#SubscribeSaturday: NotJah Witness

Hello hell-Bound Friends. This week we have a single entry for #SubscribeSaturday but it’s a great one, NotJah Witness.

NotJah Witness is an amazing new Youtuber who has a lot to say about the beliefs of the Jehovah’s Witness Church. The level of indoctrination that these folks go through in order to prepare them for a life of continual service is daunting and I am shocked that so many find their way out of this indoctrination.

This channel is filled with great videos that really open your mind to JW’s dangerous beliefs. If you subscribe to TellTale Atheist then you also need to subscribe to NotJah Witness. They are both great channels and both have their own unique perspectives.

Not afraid to be a bit controversial at times, allows us to see deeply into the mind of NotJah Witness. His videos are incredible, I cannot say enough how much I love this channel! I feel for him and the risks he faces on a daily basis.

His videos are just simply fantastic and will only get better and better over time.

Thank you so much NotJah Witness for being the awesome Youtuber that you are and I look forward to many more videos from you in the future. You rock, you are amazing, and everyone should go and subscribe to your channel right now!