Weekend Tube

Weekend Tube 05/25/2018

Welcome to another edition of Weekend Tube! Got some great videos this week so let’s get right to it!

#10 Rachel Oates: Debi Pearl Responds to Relationship Questions

These have become highlights or maybe lowlights of the week. Rachel Oates is great at taking apart the awful “advice” of Debi Pearl. Also “I should have done buttstuff” had me rolling with laughter.

#9 Mr Atheist: Why Flat Earth Facebook Made Me Happy and Then Angry

I relate to this video so much when it comes to Flat Earthers, at first they are funny, then it’s sad, and then I’m just pissed off. Great Debut for the list, Mr. Atheist!

#8 Suris: Dangers of Woo: Urine Therapy

The first few moment of this video describe my exact reaction to the idea that people drink pee and think it is sterile…Thank you for making this video Suris but if the Pro-pee possee gets a wiff of this Urine Trouble!

#7 Paulogia: Cosmos will be crushed by Quantum!

This is a new shorter video series on Paulogia’s channel and I really enjoyed it. This one is about an apologist trying to raise money for a Christian “Science” series….ughhh….

#6: Shannon Q: How does God get “Lost in Translation”?

This is a great video on the arguments that theists make about not understanding the proper context of a particular verse, passage, or entire Bible based on the translation being used. It’s one of those that you hear all the time but rarely is it ever discussed, so good job Shannon!

#5 Godless Engineer: Apparently, Evolution is a Mental Illness and A Lie

Godless Engineer’s Comments videos are always great but this goes to another level. Really enjoyed this one and if you’ve never watched his channel, this would be a great place to start.

#4 Jen with 1 N: A is for Apostacy

Brand new YouTuber and a great series in the works already. She also has a video for the letter B that is up, but start at the beginning with this one. Great video!

#3 Suris: SHORT shorts are Haram! What’s illegal in Islam?

Who wears short shorts? Not Muslim women…because they are evil and forbidden, or Haram. Another great video by Suris that had to be included in the list this week!

#2: Jackson Wheat: Predators, Prey, and Parasites

This is an excellent video on how the predator/prey relationship can drive evolution with species attempting to keep one step ahead in the evolutionary arms race. Great video!

#1 Digital Hamurrabi: Daily Data: Cuneiform

This has seriously become one of my favorite channels in the short time that it has been on. They produce loads of content and I learn something new in each video they produce. This video is on the ancient writing Cuneiform and it is awesome. Check it out!

Most Frustrating Video of the Week: Nonsequitur The Mind Experience with Kaitlyn Chloe and Some Dillweed

Kyle, Steve, and Kaitlyn are awesome in this video…the other guest…not so much. I was literally drinking Whiskey straight from the bottle in order to get through this video and I never do that!

Video of the Week: Godless Cranium:  Dead People Explain The Consequences of Atheism

The spirits want atheists to know that there are consequences for not believing in the god. Don’t believe me, well you will when you die! What are those consequences? Why should we believe this woman? What did Godless Cranium have for breakfast? These are the questions that remain unanswered after watching this video!


#SubscribeSaturday #2: Luciano Gonzalez

The second content creator that I want to highlight today is Luciano Gonzalez.

I’m fairly new to Luciano’s channel but what I have seen of it is amazing. I love the way he thinks and to add to that he is a history buff. Nothing catches me like history…well perhaps dinosaurs….but history is definitely my favorite subject.

Luciano has way too few subscribers and I hope that we can change that. I’d like to see him over 100 very soon.  His chats are short but very informative, you’ll find ten times the amount of information in a single 5 minute video of his than you will on my entire channel.

One of the most interesting aspects of Luciano’s channel is how he relates atheist issues from the Hispanic culture.  It’s a whole different world, since Hispanic culture is steeped in Catholicism. I recommend this channel to anyone who wants to know a little bit more about Hispanic Culture, History, or atheism from a unique perspective.

Thank you so much for what you contribute to the community Luciano. I truly mean it, you are a hidden gem and everyone should check out your channel and subscribe right now!

Weekend Tube

Weekend Tube: Supersized: 3/2/18

Good evening Heathens and Hellbound Friends and Foes alike. Tonight is going to be a supersized edition of Weekend Tube. Sorry it’s taken me a bit longer to get it uploaded but I think you will see that the wait was well worth it. Here we go!

#18: Luciano Gonzalez: The Importance Of History For The Public

Luciano is new to this list and he got his video in right under the wire. I think you will enjoy this video about the importance that history be made understandable to people who are not historians. I love history, almost became a history teacher and so this is a topic of great importance to me. Check it out!

#17 Atheism in the Canada vs. In the Southern US – Live w/ Godless Cranium & Shannon Q


Is atheism different in the US than in Canada. This stream with Holy Koolaid, Shannon Q, and Godless Cranium attempts to answer that question. It’s a very fun stream and I hope you’ll check it out!

#16 TellTale Atheist: Jehovahs Witnesses Want Armageddon

This is an interesting video discussing JW beliefs about the end of the world. It was surprising to me how similar my own former pentecostal beliefs of the endtimes lines up with JW beliefs. Very good video!

