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Weekend Tube 05/18/2018

I’m late! So let’s get right into it!

#10 Suris Hillary Clinton Proves the Flat Earth?!

Suris makes a hilarious video taking on an incredibly dumb argument. Did Hillary Clinton prove that the earth is flat? No she did not…

#9 Jackson Wheat: Evolutionary Frauds

Jackson Wheat confronts some of the more prevalent “frauds” in the evolution of man. And no Kent Hovind is not one of them…lol

#8 Another Freakin Atheist: Chatting with Kaitlyn Chloe

Another Freakin Atheist did an amazing job interviewing Kaitlyn Chloe. I really enjoyed this and not only for the fact that it cleared up whether I am a bitch or a diva…it was just really good.

#7 Disappointed Optimist: The Quran’s Guide to Neurology

The Sarcasm is Strong with this one, reads the shirt, and it is apt for this video. Disappointed Optimist is getting better and better with each video and I really enjoyed this trip into Islamic beliefs.

#6 InaneDragon: Theists Need Strawmen

A great video exposing the fallacious arguments of Christian Minister and boy band background singer wannabe, Matt Powell. I actually responded to this minister on my own channel but I don’t even touch the depths that InaneDragon does. Great video!

#5 Nonsequitur Does This Book Disprove The Bible, Again?

Another great show by the guys at Nonsequitur. Was Sarah impregnated by Abram, by god, or just by some dude. We may never truly know but this video and the book I just picked up does speak on those possibilities.

#4 Bionic Dance: No Atheist Prophets

Does God’s death or non-existence mean that we will all go insane and start murdering and assaulting each other? No it does not but for some reason a lot of theists think so. Thanks to Bionic Dance for pointing out the goofiness of this argument.

#3 Godless Cranium: LoveAllah328 Attempts to Explain Why God Gave Satan So Much Power

God had a great idea when he created Satan…or did he? Godless Cranium is great in this video take down. FATALITY!

#2 Professor Stick: The Best 100K Subscriber Special Video You Will Ever Witness

Professor Stick reached 100K this week and in honor of that he paid it forward to several other creators. This is the key to building community. So thank you to Professor Stick and Congrats once agsain!

#1 TellTale Atheist: What is Homeopathy?

TellTale Atheist likes to tackle both religion and pseudoscience. Homeopathy is not only bad science, it’s stupid and dangerous! Great job on this video!

Video of the Week: Why I’m an Atheist Advocate

Shannon Q is one of the best of us out there in the Atheist Community and this week she made a video that highlights exactly why she does what she does. Thank you Shannon!

I hope you enjoyed the videos this week. If you felt I missed a great one, let me know in the comments! Have a great night and Don’t Panic!

Weekend Tube

Weekend Tube: 05/11/18

Hello hell-bound friends, it’s time once again for weekend tube! I really hope you enjoy the videos that I picked out for you this week as I think each and every one of them are excellent in their own way!

Honorable Mention: Jen With_1_n: Coming Soon!

A favorite in the comment sections and a friend to many of us, Jen with 1 N is joining the world of content creation. So check it out, sub to her channel, and get ready for some great content!

#12 Steve McRae: Legion of Doom responds to Red Pill Religion (censorship)

Holy crap this week started out a bit crazy. What started as a fun stream highlighting the depravity of a certain religious YouTuber, it turned into absolute insanity.  Are all Atheists in some Skeptic/Atheist Mafia….no….we aren’t…

#11 Martymer 81: Gravity “Debunked”? Uh… No 

What happens when a horrible argument meets a Martymer? A whole lot of awesome and hilarious content. Gravity isn’t real…or is it???    It is….

# 10Digital Hammurabi- The Babylonian Akitu Festival

Digital Hammurabi is one of my favorite new channels, every video they have produced so far have been excellent. I truly recommend checking out their channel and if you want a good starter video check this one out!

