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Weekend Tube: 03/15/18

Let’s get right into it this week. Here are the best videos I watched this week.

Honorable Mention: The Geek Room: New Intro

Normally I wouldn’t include an Intro in this list but it is too damn awesome not to be here. Check it out for some geeky goodness.

#11 Paulogia: Team Pork Chop (feat Shannon Q and Viced Rhino)

Realized shortly after this was published that I had forgotten to include one of my favorite videos of the week. This episode of Ham & AiGs is amazing. Viced Rhino and Shannon Q do an absolutely incredible job at filling in for Paul. Good job guys and sorry for the horrific omission.

#10 Telltale Atheist: Rest In Peace, Stephen hawking

One thing that we have to deal with whenever a prominent atheist dies is the outcry of the religious claiming that person is now in hell. TellTale Atheist does an excellent job going after this belief and I thank him for it.

#9 Anti-Ordinary: Tarot Reading! With Missus Snarky

What happens when two former New Agers come together and produce a Tarot reading video? Hilarity that is what!

#8 Prophet of Zod: End Times Prophecy with Suris the Skeptic

This video features both Prophet of Zod and Suris the Skeptic. A great video about end time prophecy and how goofy it comes across. I recommend you subscribe to Suris, he is great!

#7 Logicked: Genesis of Debunk Blue Balls

This is actually part 3 of a series of videos produced by Logicked and he really brings the punches in this one. I laughed my ass off the entire time!

#6 Rationality Rules: Jordan Peterson’s Archetypes Debunked

A few weeks back Rationality Rules was featured for another video on Jordan Peterson and this video maybe beats out the first in quality and content. I truly enjoyed this video.

#5 Godless Cranium: Defending Anti-theism: Friended FOREVER edition

Have you ever wanted to see Godless Cranium get dogged, throw out some knowledge, and then speak in tongues? Well if you have….you’re weird….but this is the video for you!

#4 Godless Engineer: Christian Condemns Stephen Hawking for being and Atheist

Godless Engineer does an amazing job at destroying this man’s argument if you can even call it that. The title of the video says it all…attacking a man who just dies for not adhering to your own religious beliefs….wtf?

#3 Professor Stick: Apparently Vaccinations Disrupt Immune Balance

Anti-vaxxers drive me nuts and it isn’t just because I was once married to one….ughhh… Professor stick tears apart the arguments given by this charlatan and in a greatly entertaining fashion. Good job!

#2 Istethoriginal: Discover Isethoriginal – This Video you don’t want to miss!

Inane Dragon is great in this and the visuals are hilarious. Good job to both of them. Check it out!

# 1 Anti-Ordinary: The “REAL” Trans Person

Anti-Ordinary makes a second appearance for this video that didn’t quite make it out in time for last weeks list. She addresses a “No True Scotsman” fallacy in terms of what a “real” trans person must be.

Video of the Week: Staggerson Jagz: Proof There is a God

Is it biased to choose a hilarious video that just happens to have a shout out to you at the end as video of the week. Well if that is the case then label me as biased, but I think if you watch you too will see that it is definitely deserving of the title. SJ is one of the funniest guys I know and he is absolutely fantastic in this one!

Wednesday Woo

Wednesday Woo: What If?

Good morning Heathens and Hell-Bound friends and foes alike! Today marks another edition of Wednesday Woo! For the last Wednesday Woo, click here: Wednesday Woo Podcast #1: Life Coaches. Today we delve into the world of “What ifs?”


A wonderful game New Agers adore playing is the “what if” one. Common “what ifs” in New Age circles:


What if God is just a state of mind?
Reality is just a dream?
Aliens are responsible for life?
We can create things with our mind?
The government is controlling our minds with chemtrails (TM)?
Pigs fly out of my butt?


Ok, so that last one was a joke, but it highlights the absurdity of such claims in a way I consider much-needed. The claim that “anything is possible” then it follows that pigs could fly out of my butt. There’s just no way around that.

Sure, imagination is a wonderful aspect of human cognition – a gift of higher order thinking that can dive into the abstract and pluck a creative idea, and sometimes turn it into a reality, but some things are beyond the scope of what is real.

Are any of these “what ifs” useful? It truly depends on the topic, but I have found very few of those asked by New Agers have any profound impact on my life, other than having wasted a good chunk of it. Since I have now abandoned such far-fetched stretches of imagination, I can conclude I no longer waste time on such things. I don’t consider doing so to be very enlightening at all, but only a way to temporarily distract from whatever it in reality isn’t tolerable.

