellent job at what they do.

One of the fun aspects of the channel is that they invite folks on who are staunchly against the atheist or rationalistic stance of most of their viewers. This is both incredibly entertaining as well as incredibly frustrating if you take part in their live stream chats.

One thing that is really impressive about the Geek Room is how much they are invested in helping smaller YouTubers reach a larger audience. This is something that many other content creators do as well and hopefully it’s what folks will see me as doing with these entries. The Geek Room has helped boost me and many others since starting their channel just a short time ago.

So thank you to the crew at The Geek Room, you are fucking awesome and I just hope you know that.


#SubscribeSaturday 5: Mac Clark

Last but not least on this weeks #SubscribeSaturday is Mac Clark.

The first video of Macs that I watched was the one above. It highlights one of my biggest pet peeves, the fake War on Christmas. Now I realize that we are in March now but I don’t think this entry would be complete without the above video.

Mac is a funny guy and I think you will agree. He’s also a very genuine person who does a lot to help support smaller YouTubers. His channel has just over 20 subscribers but I would love to see that number get much, much, higher!

Starting a serious video with a silly song is hilarious. The above video describes part of Mac’s story about coming out as an atheist to his parents. It’s interesting and fun to watch. Check it out!

Mac is just starting out but he has some great content. He also has some amazing ideas for future videos that will involve other creators like myself. He’s really interested in helping the community grow and for that I say thank you.

Thank you Mac for being awesome and for making this community a little bit better with each video you produce.


#SubscribeSaturday #1: CthulhusBFF

It’s time for another #SubscribeSaturday, the YouTubers that you should definitely check out and subscribe! This week we start with CthulhusBFF.

I have a very british style sense of humor and so I absolutely love deadpan and slapstick. CthulhusBFF fulfills both of those requisites while also providing a plethora of great information as well.

One of the more impressive things about this smaller YouTuber is the length of his videos and how well they are produced. The video above is 44 minutes long and I cannot say that I became bored with it a single time. That’s awesome for someone like myself with a fairly short attention span.

Watching CthulhusBFF’s videos I am reminded of two other Youtubers, Godless Cranium and Logicked. If you enjoy those two creators then I think you should definitely check out this channel. Stinging blows and a rapier wit help push the videos forward in a fashion that will keep even the most discerning watcher entertained.

The last video I share is a stream and I wouldn’t normally share a stream but it’s fantastic. Seriously if you have only enough time for 1 video on this list, go with this one. Their discussion of Free-Will will both challenge and enlighten you to new ideas. I truly recommend it.

Thank you CthulhusBFF for being an awesome content creator! I look forward to much more from you in the future!