#9 Brilliant Doubt Religious “Reason” Outside Religion

This video is simply hilarious. Enough said! It’s amazing!

#7 Shannon Q: Equal but Opposite Interaction

This is a great video and if you don’t think so it’s probably because you’re just a stupid idiot. lol

#6 Cosmological : Prophecy Report (ft. Suris)

Remember Cosmological? Pepperidge farms remembers. Seriously though this is a great video and it’s good to see Cosmological back on the list. It’s only sad that he had to do it with Suris….lol

#5 NotJah Witness: Top 10 Reasons 2 Watch Dr Guyman!

Dr Guyman runs the gambit from slight annoyance to absolute troll. NotJah has taken it upon himself to take Dr Guyman to task and for that we should be forever greatful!

#4: Rachel Oates: My Most Savage Hate Comments Yet

These comments are truly savage but Rachel turns them into a hilarious adventure through the world of disgusting people. Thank you Rachel for this great hate comment video!

#3 Hugo and Jake: Who’s it Gonna Be?

Hugo and Jake, with a Chick Tract that is so out there and so odd that it’s hard to believe it exists. This might just be one of my favorite chick tract videos that I have ever watched from the two of these guys.

#2 Godless Cranium: Jacob Pando is Struggling with Ethics

Another fantastic video from Godless Cranium. For the beginning segment to make sense you’ll have to go back to the video he released last week, but all in all this video is amazing…Once again though it’s a bit tainted by Suris…lol

#1 Godless Engineer: One Question Proves Evolution Is A Lie!

Godless Engineer in top form confronting this anti-evolutionists completely nonsensical argument. How did fish learn to drink freshwater if they came out of saltwater?

#Video of the Week: Raziel the Panda: My Story-Part 1

Brand new YouTuber with such a heartfelt and honest story that how could she not top the list this week. It takes a truly courageous and strong person to tell their story, and Raziel the Panda definitely has both of those qualities. Thank you for making this video!


Weekend Tube

Weekend Tube: 05/04/2018

May the 4th be with you my hellbound friends. Let’s get right to this weeks videos!

Late addition!

#18 Edgy Emo Atheist

Welcome to the community my young emo friend. Great first video and fully deserving to be included in this week’s list.

#17 Godless Engineer: One Scientific Fact That Proves God Doesn’t Exist

Godless Engineer takes down some truly dumb arguments in this video, great job man!

#16 Cap Brony: AiG Thursday Pro Conversion Theropy

I actually had another video of Cap’s lined up for this week’s list. However he then released this one and I was truly blown away. Great job Cap!

#15 InaneDragon: (Guest Video) The Nature of Free Speech

Bad Tempered Badger takes over Inane’s channel for a discussion on Free Speech. Great video!

#14 Viced Rhino: Some Things Aren’t Old, So Neither is Earth

Viced Rhino takes on three videos that try to claim the earth is far younger than the evil scientists want to make people believe….hint….it’s not.

#13 NotJah Witness: Dr Guyman’s War on Due Process!

Dr Guyman for the most part talks on things that have no relevance in the general public…aka atheists. lol However, this video deals with his opinion on rape accusations. Good Job NotJah at taking this down!

#12 Greymanskeptic: Atheist Flashbacks: Anglican Shannon Q

Watch as Mac interviews this heretic half cath that refuses to embrace the truth of Pentecostalism. I love this series that Mac came up with. The premise is an atheist goes back to their former religious persona and does an interview as that persona. Great video!

#11 Jackson Wheat: The Planetary Pancake

I don’t even know what to say. Jackson Wheat has a great sense of humor, good job on this video man!

#10 Digital Hammurabi: Old Assyrian Marriage

This is a brand new channel that I love. It’s all about history and even though the videos are short you are sure to learn a ton of great information! Good job!

#9 GonnaGoForIt: Interview with Anthony Magnabosco

My friend you have outdone yourself here. This was a fantastic interview and I really enjoyed it!

