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Liked on YouTube: Deconversion Stories Featuring Redd Vencher!!

Deconversion Stories Featuring Redd Vencher!!
Hey fellow unbelievers!
Today I’m conversing with my good friend Redd Vencher about his leaving religion. I’m sure other interesting things will pop up…as they tend to. I do hope you enjoy the chat!

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Liked on YouTube: Is the Atheist Community a Cult?

Is the Atheist Community a Cult?


Is the atheist community a cult? Some apologists say so. However, Steven Hassan’s BITE model says differently. American Atheists, Freedom from Religion Foundation, Secular Student Alliance, the Atheist Community of Austin, and the like are under examination here. Atheism is not a religion or a belief system, but it’s only fair to examine the atheist community in light of the same tools I use to call out religious and MLM cults. Shows like the Atheist Experience with Matt Dillahunty, and Talk Heathen with Eric Murphy actually demonstrate the community’s support of free thought and lack of dogma.

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Liked on YouTube: Plagiarism of Pascal, a.k.a Pastor Locke’s Wager: Response to Greg Locke

Plagiarism of Pascal, a.k.a Pastor Locke’s Wager: Response to Greg Locke
In Today’s Video, Pastor Greg Locke takes a swing, and misses, with Pascal’s Wager. The problems with the wager have been known since the time of Pascal but that doesn’t stop Christians from continually using Plagiarism of Pascal in order to try and promote their beliefs. I hope you enjoy this response to Pastor Locke’s Wager in my response to Greg Locke.

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