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Weekend Tube 03/08/18

Good Morning Hell-bound Friends and Foes. It’s time for another edition of Weekend Tube! Let’s get right into it.

#10 Godless Cranium: Dawah Digital Makes No Sense: Why Can There Be Only One God?

Godless Cranium is able to take the most asinine video and turn it into something funny and great. He does it again in this video that tries to prove that there can be only one god. Enjoy!

#9 TellTale Atheist: Mormons Can’t Touch Themselves

Do I even need to describe this video to tell you why you should watch it. No I do not, go watch it now!

#8 Noel Plum: Does Religion Make Us Happy?

We often times hear arguments that fall along the lines of, “At least Religion makes people happy.” It’s a garbage argument, I am far happier now than I ever was as a religious person and Noel Plum does a great job at destroying this argument.

#7 Godless Engineer: The Lord and Savior Donald Trump Stopped Climate Change

Godless Engineers Comments videos are some of my favorites and this one in particular is hilarious. Just don’t drink tea while you watch it or it might fly out your nose, we learned this the hard way…lol

#6: Jackson Wheat: Scorpion Evolution

With a thumbnail like that, how could this not make the list this week? Seriously though it’s a very interesting talk on the evolution of scorpions and I learned a lot from it.

#5 Genetically Modified Skeptic: Awful Objections to Anti-Theism

GM Skeptic provides some great counters to the most common arguments against Anti-Theism. It’s a great video that is filled with information that can help you learn how to deal with these arguments.

#4: Rachel Oates: God Wants You To Stay In An Abusive Relationship

To be honest, this video made me sick and angry, not at anything that Rachel Oates says in the video but because of how disgusting the man in, which she is responding to. It’s almost hard to watch at times but just because the opinions are so counter to anything that I think a normal human being should believe.

#3: Prophet of Zod: “Let Us Make Man in Our Image

Prophet of Zod is amazing and this video is fantastic. It is so damn funny and I don’t want to give anything away but please, please, go watch this video!

#2: KC’s Corner 12 Religious Products You Will Never Buy

Sadly I can’t say I have never bought any of these things…for a youth group event, when I was still a minister I bought all kinds of religious candy…with that said, this video is hilarious. Check it out!

#1 InaneDragon: Nation of Islam

InaneDragon taught me a lot of crazy bs in this video. I have not read much about the Nation of Islam but after watching I double checked some of the things he said and was shocked to find that it wasn’t a misunderstanding but was actually just that crazy. If you want to learn about Islam on Meth, watch this video!

Video of the Week: Disappointed Optimist Prager U And The Ten Commandments

Disappointed Optimist is an Atheist YouTuber just starting out and he isn’t even out of his teens yet. Even so he has some great points to make, is funny as hell, and as the 11th Doctor would say….Fez’s are cool! I really recommend that everyone go and check out his channel now. He only has a couple of videos but they are great!

So those are my videos of the week, please go check them out, like, and subscribe. All on the list are excellent content creators!

Weekend Tube

Weekend Tube: Supersized: 3/2/18

Good evening Heathens and Hellbound Friends and Foes alike. Tonight is going to be a supersized edition of Weekend Tube. Sorry it’s taken me a bit longer to get it uploaded but I think you will see that the wait was well worth it. Here we go!

#18: Luciano Gonzalez: The Importance Of History For The Public

Luciano is new to this list and he got his video in right under the wire. I think you will enjoy this video about the importance that history be made understandable to people who are not historians. I love history, almost became a history teacher and so this is a topic of great importance to me. Check it out!

#17 Atheism in the Canada vs. In the Southern US – Live w/ Godless Cranium & Shannon Q


Is atheism different in the US than in Canada. This stream with Holy Koolaid, Shannon Q, and Godless Cranium attempts to answer that question. It’s a very fun stream and I hope you’ll check it out!

#16 TellTale Atheist: Jehovahs Witnesses Want Armageddon

This is an interesting video discussing JW beliefs about the end of the world. It was surprising to me how similar my own former pentecostal beliefs of the endtimes lines up with JW beliefs. Very good video!

#15 Scientist Mel: #TheScienceOf Publication and Peer Review

Scientist Mel makes her first appearance in this list with a very worthy entry about the importance of peer review and publication. Does that sound boring? Well it’s definitely not and Mel does an amazing job at explaining it!