#8 Beast Nor God: The Doctrine of Religious Restraint

Beast nor God is another new content creator that I think you should check out. They have a few great videos up over this last week and it was difficult selecting one. I hope you’ll check this one out and enjoy!

#7 Missus Snarky: Snarky Bewbs (A Rant)

Women have breasts, but guess what, they also have brains as well. Missus Snarky addresses an issue that many female YouTubers face on a daily basis. Disgusting perv guys, go F yourselves!

#6 Anti-Ordinary: The Naked Truth

A truly profound and inspiring video from AO. Thank you for being this honest and open with all of us. Much love to you.

#5 Isethoriginal: Physical Force, Apply Directly to your Wife

Isethoriginal is joined by the kind heathen in this video addressing domestic violence in Islam. A truly great video and I cannot say that enough!

#4 Brilliant Doubt: Atheists should NOT debate theists

Should Atheists debate theists? Here BD gives some reasons for why they should not. Later he will release a video describing reasons why they should.

#3 Nonsequitur: Questions No Christian Can Answer!

Nonsequitur is joined by an all-star cast of atheist creators to ask questions that no christian can answer. Truly great video here!

#2 Paulogia: Do Chimps dream of Genetic Sheep

That tag-line alone is enough to get this on the list. Huge Philip K Dick fan here. However Professor Stick and Shannon Q truly shine in this video, they are hilarious! Oh yeah, and there is a Cameo by some guy names Paulogia…maybe he’ll make a video sometime….idk. lol

#1 TellTale Atheist: Are Amish and Mennonites Cults

I live in an area with a large Amish community. I see how dangerous their beliefs can be and so I thank Telltale for making this video. Great job!

Evil Video of the Week: Rachel Oates: The Wacky World of Incels

I had no idea that these people exist and my world was a much happier and healthier place before watching this video. I couldn’t figure out where to put this on the list so Rachel earns a brand new reward, Most Evil of the Week. This will be the video that’s topic sickened me the most. Not a mark against the creator but against those they expose.

Video of the Week: Godless Cranium: Adam Hovey Thinks Atheism Lacks Logic

Do not use this guys image…lol Seriously though Godless Cranium made a hilarious video that responds to a man who says Atheists are illogical. It’s a great video. Good job GC!

Videos · Weekend Tube

Weekend Tube: Supersized Edition: 04/13/18

Hello Hell-Bound Friends! Sorry for being a bit late today, it’s been tremendously busy at work and I honestly forgot what day of the week it was yesterday. Seriously…that excuse is bad but it’s 100% true. Anyway let’s get going. As always if you are interested in my own channel, “Click Here.”

#1 God is Not Good: Jesus Can Cure Your Gay!

This video is both great and at the same time incredibly sad. It’s sad because this is indoctrination at it’s finest. This kid has barely reached an age to decide whether he wants to wear boxers or briefs and yet he knows exactly why homosexuality is wrong and that gays just need Jesus. A brilliant expose of sorts into the mind of the young and indoctrinated.

#2 Suris the Skeptic: Interviews DubKDad

Suris makes his streaming debut in this video and I think he did a great job. Bravo to Pam as well for bravely speaking truth to lies along with Suris and DubKDad. Loved watching this stream.

#3 Theomachy III – InTENSE

Theomachy is an amazing new YouTuber with a ton of talent and a style that is just a pleasure to watch. Check out this video and then go back and watch the other videos he’s uploaded so far. You will not be disappointed.

#4 Faithless Forum Afterthoughts

This show was stacked and I really wish I could have been there. Props to all those involved in each panel as well as set up because it sounds like you all did a terrific job!

#5 Nonsequitur: Aron Ra vs Jeranism

I’m not sure why but The NonSequitur Show tried there best this week to make my brain bleed out of my ears. Each show had me thinking, the next guest couldn’t possibly be worse…I was wrong. This video is highlighted because of the wit that Aron Ra shows in the face of absolute idiocy. Also Props to Steve and Kyle for stepping in when things became too heated. Good job guys!

