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Weekend Tube: 03/23/18

Hello Hell-Bound friends! Welcome once again to another edition of weekend tube. It’s been a very busy week for me but I’ve still managed to select some absolutely incredible videos for your viewing pleasure. Also be sure to check out my channel. Let’s get to it.

#12: Rachel Oates: KEEP MEN AWAY FROM ME

Holy crap, the list that Rachel goes through is full on batshit crazy. I guess that makes me a misogynistic bastard but so is she…? Seriously, check out this video but don’t try to drink anything while doing so!

#11: Prophet of Zod: A Helper Suitable for Him

Holy fuck! This is actually one of my favorite things to talk about in the Bible and Prophet of Zod kicks ass at telling it. So damn funny!

#10 Johnny DriveBye: Hydrogenated Water w/Anti-Ordinary

This video is pure comedy gold. just check it out and subscribe to this very funny man’s channel.

#9 Staggerson Jagz: Asking Ghosts if the Earth is Flat

Did you know that you have the power to communicate with ghosts at the tip of your fingertips? Did you know that ghosts are omniscient? Did you know that this is all bullshit? Very funny video, check it out!

#8 Hugo and Jake: Atheism Destroyed in 1 Minute!

Can atheism be destroyed in a single minute…no…no it cannot…

#7 Steve Mcrae: Let’s Talk About You! w/Shannon Q: Justin Derby

This is an interesting discussion and somewhat frustrating at times. Shannon Q does an excellent job at bringing the wandering back to the topic at hand and I applaud her for her efforts.

#6-1 Godless Cranium: 5 Scientific Discoveries that Saved Millions of Lives

Purely positive video and so good. You may not know some of these names but they have saved millions of lives since their scientific discoveries.

#6-2 Godless Cranium: Communism is Garbage

Godless Cranium wasn’t all happiness and sunshine this week, he also strikes back at the folks who want to promote communism as a viable government system. Great points to be made and I agree.

#5 Paulogia: Dinosaur Death: Water of Fire?

This video has dinosaurs, automatically added to the list. Nothing else need be said.

#4 The Geek Room: Lets Riff YT #60 w/The NonSequitur Show

One of the best and grossest videos that I have ever watch. Bring a strong stomach or a barf bag to this one but I’d definitely call it a must watch!

#3: Brilliant Doubt: What Atheists Are REALLY Like (Atheists Exposed)

Excellent video that exposes the hidden lives of atheists…hint…we’re kind of boring…lol

#2: Godless Engineer: Evidence of God In The Human Body Debunked 

Godless Engineer is at his best in this video even if he wasn’t feeling the greatest when he made it. I think you will truly enjoy this video.

#1 NonSequiturShow: Godless Engineer and Inspiring Philosophy: A Debate on the Existence of Jesus Christ

Did you know Tacitus proves that Jesus was a real person? Well, he doesn’t and Godless Engineer does an excellent job arguing from the side of the Mythicist. This debate is both interesting and frustrating, yet I think you will appreciate giving it a watch!

Video of the Week: KC’s Corner: Atheists are Arrogant Bullies That Intimidate Christians Into Silence

KC is also not feeling the best this week but that doesn’t stop her from making a video that absolutely destroys a Fox News article.  Are atheists nothing more than arrogant bullies? I think not, and thank you KC for making this video!