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Liked on YouTube: This Anti-Atheist Muslim Rap Battle is Fire! || Anti-Atheism Debunked

This Anti-Atheist Muslim Rap Battle is Fire! || Anti-Atheism Debunked
Today we look at this Muslim Rap Battle where it’s just one guy dissing atheists in a rap song. Except it’s more like a spoken word thing with music and sound effects … for some reason.

This Muslim says a lot of stuff that isn’t exactly correct. Like that evolution isn’t a fact, which it is. He uses statistics to say generalizations are wrong, which is true, but then he uses statistics to say that Muslims are most likely to be good. Now, I don’t think that just because someone is a Muslim, that means they are a bad person. That’s a bigoted thing to think but I also don’t say that because a few Muslims got Nobel prizes. He just makes a lot of generalizations that are wrong. Like he also blames Atheists from undressing women at gunpoint. Do you really wanna play this generalization game by taking one or two examples and applying it to the whole group? I don’t think you’ll fair well.

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