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Liked on YouTube: Humanists Discuss: Capitalism – Ft. Luciano and Iowan 🤑

Humanists Discuss: Capitalism – Ft. Luciano and Iowan 🤑
Luciano joins Missus Snarky and Godless Iowan to discuss: Capitalism, its benefits, and its short-comings. I hope y’all enjoy!

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Luciano Gonzalez is a Puerto Rican writer and content creator. He is a secular humanist and an agnostic atheist whose focus as an activist is more on secular humanism than atheism. He wants to create communities who care about cooperation, friendship, justice, and peace building. He makes YouTube videos, and writes about history, Latin-America, politics, news, and peace and conflict studies.

Luciano lives and works in Washington D.C. and is a graduate student at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. He is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Peace & Conflict Studies and hopes to help people run for office and live safe and peaceful lives.

✴ He is an active community builder and organizer who is an administrator at the Secular Latino Alliance.

✴ On the board of directors of the Hispanic American Freethinkers.

✴ Also the co-chair of the Latinx Humanist Alliance.


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Liked on YouTube: But is it Harsh Slavery?

But is it Harsh Slavery?
Christian apologists make some pretty appalling excuses for slavery – and the only reason anybody ever finds this acceptable is because they’re rationalizing things that happened in the Bible a long time ago. But what if these excuses were made in any other context?

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