They say that to define things limits them, and that somehow an antithesis determines what is, vise versa in an olympian logical leap. When I posted the above video in an enlightenment group, these are the responses I received:


I’m not sure if the purple person was joking or not, since people will go to great absurdities in order to rationalize holding their belief that anything is possible. There’s no way to tell, since the assertion they are making is that not one thing is impossible, then it follows that not only can pigs fly, but they could fly straight out of my asshole. So either they actually believe this, or do they see the flaw in their logic, and making light of it.

As for orange, that’s just plain absurd as well. If things are defined by what they are not, then we live in bizzaro-world where nothing can be defined at all. If all things have a boundary or limit, then they would be by definition, finite. The container of all things would naturally be a part of all things itself, and subject to this empirical examination. Seems like this comment is contrary, circular reasoning to me. It also has a case of special pleading, since if all things are finite, but there are infinite things such as energy and “all possible worlds”, then that would make energy and “all possible worlds” exceptions to the rule. If all things are possible, then impossibility is also possible. Making general statements like this, especially lists of ideas that are obviously contrary to one another, is not a rational way to form a conclusion, and offers no possible aid in dealing with reality. In fact, the cognitive dissonance holding these positions creates more stress on the psyche, and recovery from this is quite arduous. I should know, for I have had to reevaluate this worldview myself.

Thinking well is of vital importance to both one’s personal well-being, and their relationships. Make sure you do not fall into these styles of thought:

Stay logical, my friends!


Wednesday Woo

Wednesday Woo #19: Animism

Scientific discovery is the bane of woo-woo’s existence, since New Agers adore their appeals to nature, as well as the ancient, while hilariously spreading their propaganda regarding the ails of societal advance through social media they accessed using the very progressive science and system they abhor. One of the most vital concepts in their repertoire is animism, which is basically the belief that everything is consciousness, and has spirit. The consensus defines matter as being directly constructed from spirit, which they misconstrue in the rhetoric as “energy” so they may dupe some people into thinking their way is scientific. Spoiler: it’s not. Science has revealed much more simple explanations for the existence of stuff in the universe. Of course, New Agers will insist that science hasn’t revealed everything yet, thus they cling to their nonsense as if it has any use.

old time religion

Spiritual concepts evolve over time, thus each age that passes embodies their own particular alterations to the traditions of the past. With the rise of monotheism during the bronze age, many began to reject the ideas of animism, instead asserting that worship of multiple spirits that dwell in the rocks and trees was silly, blasphemous, and primitive. The modern age has provided even better refutations to the tribalistic belief of animism, and the age of enlightenment has shown itself to actually be a utility. Still, woo-woo tribes reject this because they feel it is somehow limiting, regardless of how much the enlightenment age of empiricism has expanded our lifespans, connected us in ways we never imagined before, and given us the opportunity to actually find answers to how the universe functions. So many limits, yet animism has provided lots of inventions and progress of its own, right?


It is rather childish to anthropomorphize everything you see, and while I typically applaud imagination, I also find it to be a paranoid state in adults who take it too seriously. Think about the implications of everything having a spirit that needed appeasement – the rocks, trees, and grains of sand – all are watching you…

“I think the main reason these beliefs regarding consciousness and spirit are so appealing is because they muffle an inherent dread of death.”


What does this belief do to the human psyche? For one, it gives them a reason to hold delusions of grandeur about themselves.

“I am a super shaman that sees stuff you normies can’t! Behold my pow-ah, and buy my tea leaf readings! They gives you luck becuz spirits!”

Charlatans toting a label of “shaman” tend to prey on those who seek answers, suckering folks out of hard-earned money for the magic beans Mr. or Missus Spiritual pulled out of their holy ass.


Having multiple ghoulish eyes upon you from everywhere, is the ultimate induced state of madness. The consideration of every bad occurrence being the direct result of “dark forces” is a paranoid, irrational, useless belief. Have you ever tried to talk to someone who thinks invisible forces are after them? They get very angry when you try to reason with them, and are not convinced by evidence because “feelings” are what drives them.

I think the main reason these beliefs regarding consciousness and spirit are so appealing is because they muffle an inherent dread of death. We know that at some point, our bodies will fail us, which is a scary notion that us adults must face. The basic claims of this seem to make it quite evident to me:

Everything is spirit.
Spirit is immortal.
I am spirit.
Therefore: I am immortal, and everything.

Talk about some real dedicated wishful thinking! I suppose it takes real courage to face death.

