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Liked on YouTube: My Favorite YouTube Skeptics of 2018

My Favorite YouTube Skeptics of 2018
2018 was a great year. And these content creators were a huge part of that. Here are my top 15 favorite atheist/skeptic YouTubers of the year.

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Liked on YouTube: Paul and Morgan – Thought Crimes Make Jesus Cry: PMLTYA: Episode 6

Paul and Morgan – Thought Crimes Make Jesus Cry: PMLTYA: Episode 6
#PaulandMorgan #ThoughtCrime #Atheism

Paul and Morgan once again grace my channel with a video about repressing romantic feelings towards anyone and everyone. It’s a really sad take on what religion does and how ridiculous thought crime is

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Liked on YouTube: #TheScienceOf Coffee Chat Q&A

#TheScienceOf Coffee Chat Q&A
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Liked on YouTube: Rob Skiba Attempts to Explain Timezones on Flat Earth Model || Flat Earth Friday

Rob Skiba Attempts to Explain Timezones on Flat Earth Model || Flat Earth Friday
What’s Up Heathens! Tonight on Flat Earth Friday we are looking at Part of Rob Skiba’s presentation at the recent Flat Earth Conference. He is going to “debunk” some proofs for a globe earth and we are here to explain why he’s wrong.

1. Planets are spherical so why not earth
2. Timezones
3. Triangles on a sphere
4. Sun’s position in the sky

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