Weekend Tube

Weekend Tube: April Fools Spectacular

Last week was April Fools and so this week’s edition is dedicated to the amazing videos produced last week. I hope you enjoy! Also this week I did include videos that I happened to be in so I hope that doesn’t offend too badly.

Honorable Mention: Cap Brony

Doesn’t really fit the theme of the week but this was a great interview. Hope you enjoy it!

#1 The Rebels Advocate

Absolutely hilarious short clip!

#2 God the Good One

Easter has now been cancelled!

#3 The Black Sofa

The “True” story of easter. Black Sofa had a special guest…me! lol

#4 Hymnalysis, Godless Mom, Godless Engineer and Me

We were so wrong….or were we…lol

#5 Disappointed Optimist

Who knew rabbits were so evil? lol

#6 Professor Stick

Atheism is dead! No questions asked!

#7 Holy Koolaid

Gotta show respect that such a hustler would show such loyalty to his god.

#8 Cosmological

Viced Rhino….Plagiarist?

#9 Mac Clark

A more serious look at what Easter means to a skeptic.

#10 Suris the Skeptic

I have no idea what is going on but I’m scared and laughing.

Video of the Week: NonSequitur

Not really an April Fools Joke, but Dean Esmay got owned!

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