#SubscribeSaturday: An Atheistic Snail’s Journey

Welcome to a new #SubscribeSaturday post. This week I have a brand new YouTuber, Atheistic Snail.

Atheistic Snail is a former Catholic who made her way to reason though a very interesting journey. The above video gives a brief description as to what the channel is all about and a bit of information regarding who she is now. These stories are all similar but also different in their own ways and I find them all fascinating.

The above answers video gives her perspective on some of the most common questions that atheists receive. Her reasoning for hating Pascal’s wager is the same as mine. I can’t tell you how many times I used Pascal’s wager as an argument for faith in god and now I realize just how bad of an argument it really is….gah….you live and you learn.

Atheistic Snail already has some great response videos that I have really enjoyed. Response videos are actually a bit scary to tackle because you want to come off as tackling the ideas promoted in the video but not the person themselves. Atheistic Snail nails it and I think you’ll really enjoy this video.

I want to thank Johnny Drivebye for directing me to this channel. I’ve really enjoyed every video she has on her channel, I’ve seen Atheistic Snail in my comments section several times and she has been highly supportive of me throughout the last couple of months. This channel is almost definitely going to blow up and I am so glad to have found it in the early days.

Thank you Atheistic Snail for being an awesome new creator. For being bright and fun to watch. You’re going to go far in the future and I am glad to have met you in my comments section and now through your videos.

Everyone should go and subscribe to Atheistic Snail’s channel right now, it’s awesome!!!

An Atheistic Snail’s Journey

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