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Liked on YouTube: Women of Deconversion – Complex dialogue strategies

Women of Deconversion – Complex dialogue strategies
Join myself and the other “Women of Deconversion” as we discuss strategies to employ when engaging in complex dialogues.

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Liked on YouTube: Why Read When You Can Just Lie About LGBTQ+ People? Jacob Pando Response

Why Read When You Can Just Lie About LGBTQ+ People? Jacob Pando Response
#LGBTQ #JacobPando #Atheism

Today I’m Responding to Jacob Pando, now known as “The Social Theist – Skepticism Unbound” whatever that means…anyway he has some thoughts on the lgbtq+ community and they are just plain wrong. Even the source he uses says the exact opposite of everything he claims in this video. So I hope you enjoy this video and let me know what you think in the comments below!

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