#14 Hiith: Responding to Anti-Evolution Spam

Another content creator making his first appearance on this list is Hiith. This guy is incredibly smart and makes some amazing videos. It’s almost a travesty that I haven’t included him before. In this video he responds to Anti-evolution spam and it’s grrrreat!

#13 Godless Engineer: Invisible Gardener Parable Proves God Exists || Anti-Atheism Debunked

Godless Engineer is fantastic in this video. It’s sad to say that I once shared almost the exact same beliefs as the man in the video not so many years ago. It’s funny, it’s informative, and just an amazing video!

#12 Telltale Atheist: Jehovahs Witnesses Fear Breaking The Rules

Telltale makes a second appearance this week with a video about the way the Watchtower society uses property and quick builds to more or less do all things awful. It’s so sad how much sexual assault occurs in religious institutions.

#11 Jackson Wheat: Paleogeography

if you had trouble saying the name to this video, so did I. However Jackson Wheat is awesome at explaining things in a way that even I can understand it. This video discusses how evolution is supported and strengthened by what we know about Paleogeography.

#10 Prophet of Zod: Is Rocket Science Objective?

Should we argue over words and definitions? Objective is the word that the video deals with and it is incredibly interesting. I’m not sure how to describe it in order to do it justice so just watch it!

#9 Genetically Modified Skeptic: Why Does Your Mom Love Alternative Medicine?

The reason this video appears is because I too have a mother and she loves Alternative Medicine. lol It’s a great video so please give it a watch!

#8 Rationality Rules: Jordan Peterson’s Truth – Debunked

This video is sooooo good! I am in the same mindset as Rationality Rules on this one, I see Peterson as intelligent and well-spoken but I cannot stand the man. Peterson is a bad apologist stuffed inside a Socratic sausage and then dipped in bullshit. Thank you for producing this video!

#7 Anti-Ordinary: Woman was made ONLY for man. GENESIS Page 2 – Bible Studies

Anti-Ordinary has started a Bible study and this is her second episode. I think it’s fantastic! The bible is a poorly written book, especially the Old Testament and Anti-Ordinary is great at pointing this out and having fun with it.

#6 Professor Stick: Cure Cancer With Baking Soda

Professor Stick is amazing at taking down bullshit pseudoscience and alternative health methods. He is both intelligent and hilarious. If you want to know why you can’t cure cancer with baking soda, this is the video for you!

#5 Noel Plum: Naked Ape the Anti-Atheist – A Limp-Wristed Cuck Fedora Fuck Responds

Holy shit does this guy know how to put together a list of swears and take-downs that comes across as pure poetry. Special thanks to Godless Cranium for pointing this one out. Noel is a true gem in the land of YouTube. Please, check him out if you haven’t already. You will not be disappointed.

#4 Paulogia: Attacking the Attacks on Darwin – Darwin Day Event

Paulogia is a real person?!?!? The fourth wall is broken…lol Now I know he has appeared on camera before but this video is special because I remembered using all of these attacks on Darwin in the past when I was a theist. It was rough to watch due to that but a fantastic video nonetheless!

#3 CosmicSkeptic: Muhammed Married a Six-Year Old – Was It Moral?

CosmicSkeptic tackles a tough subject, not that it is tough by itself but that it is ridiculous we have to have these discussions in the 21st century. The video is not anti-Islam but it is anti-child abuse and anti-sex predator. So check it out!

#2 Godless Engineer: 3 Crazy Creation Myths You Haven’t Heard About || KC’s Corner

Did the universe come out of the utter of a magic cow? I’m guessing no, but damn is it funny.  I don’t know where KC came up with some of this stuff but Bravo what a great video!

#1 Godless Engineer: Donkey Kong Says The Earth Is Flat And Water Doesn’t Curve || Comments Of The Day

Godless Engineer who, according to a troll is soon to be known as the Down Syndrome Demon, is amazing at responding to his critics. Don’t let the trolls get you down, have fun with them! I laughed so hard at this one!

Now this week we are going to have 4 Videos of the Week because they were all so damn good. It was not possible to decide which ones were better.