People are free to believe that rocks have consciousness, and that water remembers passing through Adolf Hitler’s bladder, spreading harmful beliefs from the cradle of humanity like babbling infants. However they are ultimately wrong in doing so, and regressive with their agenda. I have every right to question the behaviors that result from this, and to ridicule bad ideas when they affect my life. Those who believe in these fantasies fall into the paranoid pit of their own psyche, which hurts them and their loved ones. I have been one of those loved ones hurt by such horrid fantasies, thus I deem it a duty of mine to speak out against it. Believing these things is like a drug that peaks then crashes – damaging the body, the mind, and relationships along the ride. Ultimately, these ideas become an addiction. Just say no to animism.

pet rock

Wednesday Woo

Wednesday Woo: Christian Woo: Faith Healers

Good evening heathens and hell-bound friends and foes alike. Tonight you are going to be “treated” to another edition of Wednesday Woo: Christian Woo. My wife has been taking care of our sick daughter all week and is exhausted to say the least. So I’m stepping in again for this weeks article.

Faith healing is nothing new to Christianity or religion in general. However the role of the faith healer has taken on a completely new life with the advent of mass media. Television has allowed faith healers to put their act out there and gain an incredibly wide audience and since all of this stuff is televised, it can’t possibly be fake, right?

Let’s take a look at some of these healers…

Benny Hinn

Peter Popoff

Pat Robertson

Okay, that’s enough videos. Needless to say these men obviously have an otherworldly power that allows them to cure the blind, make the lame walk, and make lots of people fall down. Yet, each and every one of these people are nothing more than con artists, given a wide audience willing to drop hundreds of dollars for the chance of being healed.

It’s sad but I once believed in faith healing to an extent. The bible even lists it as one of the gifts of the spirit in 1 Corinthians 12.

“To another faith by the same Spirit; to another the gifts of healing by the same Spirit;” 1 Cor 12:9

Now, I say I believed in it to an extent because I never believed that Benny Hinn had any kind of power. I remember watching one of his videos as a small child and thinking, “this is like pro-wrestling, these people are not really being healed, it’s all one big act.” I asked my mother, why he didn’t just heal everyone? However, I did believe that healing was something that Christians with enough faith could do.

When I entered the ministry, I had no interest in any kind of faith healing career. Yet, I would pray over people during church services and they would claim to feel power surging through them and were healed of countless issues. None of these healings were real, and often times you had to jump through hoops to even see them as something that could require healing.

A few of my miraculous healings…

  • I cured my aunt of breast cancer, she actually had a lump removed and it wasn’t cancerous, it was benign.
  • I cured my great-aunt of colon cancer, except it wasn’t healed and about a year later she had to have a huge mass removed from her intestines.
  • I made a lame man run…..countless times….the same guy. We had a guy who would hobble in, request prayer, I’d pray and he would then run around the building. He actually just had severe arthritis and the placebo affect allowed him to run.
  • I cured a woman of her cataracts….except she had to have them removed a few months later.
  • I have cured peoples money problems
  • Healed families
  • and a plethora of other things

I want to point out that in my case, I never sought people out or claimed that I had any healing gift. In fact if you would ask me, I would claim that I knew i didn’t have the gift of healing…if I did do you think I’d walk around with severe arthritis and a wonky eye?

Anyway, I began to really question faith healing the more people claimed that I had healed them of things that I knew they were not healed from. I realized that faith healing is really nothing more than a bad placebo affect, I say bad because the placebo affect actually works. People would come forward for prayer, usually at the end of a euphoric service, they feel really good and so they imagine that their ailments are better or completely cured. Later when the euphoria wears off, the healing is gone as well.

Faith healing works in the mind of the believer, who seeks out someone to heal them. However, faith healers take advantage of this and seek these people out, putting on huge events and gathering in millions of dollars. These folks still go home and the healing wears off, their finances are harmed, and when they ask why the healing didn’t last it will be thrown back at them that they didn’t have enough faith.

The real reason though is that these people have absolutely no power whatsoever. They are charlatans and go around selling snake oil to anyone willing to buy it.

James Randi built a career debunking these scam artists with the most famous being his expose of Peter Popoff.

Dateline exposed Benny Hinn

Pat Robertson was exposed by a former producer of the 700 club.

Although one could argue that Pat Robertson was exposed when he claimed that god told him to run for president and that he would win…

Each and every time one of these people come forward and are debunked, their ministry takes a short hit and yet a few years later they are back at it once again. Peter Popoff still sells his miracle oil, Hinn still knocks people over, and Robertson continues to claim healings each and every day. How do these people continue coming back after being exposed?

