Weekend Tube

Weekend Tube: 05/04/2018

May the 4th be with you my hellbound friends. Let’s get right to this weeks videos!

Late addition!

#18 Edgy Emo Atheist

Welcome to the community my young emo friend. Great first video and fully deserving to be included in this week’s list.

#17 Godless Engineer: One Scientific Fact That Proves God Doesn’t Exist

Godless Engineer takes down some truly dumb arguments in this video, great job man!

#16 Cap Brony: AiG Thursday Pro Conversion Theropy

I actually had another video of Cap’s lined up for this week’s list. However he then released this one and I was truly blown away. Great job Cap!

#15 InaneDragon: (Guest Video) The Nature of Free Speech

Bad Tempered Badger takes over Inane’s channel for a discussion on Free Speech. Great video!

#14 Viced Rhino: Some Things Aren’t Old, So Neither is Earth

Viced Rhino takes on three videos that try to claim the earth is far younger than the evil scientists want to make people believe….hint….it’s not.

#13 NotJah Witness: Dr Guyman’s War on Due Process!

Dr Guyman for the most part talks on things that have no relevance in the general public…aka atheists. lol However, this video deals with his opinion on rape accusations. Good Job NotJah at taking this down!

#12 Greymanskeptic: Atheist Flashbacks: Anglican Shannon Q

Watch as Mac interviews this heretic half cath that refuses to embrace the truth of Pentecostalism. I love this series that Mac came up with. The premise is an atheist goes back to their former religious persona and does an interview as that persona. Great video!

#11 Jackson Wheat: The Planetary Pancake

I don’t even know what to say. Jackson Wheat has a great sense of humor, good job on this video man!

#10 Digital Hammurabi: Old Assyrian Marriage

This is a brand new channel that I love. It’s all about history and even though the videos are short you are sure to learn a ton of great information! Good job!

#9 GonnaGoForIt: Interview with Anthony Magnabosco

My friend you have outdone yourself here. This was a fantastic interview and I really enjoyed it!

#8 Beast Nor God: The Doctrine of Religious Restraint

Beast nor God is another new content creator that I think you should check out. They have a few great videos up over this last week and it was difficult selecting one. I hope you’ll check this one out and enjoy!

#7 Missus Snarky: Snarky Bewbs (A Rant)

Women have breasts, but guess what, they also have brains as well. Missus Snarky addresses an issue that many female YouTubers face on a daily basis. Disgusting perv guys, go F yourselves!

#6 Anti-Ordinary: The Naked Truth

A truly profound and inspiring video from AO. Thank you for being this honest and open with all of us. Much love to you.

#5 Isethoriginal: Physical Force, Apply Directly to your Wife

Isethoriginal is joined by the kind heathen in this video addressing domestic violence in Islam. A truly great video and I cannot say that enough!

#4 Brilliant Doubt: Atheists should NOT debate theists

Should Atheists debate theists? Here BD gives some reasons for why they should not. Later he will release a video describing reasons why they should.

#3 Nonsequitur: Questions No Christian Can Answer!

Nonsequitur is joined by an all-star cast of atheist creators to ask questions that no christian can answer. Truly great video here!

#2 Paulogia: Do Chimps dream of Genetic Sheep

That tag-line alone is enough to get this on the list. Huge Philip K Dick fan here. However Professor Stick and Shannon Q truly shine in this video, they are hilarious! Oh yeah, and there is a Cameo by some guy names Paulogia…maybe he’ll make a video sometime….idk. lol

#1 TellTale Atheist: Are Amish and Mennonites Cults

I live in an area with a large Amish community. I see how dangerous their beliefs can be and so I thank Telltale for making this video. Great job!

Evil Video of the Week: Rachel Oates: The Wacky World of Incels

I had no idea that these people exist and my world was a much happier and healthier place before watching this video. I couldn’t figure out where to put this on the list so Rachel earns a brand new reward, Most Evil of the Week. This will be the video that’s topic sickened me the most. Not a mark against the creator but against those they expose.

Video of the Week: Godless Cranium: Adam Hovey Thinks Atheism Lacks Logic

Do not use this guys image…lol Seriously though Godless Cranium made a hilarious video that responds to a man who says Atheists are illogical. It’s a great video. Good job GC!

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