Video of the Week #1: Holy Koolaid: Don’t Blame the Beans 

In this video Holy Koolaid discusses a theoretical world where beans were worshiped as god. It’s hard to explain why this video is amazing but trust me, it’s amazing!

Video of the Week #2: Rachel Oates: Spirit Science & Chakras

Spirit Science is everywhere it seems and Rachel Oates not only takes it down in an excellent fashion but also her thumbnail looks spirit sciencey enough that you might actually have some woo people watch it and be injected with logic. Awesome!

Video of the Week #3: Godless Cranium: A Lighter, Hairbrush, and Hand Proves God.

All I am going to say about this video is use the bathroom before watching and make sure you are sitting down. I nearly passed out from laughter when I watched this, seriously, it is that funny!

Video of the Week #4: Godless Cranium: Hostile Takeover by Godless Engineer

Canada, Syrup, Maple Leafs, Hockey….

So that’s the list for this week, what did you think? Did I miss any video that you felt should have been included? If so let me know in the comments. As always, if you enjoyed these videos, please subscribe to their channels and let them know that the Godless Iowan sent you!

Weekend Tube

Weekend Tube 02/23/18

Good morning Heathens and Hell-Bound friends and foes alike. It’s time for another edition of Weekend Tube, the videos that I enjoyed the most over the last week. We had another week of great videos and I think you will really enjoy them.

#7: Holy Koolaid: David Avocado Wolfe – The World’s Most Successful Snake Oil Salesman?

David Avocado Wolfe has long been the bane of my existence and I think Holy Koolaid does an amazing job at taking this kook down. Thank you so much for making this video!!!

#6: Professor Stick: Viced Rhino Teaches a Creationist About Vestigial Organs

Viced Rhino joins Professor Stick in taking down this creationists arguments against vestigial organs. The Creationists argument is little more than “Science doesn’t know everything” and this video does a great job taking him to task on this criticism.

#5: Prophet of Zod: Failing To Finish Your Infomercial

This is such a good video. Basically it discussed the idea that Theists fail to complete their arguments in a satisfactory manner but I’m not doing the video justice with that explanation. Just watch the video, it’s great!

#4: InaneDragon: Tuning Out Theists

This is actually a response to a Godless Cranium video, Things Atheist Say That Make Theists Tune Out. Within this, InaneDragon takes the claims of the theists and provides an excellent argument for why they are just poorly laid our complaints.

#3: Godless Cranium: 10 Things That Make an Atheist Tune Out

Godless Cranium provides some excellent examples of things that theists say which cause atheists to simply tune out and leave the conversation. It’s a very fun video and I hope you will check it out.

#2: Godless Engineer: Wild Bill for America LIES About God in Public Schools || Wild Bill Exposed

From fun to serious, Wild Bill is a sad excuse for a human being. Tragedy struck and he was instantly there to take advantage of the situation. Godless Engineer steps in and absolutely destroys Wild Bill. I loved this video.

#1: Anti-Ordinary: Tranny Army!?

Anti-Ordinary takes it to those who think trans people can’t serve in the armed forces and what an amazing job she does. Anyone willing to serve and possibly die for our armed forces needs to be respected and allowed to do so. Thank you for making this video!

Video of the Week: Godless Cranium: Rachel Oates on Women and YouTube Atheism, Anti-Theism and More

Godless Cranium Wins again although I will say he cheats a bit by stacking the deck with Godless Engineer and Rachel Oates. Rachel Oates Steals the show and provides us with a glimpse of what it is like to be a female atheist on YouTube. Some of the things that she has to put up with is absolutely atrocious and I want to personally thank her for having the courage to continue pushing forward.  The type of disgusting pond scum that would do something like what she describes to anyone, should be exposed for the pieces of garbage that they are.

Weekend Tube

Weekend Tube: 02/16/18

Goooooooood evening friends! Today marks another week gone by and another edition of weekend tube. For those of you that don’t know I have my own channel now which you can find here: The Godless Iowan. I’m definitely not at the level of any of the people highlighted tonight but I am having fun and doing my own thing. So let’s get going!

