Atheists are Illogical Idiots: Wise Christian Response Video


Today’s response video is to the Wise Christian, a name name that might be one of the most dishonest statements that I have ever read. Within these videos you will learn that atheists are illogical, that atheists are tarded, that atheists can’t explain nothing, that atheists are like speed signs, pencils, and a whole lot more.

I don’t really know if this guy is for real or just makes videos in an effort to be as annoying as possible but in either case he is almost completely wrong in every video he makes. I hope you enjoy the following video.

Special thanks to Suris the Skeptic for pointing this guy out to me.


Cap Brony:


Atheism and Aspergers

Disclaimer: We are not saying that everyone who is an atheist is autistic, nor are we saying that autistic people are more or less likely to be atheists.

If you suspect that you may be on the spectrum you should contact a trained psychologist and discuss the matter with them.

None of the information provided should be used for diagnostic purposes, we are not trained medical doctors and the information provided is for entertainment purposes only.

Join me, the Godless Iowan, Black Sofa, and Staggerson Jagz for a discussion on Asperger’s and Atheism. About a year ago I was diagnosed with High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder, what used to be referred to as Aspergers. Since that time my entire life has made a whole lot more sense, especially in regards to my religious faith and ultimate deconversion.

Both Black Sofa and Staggerson Jagz have their own unique tales to tell in this story and I hope you will all tune in to watch the discussion. Links to their channels can be found below.

Staggerson Jagz:

Black Sofa: