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Liked on YouTube: What Do All These LGBTQ Labels Mean??? (Feat. Luxander)

What Do All These LGBTQ Labels Mean??? (Feat. Luxander)
If you have been on the internet you may have heard people complain about how many labels there are. Well Luxander and I are here to tell you what those labels mean and why they are actually quite useful!

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Liked on YouTube: Top 5 Misconceptions About Poverty

Top 5 Misconceptions About Poverty
Hello Hellbound friends, today I’m going to take a step back from talking about religion and instead discuss a matter near and dear to my heart, poverty. There are many misconceptions about poverty in today’s world and today I am talking about what i think are the Top 5 Misconceptions about the topic. How to get rich quick? I don’t think so… I hope you enjoy this video!


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