#7: Rachel Oates: 3 Awesome Animals You Might Not Know Yet

I love biology, so much so that I had to take it twice in college….I was a theist back then so that might explain why I did so poorly at the time. Anyway, Rachel Oates points out some a few cute and definitely strange animals in this video. If you love animals check it out.

#6: Anti-Ordinary: Science is Racist!

This is so funny partly because the source material is just so ridiculous but also Anti-Ordinary turns the humor up to 11. Amazing!

#5: Godless Engineer: President Trump’s Tweet Debunks Global Climate Change

I love Godless Engineers reactions to comments and in this one he reacts to comments made by President Trump. Even better. This video is absolutely hilarious!

#4.) Jackson Wheat: Evolution of the Eye

One of the arguments that theists use to try and prove the existence of god is the intricacies of certain things in nature. Obviously the intricacy of the human eye is far too great to have simply evolved….wrong. Jackson Wheat does an amazing job relating how the eye evolved and it is simply fascinating.

#3: Professor Stick: Ridiculous Flat Earth Nonsense on SpaceX

Suck Muh Balls! That is all….Actually it’s not but I’ll let Professor Stick tell you all about it. Professor Stick is one of my favorites, please check him out if you haven’t already.

#2:Paulogia: Doubting Darwin Day (feat. Jackson Wheat) – (Ken) Ham & AiG News

Paulogia is joined by Jackson Wheat in an edition of Ham & AIG News. Evolution and Darwin are the topics, namely creationists denial of anything worthwhile in the teachings of Darwin and Evolution. This video is smart, I hope you will check it out.

#1: Godless Cranium: Vincent Rhodes Thinks The Bible Proves Flat Earth

Godless Cranium kicks ass in this video. The source material is hilarious, flat earth videos are always a favorite in our house and Godless Cranium does an amazing job. If this was a list simply built around Flat-Earth videos of the week, Godless Cranium would have won hands down.

Video of the Week: Godless Engineer: KC’s Corner: The History of Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, and Lent

It’s a little known secret but I have a perfect record for keeping my lent promises, For the last 34 years I have given up Lent for Lent and have never had a problem with it. That must make me super spiritual. Anyway, this video taught me a lot that I didn’t know about Catholic Traditions and was just fun to watch. I had no idea they had Drive Through Ashings…that’s amazing! Good job on this video KC!

Anyway, those are my videos of the week. As always if you like the videos please subscribe to their channel and let them know that The Godless Iowan sent you!  I hope you enjoyed these videos and if your feel I missed any great videos let me know in the comments. Life’s too short to be serious but please don’t panic!

Weekend Tube

Weekend Tube 02/09/2018

Good Evening Heathens and Hell-Bound friends and foes alike. It’s time yet again to provide you with what I consider the best videos that I watched this week. I hope you enjoy them, share, and subscribe to these great channels. Holy Crap it was an awesome week for videos!

#7 Jackson Wheat: Evolution of the Flagellum

I find this video fascinating. Learning about evolution thrills me to no end and Jackson Wheat does an incredible job! I was introduced to his videos just this week and I wish I had learned of him sooner. Check out some of his other videos and please subscribe if you enjoy them.

#6 Rationality Rules: The Atheist’s Burden of Proof – Debunked (And the Definition of Atheism)

Rationality Rules debunks, though it won’t do any good, the idea that theists attempt to promote: That atheists have to prove god doesn’t exist. He does a great job of pointing out that it matters who is making the claim, not necessarily what the claim might be.

#5 The Bible Skeptic: What Genesis Got Wrong: Part 1

The Bible Skeptic is just an excellent video maker. His videos have a quality to them that are just astoundingly beautiful. They will remind you a lot of classic PBS Documentaries. Incredibly informative, lots of visuals, and a Ken Burns style presentation. I hope you will give this channel a view.

#4 Godless Engineer: The State Of Atheism in 2018 With Red Pill Religion

Holy crap does that guy hate us. Seriously though, Godless Engineer tears apart the arguments posed by Max, namely that atheists ARE AWFUL, HORRIBLE, NO GOOD, VERY BAD PEOPLE!!!!! ARGHHHH!!!!!! lol

#3 Logicked: Faith beats evidence because God has trust issues

Logicked does an excellent job in this video of debunking the idea that faith trumps doubt. It’s also hilarious which is a big plus. Check it out!

