The Enemy of My Enemy is My….

Hello Hell-Bound Friends!

It’s been a while since I actually sat down and wrote an article but with some free time I thought tonight would be a good time for an update of sorts. I honestly meant to start back into writing awhile back but life has been busy and so this got put off for awhile.

So where do I begin? Tomorrow will be the 7 month anniversary since starting my channel on YouTube. In that time I’ve had the chance to speak with many of my heroes producing atheist content on that platform. I’ve had a great time but would be lying if I said it was all incredible. I’ve gained friends, lost friends, and had to learn the rough lesson between a friend and a fan. That might sound a bit offensive but trust me it’s a valuable lesson to learn and the sooner you learn it the better off you will be later in your time on the platform.

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The Enemy of My Enemy

One thing that has consistently bothered me during my time on the platform is the idea, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” There are some truly awful people out there promoting some of the worst theological stances imaginable and so it is easy to begin seeing those who are not promoting the worst of the worst arguments as allies in the fight against bad theism. However, it seems many then let their guard down and begin not only seeing these people as simply less awful but as actual friends.

Now you could be saying…but TGI are you saying an atheist can’t be a friend with a theist? Of course not, what I am saying is that many times these friendships then turn into a form of blinder, people gain a respect for those friends and so they no longer attack stances that they assume would be offensive towards those friends. It’s unfortunate but it’s true. No one wants to hurt the feelings of their friends but giving them a free pass is not acceptable in my opinion.

The second problem that I see with this is that it promotes Anti-theism as a form of professional wresting. Where to the public we stand off as enemies but behind the scenes are the best of friends, simply raking in money from the incredulity of our respective subscriber base. I don’t see how this is in any way helpful in pushing towards the goals of a secular society.

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Consistently one of the most frustrating things about being on YouTube is that people tend to view certain channels as leaders. Let me simply state there is no such thing as leadership in the YouTube Atheist channel situation. There are people that work to build others up but they want nothing more than to see people succeed. In the last 7 months I’ve heard many people who are claimed by others to be leaders in the Atheist Community. People like Godless Cranium, Shannon Q, Godless Engineer, Logicked, and I’ve heard some even refer to myself in that type of role. None of us are leaders, we are simply people, nothing else. We all have our faults, our worries, families, jobs, and many other things going on outside of YouTube. Some of us get along and are very good friends, others are acquaintances while still others I would view as enemies to logic and reason. No one mentioned in this paragraph are a part of the last group mentioned, just to be clear.

We get along but at the same time atheism is not something that you can really get people to rally behind. We have no dogma, no creeds, no rituals or traditions. Now one could say that we could rally behind anti-theism but at the same time that too is approached from so many different directions that it would be nearly impossible to get us all together in one place let alone decide on leadership roles.

The word leader is even used as a slur by some. I’ve had several refer to me as a leader in a backhanded way as if I were trying to portray myself as one while in reality I have ulterior motives.

The idea of atheist leadership is nothing more than a laughable idea and is in no way a reality at all.  There are no leaders and we don’t need leaders. What we need are voices and at this present moment there are a plethora of them out there with new channels being created daily.

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The Good

I’ve made some awesome friends since starting my channel and I have improved as a creator greatly. A lesser known result that my channel has had is in my confidence and social ability. For those that have followed this blog it will be no surprise to find out that I am autistic, which has lead to numerous social issues throughout my life. By doing interviews on my channel I have begun to break through that shell quite a bit, I no longer spend hours in anxiety before an interview and instead am perfectly comfortable talking to just about anyone.

I’ve grown a lot as a person over the last 7 months and wouldn’t trade it for the world. Even though I’ve had some major spats in the last 7 months and have lost a few friends, I’ve had the time of my life and I look forward to many more months and years on the platform.


Thanks for reading and for your continued support!




Weekend Tube 09/7/18

Hello Hell-bound friends! It’s been a rough week for me, was sick for most of it but I’m finally starting to work my way out of it. While I was sick some awesome videos were produced and I can’t wait for you to see them! So let’s get to it!

Honorable Mention: TaterThoughts: I Need A Speedbag

I have no idea why this made me laugh so hard but it did. Seriously, watch this on repeat about 20 times and see if you aren’t dying from laughter towards the end!

#10 604 Atheist: Deconversion Stories: Apetivist

A great interview with a great guy. It’s good to see Apetivist showing up more often, he’s a huge activist on twitter and I’m glad he’s getting recognition. Great interview Neil!

#9 Logicked: Cosmic Master the Clairvoyant Lady Magnet

This video is just fun. I can’t tell you just how much I enjoyed this video and it’s Kent Hovind quality good in terms of a Logicked response video. I always love Logicked videos but this one I’ve gone back to several times. Great video!

#8 Suris: Why can’t we see God?

Great video from Suris here. In this one he responds to a Muslim apologist who claims that we can’t see god because we don’t need to see him. He then goes on to claim that all other gods are fake using some really awful reasoning.

#7 Bmillzebub: Dave Doubenmire Hates Gay People

Bmillzebub is a channel that not many people know about and he deserves far more subs. In this video he goes after Dave Doubenmire and his awful views towards the lgbtq community. For those that don’t know, Dave Doubenmire is that crazy shouty stadium guy.

#6 Professor Stick: This Flat Earth Conference is Absolutely Phenomenal

Professor Stick brings some batshit to us this week with coverage if an international flat Earth conference. Yes, that should depress you but at the same time Professor Stick does a great job debunking this bullshittery.

#5 Shannon Q: Will Atheism Destroy Our Children?

