#SubscribeSaturday 3: The Geek Room

Our 3rd entry today is a channel that is dedicated to awesome streams, The Geek Room.

I am a geek and the geek room fills my time with deeky goodness and atheist discussions. The channel is far better than anything I could ever say here but hopefully I will at least do them some justice.

Awesome streams is what it is all about here on this channel, whether it is covering some important topic of the day or simply riffing on some funny videos, the Geek Room does an excellent job at what they do.

One of the fun aspects of the channel is that they invite folks on who are staunchly against the atheist or rationalistic stance of most of their viewers. This is both incredibly entertaining as well as incredibly frustrating if you take part in their live stream chats.

One thing that is really impressive about the Geek Room is how much they are invested in helping smaller YouTubers reach a larger audience. This is something that many other content creators do as well and hopefully it’s what folks will see me as doing with these entries. The Geek Room has helped boost me and many others since starting their channel just a short time ago.

So thank you to the crew at The Geek Room, you are fucking awesome and I just hope you know that.

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