#2 Godless Engineer: KC’s Corner: The 5 Worst Unsanitary Religious Practices Still Being Used || KC’s Corner

Ok, so let me let you in on a bit of a secret, I’m somewhat of a germophobe, I’m much better than I used to be, but religion has some really gross traditions. EWWWWWW!!!! This is a great video that exposes some of the worst of the worst, and grossest, traditions in the faith. Also MAJOR bonus points for mentioning Ric Flair and Mick Foley!

#1 Godless Cranium: MercifulServant Thinks They’ve Exposed Atheism

Though he didn’t make video of the week this time, I’m sure he will totally understand. This video is amazing and if it weren’t for GM Skeptic and Anti-Ordinary, one upping him and going for my feels, he would have had his three-peat.

Video of the Week: Genetically Modified Skeptic: I’m and Atheist Activist in the Closet

Wow, just wow, it’s pretty surprising that such a well-known atheist on Youtube is in the closet when it comes to his friends and family. This makes the video of the week because, while I’m not necessarily in the closet, none of my family or co-workers really know how much I do when it comes to activism, and so I really relate to this video. Thank you so much for sharing this!

Video of the Week: Anti-Ordinary: The Problem With Karma!

That’s right, there are two videos of the week, deal with it. I honestly could not decide between these two videos. Anti-Ordinary provides a truly emotional story that leads us to truly question the healthy nature of a belief in karma. Thank you so much for sharing your story it really touched my wife and I.

Weekend Tube

Weekend Tube 02/03/2018

Good Morning Heathens and Hell-Bound friends and foes alike! It’s time once again for my favorite videos of the week. Last week we did a top 10 but I think I prefer the top 5 from the week prior as well as what I consider the video of the week. So without further ado, here are my favorites from this week.

Honorable Mention: Anti-Ordinary: RE: FreedomWars

Any video that takes Alex Jones to task deserves a mention here on this blog. Jones does nothing but make an ass of himself on a daily basis and I think his idiocy needs spread as far and wide as it possibly can be. The way to defeat a stupid idea is to let the stupid run free.

#5 Godless Engineer: Red Pill Religion Claims Popular Atheists Suffer Cognitive Dissonance

Are popular atheists drowning in a world of cognitive dissonance? Red Pill believes this to be the case because he presented shitty non-evidence for the existence of a soul and now all atheists are dying inside…. Ok, truthfully his evidence was just like any other evidence provided by these types, shoddy at best, and at worst it has nothing to do with what they claim it does. Enjoy!

#4 Seth Andrews: Secular State of the Union

Seth Andrews presents an excellent take on the state of the union according to secular standards. Andrews lays it all out there and if you watched the actual state of the union you will probably think this video is way more bigly cool and yugely inspirational.

#3 Holy Koolaid: The Atheist State of the Union 2018

Holy Koolaid really inspires me in this video. Even though it is much harder for someone to enter in to activism today, with sources of income being removed, the amount of amazing YouTubers, Podcasters, and Bloggers, who promote positive atheism, is amazing. Thank you for making this video!

#2 Godless Engineer: KC’s Corner: Jehovah’s Witness Elders Tell Us How to Stay Clean For Jehovah

Since watching this video I still don’t understand how some religious people can believe certain things are masturbation. I mean if your underwear rubs you the wrong way you’re now going to hell…..and that has to be some underwear…. Anyway this is a great video for KC who is just starting make videos herself, I think you will really enjoy it.

#1 Telltale Atheist: How To Get Rid Of Jehovahs Witnesses

Living with a town that contains not just a huge Mormon church but also a Jehovah’s Witness temple, we are constantly being visited by someone trying to spread the good news of their dogma. I can’t believe someone would sick a dog on people, that is awful. A lot of good information here, don’t be rude, just let them know you aren’t interested in their beliefs.

Video of the Week: Godless Cranium: Atheists Have No Meaning or Purpose?

For the second week in a row, Godless Cranium tops the list. This video is in response to the theist argument that atheists have no purpose in life. Guess what, we do! My purpose is to learn, love, and make people laugh. If I can do those three things I feel like my life is meaningful, blissful, and amazing. Thanks, GC for making this video, you are awesome!