Will Atheism destroy our children? Ken Ham thinks so… Shannon Q does a great job at debunking this bs and brings to light some of the positive aspects that atheism can have for those growing up in the world today.

#4: Godless Engineer: What Changes When You Become An Atheist ft. Black Sofa

GE interviewed me several months ago when I was just starting out and so I always make time to watch any of his interview series. His last couple have been with my personal friend Black Sofa Mike. Great video that explores how your life changes when you become an atheist.

#3 Viced Rhino: Bad Article About a Mediocre Study Disproves…Nothing

Evolution has finally been debunked, we can all go home, get our bibles back out and head to church this Sunday. Wait…you didn’t hear that? Probably because you’re a rational and reasonable person like Viced Rhino. A great video that goes against a truly bad argument. Also congrats on 30k subs!

#2 God is not Good: One Nation, Divided, Indivisible; The United States

The pledge of allegiance is something that all children in the United States are taught, but how much do you actually know about the pledge? God is not Good does an excellent job in exposing the changes and the reasoning behind the pledge. Awesome video!

#1 The Atheist Rationale: “Science Falsely So Called” Official Trailer Reaction

Last week was the first appearance of Atheist Rationale on this list and this week he takes the #1 spot. This guy is a natural and his channel is going to be huge. Check out this video where he responds to the trailer of a movie produced by that Matt guy’s church.

Video of the Week: BionicDance: Discouraged Too

This video earns video of the week because it is raw, truthful, and something that we all experience. Discouragement is something that is tough to deal with and I truly empathize with BionicDance in this video. Thank you for making this video and showing us all that this happens.


Anyway, those are the videos of the week, I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did and if you feel like I missed anything major, let me know in the comments.

Also you can catch a special shortened version of this list on both Mr. Atheists channel and the Nonsequitur show, during the program Ad Homies. Check out there channels below!

Nonsequitur: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-ElvDDr3kszDmKVgvr_BtA

Mr. Atheist: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgeV3tFiU2Xg0PD1dAQbBHA

Weekend Tube

Weekend Tube: 07/27/2018

It’s time once again for another list of amazing videos. I hope you enjoy these as much as I have over the last week. So let’s get right to it!

Honorable Mention: Atheist Comedy Center: The Theist Experience

I was a guest on this show this last week and I think it turned out really funny. So enjoy!

#10 Elijah Devallos: More Than 10 Questions for Atheists

Who doesn’t love hearing some strange questions answered with logic and reason? I know I do and Elijah has some great answers in this video. Awesome job!

#9 Prophet of Zod: His Blood Cries Out from the Depths of the Ground

Amazing video that discusses the story of Cain and Abel. Exactly what you would expect from Prophet of Zod, hilarious, well made, and filled with awesomeness!

#8 Mac Clark: Measuring Morality

This last week I had a great opportunity to actually discuss the topic of morality with Mac in person. In this video he gives a brief synopsis of his own feelings on the topic of morality. Very well made video!

#7: Rachel Oates: How to Get All The Boys

Do men prefer debt free virgins without tattoos? Some may but personally I’ve never asked to see bank statements, body charts, or ask to check for a hymen before dating anyone. Rachel takes on this awful argument and does a great job! Awesome video!

#6 Use Google to Exit the Matrix for Actual Proof of God

Another hilarious comment video from Godless Engineer. Seriously, if you aren’t watching these each week you are desperately missing out on a great source of comedy.

#5 Anti-Street Epistemology Column Doesn’t Understand Street Epistemology

TaterThoughts is new to the list, thanks KC for pointing him out this week. In this video he takes on an argument against street epistemplogy. Amazing video!

#4 Shannon Q: Why is it so dark in the “atheist” closet?

You might not realize this but I went through a deep and dark period of nihilism when I deconverted. It was awful. In this video Shannon Q describes what that process is like and why it is so hard for the newly deconverted.

#3 Cosmological: Why Should I Trust the Bible?

Brand new Youtuber here…ok in reality this is my friend Cosmological who made an awesome video this week responding to a theist that gives all the amazingly good(bad) reasons for believing that the bible is true.

#2 Genetically Modified Skeptic: Dangerous Posts in Essential Oils Facebook

In this video Drew plays the role of sparkly detective, going undercover in the horrific and dark world of Facebook Essential Oil groups. Some of the advice he finds there is not just stupid but it’s downright dangerous. Awesom video!

#1: Godless Cranium: Atheists Ruin Everything

Atheists suck because they expect to be treated equally! That’s the argument proposed by the asshat in the video which Godless Cranium responds. Great video!

Video of the Week: Prophet of Zod: God Issues a Clarification

Seriously, after the last couple of weeks in US Politics, this video was a guaranteed winner. Prophet of Zod creates another absolutely fantastic video in which god issues clarifications on some “mistakes” that he has made over the years. This video is incredible!

Well those are the videos I chose for this week. I hope you enjoyed them. If you feel like I missed a video, let me know in the comments! Have a great weekend!


Atheists are Illogical Idiots: Wise Christian Response Video


Today’s response video is to the Wise Christian, a name name that might be one of the most dishonest statements that I have ever read. Within these videos you will learn that atheists are illogical, that atheists are tarded, that atheists can’t explain nothing, that atheists are like speed signs, pencils, and a whole lot more.

I don’t really know if this guy is for real or just makes videos in an effort to be as annoying as possible but in either case he is almost completely wrong in every video he makes. I hope you enjoy the following video.

Special thanks to Suris the Skeptic for pointing this guy out to me.


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