#6 Telltale Atheist: What Is Christian Science?

Christian Science is a branch of Christianity that i really knew very little about. I knew that they didn’t believe in medical science but I didn’t realize just how deep that belief goes. Great job Telltale at explaining these dangerous beliefs.

#7 Godless Mom: How To Protect Your Kids From Religious Indoctrination!

As an atheist I want to try my best not to indoctrinate my children as I was. It’s tough at times because you just want to tell them that it’s all bullshit but it’s far better to let their young minds work through the nonsense on their own. Godless Mom provides some helpful tips on how to raise your children to question what they are told. Great video!

#8 Prophet of Zod: A Fistful of Manuscripts

Prophet of Zod confronts a minister that claims to have proof that the bible is real. That ministers proof? Portions of the bible…. It’s a hilarious video and the static skeptic Prophet of Zod is brilliant while taking down this video.

#9 Skeptic Pork: Are Goblins real?

This is the week of newcomers to the list. Skeptic Pork is a great small channel. I love his artwork and he’s obviously very intelligent. In this video he discusses goblins and some of the strange stuff that is used as evidence for their existence.

#10 Paulogia: Creation in Space (Feat. Scientist Mel)

Scientist Mel and Paulogia on the same channel taking down Ken Ham? This is what heaven is like for me. An excellent video and Mel get’s to show off some of her comedic skills as well. I really think you will enjoy this video.

#11 CAP Brony: Is Jesus a Sinner?

Jesus was supposedly the perfect son of god, yet how did he stack up against the 10 commandments? CAP makes some great points in this video and I think you’ll really like it.

#12 Anti-Ordinary: Re: The Earth is FLAT, Mountains are Trees

Suck Muh Balls dude is at it again in a video where he claims that mountains are actually pre-flood trees that were cut down by the nephilim….seriously….not even joking… Anti-Ordinary is hilarious in this video and really points out just how ridiculous this guys beliefs are.

#13 John Cedars: A conversation with Shana Rubio

This is just a fascinating interview with a formerly abused ex-spouse of a Jehovah’s witness. It’s a tale that is sad and uplifting as we share her pain and her escape from that pain. Great interview!

#14 The Black Sofa: I was Brainwashed!!!

The Black Sofa describes how he was brainwashed as a young adult. Indoctrination runs deep and I can truly empathize with everything he says in this video. Check it out if you want more from a person with an experience with Pentecostalism. Awesome video BS….can I call you BS? lol

#15 Rationality Rules: Questions No Atheist Can Answer

Rationality rules answers a question that supposedly no atheist can answer. Is he superhuman? No, he is not. The question however is just not that hard to answer. Great Job RR!

#16 SciStrike!: Flat Out Stupid: The Jeranism Files

If you didn’t get enough of Jeranism from the Nonsequitur debate, I recommend checking out this video. SciStrike is hysterical in taking down this flat earther. Just a great and very funny video. Great job!

#17 Professor Stick: Ozone Can Cure All Diseases (not)

professor Stick takes down David Avacado Wolfe…need I say more? You have to watch this video it’s fantastic!

#18 Jackson Wheat: Dinosaurs and the Ark

With a thumbnail like that do I even need to explain why this video is included in the list? I love dinosaurs, Jackson with T-Rex arms, and some great information about how dinosaurs could not have been on the imaginary ark. It’s fantastic!

#19: Godless Cranium: Kevin’s Bible Study Would Make a Bad Atheist

This guy should remain a theist, I mean if not for his belief in god he would be an absolutely awful human being. The idea that this man thought his argument was good points to a brain that is just waiting for the purge to commence. Godless Cranium kicked ass in this video!