Sadly, it’s simply due to the fact that their followers want to believe they are real and so they will deny any evidence against that idea. They believe in these healers because they want to believe that faith healing is possible. They grasp at any idea in which they might be cured of whatever ailment they suffer from. Unfortunately, in many cases, they will continue these beliefs until they are bankrupt or dead.

Faith healers are nothing but bullshit artists that rob from the weakest members of our society. It’s sad, it’s disgusting, but it’s something that isn’t going to go away anytime soon…

If I’m lying, then I pray that one of these healers has enough faith to call down the wrath of their god and strike me dead at this very instant!




I’m still alive…

Wednesday Woo

Wednesday Woo #18: The Mind

For last weeks Wednesday Woo, click here:Wednesday Woo #17: Karma and Morality.

When one hangs around New Age circles for any amount of time, their main concern with consciousness, the mind, and individuality becomes quite obvious: they wish to be rid of it all. Now, I have mentioned this subject before, particularly when it comes to the dangers of losing one’s individual freedom, but this time I would like to focus your attention on the concept of “losing the mind” AKA “becoming pure consciousness,” which translates to a method of peace that essentially turns your mind to goo. The dangers of this idea should be quite evident, but those who desire to attain spiritual enlightenment silence the alarm bells.

lose mind.png

“Being a human being is a tough state, especially if you have an awareness of that nagging voice within.”

Human beings cannot achieve this “no mind” of course, but that doesn’t stop New Agers from pretending. I say pretending simply because they claim to be at peace, yet when faced with criticism of their ideas, they tend to fall down from nirvana cloud nine in order to give me shit, telling me that I must open my mind to their woo, without any clue that I had already done so, much to my own despair. This is a hypocritical role in which they partake, and either they lack the cognitive ability to be self-aware (because they don’t expose themselves to adequate stimuli), or they are liars. Either way, I see no moral direction in the practice, since any negative or critical thought that arises is cast aside for more pleasant, yet ultimately meaningless platitudes.

Being a human being is a tough state, especially if you have an awareness of that nagging voice within. I cannot blame people for wishing to escape such a thing, however there are better methods in which to do this. It’s ok to take a moment to relax from the inner critic – listen to music, do something creative, learn a new, challenging skill, etc., but to abandon such stimuli leads to your own brain’s demise. What I find really disconcerting about running away from stimuli for a fake inner peace is, these folks say they wish to be more creative, yet critical thinking is the pathway toward greater creativity.


If you have yet to read Darwin’s Apple, I suggest you check it out. It explains religious ritual, as well as prayer from a more evolutionary correlation of trying to deal with the agony of having higher order consciousness. Being aware of the self, as well as being able to predict future events such as one’s own death brings existential problems. It makes sense that human beings would wish to escape, but the reality is: there is no escaping death. All there can be is a momentary lapse in memory. No amount of belief in energy living on forever is going to change this fact, but believing your energy will last forever places a person in a state where they never have to face any mental challenges that would better their lives while they are here, not to mention, offers no moral guideline to how to treat others.

“It would be chaos – with no technological advances, because intuitions have a tendency to be absolutely wrong in practice, thus any invention would fail.”

If one is willing to sacrifice their own individuality to attain a fake sense of peace, they will push others to do the same, which they do, and wish for everyone to “wake up” to the nonsense they have adopted. Consider the implications of a society run by people who refuse to be challenged, think karma is for real, are skeptical of science, and think that their own personal truth is the actual truth. Seems like woo-woo-Jesus would like such a society…


It would be chaos – with no technological advances, because intuitions have a tendency to be absolutely wrong in practice, thus any invention would fail. Without critical thinking, brains would be mush, so no one would even bother to care for advancement anyhow. Language and writing would decline, because New Agers consider words as meaningless, but poverty would advance, since karma/reincarnation as a moral compass provides only a way of looking down on those who weren’t born into successful circumstances. In fact, you don’t have to even imagine such a thing, since OSHO did his own experiment in mindlessness, having created a small society, but a society nonetheless, where people abandoned their minds, only to be traumatized. Many of them were never the same.


“Shoes and minds must be left at the gate.”


Keep your mind healthy, for it is pertinent if you wish to live a good, moral, healthy life. Read books that challenge you, play games with people, and begin practicing critical thinking for your own sake. Get mental stimulation, after all, a good mind is a terrible thing to waste.