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Liked on YouTube: The Godless Aussie — Who the **** are you?!

The Godless Aussie — Who the **** are you?!
((IT SEEMS AS IF my video screwed up some how in the rendering. Oh well. I’m going to accept it as a first, and a learning experience))

This is my Coup De Gras of coming out as an Agnostic Atheist.

There’s gonna be a lot of errors, a lot of jump cuts, and a lot of choices in this video’s editing that doesn’t make sense.. but y’know what?

ITS MY FIRST (Actual) VIDEO in a series of videos that i’ll be doing on this topic! I can only get better!
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Liked on YouTube: Child Sacrifice in Ancient Israel: Interview with Dr. Heath Dewrell

Child Sacrifice in Ancient Israel: Interview with Dr. Heath Dewrell
Was child sacrifice practiced in ancient Israel, and were children sacrificed to YHWH? We talk to Dr. Heath Dewrell, who wrote his Ph.D. dissertation on the subject – come and join us!

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Interview with Dr. William Reed on the formation of the Bible:

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For general information and sources relating to the Ancient Near East, we recommend these websites:
ABZU – (collection of free and open-access data)
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ETCSL – (Sumerian literature)
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EPSD – (Online Sumerian dictionary)
CDLI – (Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative)


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Liked on YouTube: Seneca’s Of Anger Ft. Wonder Lady pt.4

Seneca’s Of Anger Ft. Wonder Lady pt.4
***Warning: Wonder Lady and I have very dark humor, so don’t take our comments too seriously.

Fourth episode of a new series I deem “Snarky Philosophy” where Wonder Lady and I discuss Seneca’s “Of Anger”

This video covers sections 7 and 8 of the essay, which examines the different levels of anger, and when the passions can go too far.

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