#20: Godless Engineer: Christian Rapper Tells Us “Don’t Be Gay”

Don’t be gay, Don’t be gay, Don’t be gay, Don’t be gay, Don’t be gay, Don’t be gay, Don’t be gay, Don’t be gay, Don’t be gay, Don’t be gay, Don’t be gay, Don’t be gay, Don’t be gay, Don’t be gay… This video is excellent even if it did get that song stuck in my head…it’s not even a good fucking song!

Video of the Week: Responding to Jeranism

I can’t even say anything about this video other than the fact that I laughed so hard I had a headache for nearly an hour afterwards.  Seriously check out this video!!!!


So there you have it, the best of the best videos that I enjoyed this week. I hope you’ll check them out and let me know what you think. If you feel as if I missed a video that should have been included, Let me know! Have a great weekend!

Weekend Tube

Weekend Tube: April Fools Spectacular

Last week was April Fools and so this week’s edition is dedicated to the amazing videos produced last week. I hope you enjoy! Also this week I did include videos that I happened to be in so I hope that doesn’t offend too badly.

Honorable Mention: Cap Brony

Doesn’t really fit the theme of the week but this was a great interview. Hope you enjoy it!

#1 The Rebels Advocate

Absolutely hilarious short clip!

#2 God the Good One

Easter has now been cancelled!

#3 The Black Sofa

The “True” story of easter. Black Sofa had a special guest…me! lol

#4 Hymnalysis, Godless Mom, Godless Engineer and Me

We were so wrong….or were we…lol

#5 Disappointed Optimist

Who knew rabbits were so evil? lol

#6 Professor Stick

Atheism is dead! No questions asked!

#7 Holy Koolaid

Gotta show respect that such a hustler would show such loyalty to his god.

#8 Cosmological

Viced Rhino….Plagiarist?

#9 Mac Clark

A more serious look at what Easter means to a skeptic.

#10 Suris the Skeptic

I have no idea what is going on but I’m scared and laughing.

Video of the Week: NonSequitur

Not really an April Fools Joke, but Dean Esmay got owned!

Weekend Tube

Weekend Tube: 03/30/18

Hello Hell-Bound Friends! It’s time for an all new weekend tube! If you’re interested in checking out my channel, click here. Also if you enjoy these videos, please like, subscribe, and share them!

Missed from last week: Viced Rhino

In a horrible moment of shame, I had this video selected for last weeks list but forgot to include it. That has now been corrected! Also check out part 2!

#1 Hiith

Hiith makes a great video on faith healing and the supposed relic, the shroud of Turin. I really think you’ll like this one.

#2 Black Sofa

I’m really not sure why this hit me so hard. It really got my emotions going because I can remember times exactly like this.

#3 The Geek Room

This discussion/debate/tea party was crazy and fun to watch but the after show was excellent. Thank you to the Geek Room for hosting it as it was a true joy to watch.

#4 Noel Plum

Noel plum does an amazing job in this video picking apart an absolutely awful argument. I think you are really going to enjoy this one.

#5 Holy Koolaid

Great video that shows even scientist can be fooled at times by charlatans and con-men.

#6 Rachel Oates

I’m an Anti-theist but I know some folks do not claim the title and have there own reasons for not doing so. Rachel does a great job laying out why she has not called herself an anti-theist and I respect her for her stance.

#7 Inane Dragon

Inane Dragon once again comes to the table with an excellent video on the absolute bs research of Max Kolbe, aka Red Pill Religion, aka Dean Esmay, aka Douchenugget.

#8 Godless Engineer

One of the absolute dumbest arguments in favor of a flat earth and one of the funniest response videos I have ever seen.

#9 Godless Cranium

Atheists have it a lot harder in other parts of the world. Godless Cranium does a great job of pointing out this fact and destroys the arguments made by the other side.

#10 Prophet of Zod

Did you know 500 people saw Prophet of Zod beat up Bruce Lee? No??? Blasphemer! lol Seriously funny video and great points!

