#SubscribeSaturday #1: CthulhusBFF

It’s time for another #SubscribeSaturday, the YouTubers that you should definitely check out and subscribe! This week we start with CthulhusBFF.

I have a very british style sense of humor and so I absolutely love deadpan and slapstick. CthulhusBFF fulfills both of those requisites while also providing a plethora of great information as well.

One of the more impressive things about this smaller YouTuber is the length of his videos and how well they are produced. The video above is 44 minutes long and I cannot say that I became bored with it a single time. That’s awesome for someone like myself with a fairly short attention span.

Watching CthulhusBFF’s videos I am reminded of two other Youtubers, Godless Cranium and Logicked. If you enjoy those two creators then I think you should definitely check out this channel. Stinging blows and a rapier wit help push the videos forward in a fashion that will keep even the most discerning watcher entertained.

The last video I share is a stream and I wouldn’t normally share a stream but it’s fantastic. Seriously if you have only enough time for 1 video on this list, go with this one. Their discussion of Free-Will will both challenge and enlighten you to new ideas. I truly recommend it.

Thank you CthulhusBFF for being an awesome content creator! I look forward to much more from you in the future!

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