#SubscribeSaturday 5: Mac Clark

Last but not least on this weeks #SubscribeSaturday is Mac Clark.

The first video of Macs that I watched was the one above. It highlights one of my biggest pet peeves, the fake War on Christmas. Now I realize that we are in March now but I don’t think this entry would be complete without the above video.

Mac is a funny guy and I think you will agree. He’s also a very genuine person who does a lot to help support smaller YouTubers. His channel has just over 20 subscribers but I would love to see that number get much, much, higher!

Starting a serious video with a silly song is hilarious. The above video describes part of Mac’s story about coming out as an atheist to his parents. It’s interesting and fun to watch. Check it out!

Mac is just starting out but he has some great content. He also has some amazing ideas for future videos that will involve other creators like myself. He’s really interested in helping the community grow and for that I say thank you.

Thank you Mac for being awesome and for making this community a little bit better with each video you produce.

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