#11 Staggerson Jagz

Crystals and dragons are an unusual cure for Chemtrails. So funny!

#12 Telltale Atheist

Another great video that exposes some very strange beliefs. Telltale does an amazing job at explaining the topic at hand and I really enjoyed this video.

#Video of the Week: Isethoriginal

Not only does this video include some horrible questions that a theist poses but it also includes a hilarious joke about Nietzsche. It’s amazing!


So those are the videos that I selected for the videos that you must watch this weekend. I hope you enjoy them and if you feel I missed any, let me know!

Videos · Weekend Tube

Weekend Tube: 03/23/18

Hello Hell-Bound friends! Welcome once again to another edition of weekend tube. It’s been a very busy week for me but I’ve still managed to select some absolutely incredible videos for your viewing pleasure. Also be sure to check out my channel. Let’s get to it.

#12: Rachel Oates: KEEP MEN AWAY FROM ME

Holy crap, the list that Rachel goes through is full on batshit crazy. I guess that makes me a misogynistic bastard but so is she…? Seriously, check out this video but don’t try to drink anything while doing so!

#11: Prophet of Zod: A Helper Suitable for Him

Holy fuck! This is actually one of my favorite things to talk about in the Bible and Prophet of Zod kicks ass at telling it. So damn funny!

#10 Johnny DriveBye: Hydrogenated Water w/Anti-Ordinary

This video is pure comedy gold. just check it out and subscribe to this very funny man’s channel.

#9 Staggerson Jagz: Asking Ghosts if the Earth is Flat

Did you know that you have the power to communicate with ghosts at the tip of your fingertips? Did you know that ghosts are omniscient? Did you know that this is all bullshit? Very funny video, check it out!

#8 Hugo and Jake: Atheism Destroyed in 1 Minute!

Can atheism be destroyed in a single minute…no…no it cannot…

#7 Steve Mcrae: Let’s Talk About You! w/Shannon Q: Justin Derby

This is an interesting discussion and somewhat frustrating at times. Shannon Q does an excellent job at bringing the wandering back to the topic at hand and I applaud her for her efforts.

#6-1 Godless Cranium: 5 Scientific Discoveries that Saved Millions of Lives

Purely positive video and so good. You may not know some of these names but they have saved millions of lives since their scientific discoveries.

#6-2 Godless Cranium: Communism is Garbage

Godless Cranium wasn’t all happiness and sunshine this week, he also strikes back at the folks who want to promote communism as a viable government system. Great points to be made and I agree.

#5 Paulogia: Dinosaur Death: Water of Fire?

This video has dinosaurs, automatically added to the list. Nothing else need be said.

#4 The Geek Room: Lets Riff YT #60 w/The NonSequitur Show

One of the best and grossest videos that I have ever watch. Bring a strong stomach or a barf bag to this one but I’d definitely call it a must watch!

#3: Brilliant Doubt: What Atheists Are REALLY Like (Atheists Exposed)

Excellent video that exposes the hidden lives of atheists…hint…we’re kind of boring…lol

#2: Godless Engineer: Evidence of God In The Human Body Debunked 

Godless Engineer is at his best in this video even if he wasn’t feeling the greatest when he made it. I think you will truly enjoy this video.

#1 NonSequiturShow: Godless Engineer and Inspiring Philosophy: A Debate on the Existence of Jesus Christ

Did you know Tacitus proves that Jesus was a real person? Well, he doesn’t and Godless Engineer does an excellent job arguing from the side of the Mythicist. This debate is both interesting and frustrating, yet I think you will appreciate giving it a watch!

Video of the Week: KC’s Corner: Atheists are Arrogant Bullies That Intimidate Christians Into Silence

KC is also not feeling the best this week but that doesn’t stop her from making a video that absolutely destroys a Fox News article.  Are atheists nothing more than arrogant bullies? I think not, and thank you KC for making this video!