#15 Scientist Mel: #TheScienceOf Publication and Peer Review

Scientist Mel makes her first appearance in this list with a very worthy entry about the importance of peer review and publication. Does that sound boring? Well it’s definitely not and Mel does an amazing job at explaining it!

#14 Hiith: Responding to Anti-Evolution Spam

Another content creator making his first appearance on this list is Hiith. This guy is incredibly smart and makes some amazing videos. It’s almost a travesty that I haven’t included him before. In this video he responds to Anti-evolution spam and it’s grrrreat!

#13 Godless Engineer: Invisible Gardener Parable Proves God Exists || Anti-Atheism Debunked

Godless Engineer is fantastic in this video. It’s sad to say that I once shared almost the exact same beliefs as the man in the video not so many years ago. It’s funny, it’s informative, and just an amazing video!

#12 Telltale Atheist: Jehovahs Witnesses Fear Breaking The Rules

Telltale makes a second appearance this week with a video about the way the Watchtower society uses property and quick builds to more or less do all things awful. It’s so sad how much sexual assault occurs in religious institutions.

#11 Jackson Wheat: Paleogeography

if you had trouble saying the name to this video, so did I. However Jackson Wheat is awesome at explaining things in a way that even I can understand it. This video discusses how evolution is supported and strengthened by what we know about Paleogeography.

#10 Prophet of Zod: Is Rocket Science Objective?

Should we argue over words and definitions? Objective is the word that the video deals with and it is incredibly interesting. I’m not sure how to describe it in order to do it justice so just watch it!

#9 Genetically Modified Skeptic: Why Does Your Mom Love Alternative Medicine?

The reason this video appears is because I too have a mother and she loves Alternative Medicine. lol It’s a great video so please give it a watch!

#8 Rationality Rules: Jordan Peterson’s Truth – Debunked

This video is sooooo good! I am in the same mindset as Rationality Rules on this one, I see Peterson as intelligent and well-spoken but I cannot stand the man. Peterson is a bad apologist stuffed inside a Socratic sausage and then dipped in bullshit. Thank you for producing this video!

#7 Anti-Ordinary: Woman was made ONLY for man. GENESIS Page 2 – Bible Studies

Anti-Ordinary has started a Bible study and this is her second episode. I think it’s fantastic! The bible is a poorly written book, especially the Old Testament and Anti-Ordinary is great at pointing this out and having fun with it.

#6 Professor Stick: Cure Cancer With Baking Soda

Professor Stick is amazing at taking down bullshit pseudoscience and alternative health methods. He is both intelligent and hilarious. If you want to know why you can’t cure cancer with baking soda, this is the video for you!

#5 Noel Plum: Naked Ape the Anti-Atheist – A Limp-Wristed Cuck Fedora Fuck Responds

Holy shit does this guy know how to put together a list of swears and take-downs that comes across as pure poetry. Special thanks to Godless Cranium for pointing this one out. Noel is a true gem in the land of YouTube. Please, check him out if you haven’t already. You will not be disappointed.

#4 Paulogia: Attacking the Attacks on Darwin – Darwin Day Event

Paulogia is a real person?!?!? The fourth wall is broken…lol Now I know he has appeared on camera before but this video is special because I remembered using all of these attacks on Darwin in the past when I was a theist. It was rough to watch due to that but a fantastic video nonetheless!

#3 CosmicSkeptic: Muhammed Married a Six-Year Old – Was It Moral?

CosmicSkeptic tackles a tough subject, not that it is tough by itself but that it is ridiculous we have to have these discussions in the 21st century. The video is not anti-Islam but it is anti-child abuse and anti-sex predator. So check it out!

#2 Godless Engineer: 3 Crazy Creation Myths You Haven’t Heard About || KC’s Corner

Did the universe come out of the utter of a magic cow? I’m guessing no, but damn is it funny.  I don’t know where KC came up with some of this stuff but Bravo what a great video!

#1 Godless Engineer: Donkey Kong Says The Earth Is Flat And Water Doesn’t Curve || Comments Of The Day

Godless Engineer who, according to a troll is soon to be known as the Down Syndrome Demon, is amazing at responding to his critics. Don’t let the trolls get you down, have fun with them! I laughed so hard at this one!

Now this week we are going to have 4 Videos of the Week because they were all so damn good. It was not possible to decide which ones were better.

Video of the Week #1: Holy Koolaid: Don’t Blame the Beans 

In this video Holy Koolaid discusses a theoretical world where beans were worshiped as god. It’s hard to explain why this video is amazing but trust me, it’s amazing!

Video of the Week #2: Rachel Oates: Spirit Science & Chakras

Spirit Science is everywhere it seems and Rachel Oates not only takes it down in an excellent fashion but also her thumbnail looks spirit sciencey enough that you might actually have some woo people watch it and be injected with logic. Awesome!

Video of the Week #3: Godless Cranium: A Lighter, Hairbrush, and Hand Proves God.

All I am going to say about this video is use the bathroom before watching and make sure you are sitting down. I nearly passed out from laughter when I watched this, seriously, it is that funny!

Video of the Week #4: Godless Cranium: Hostile Takeover by Godless Engineer

Canada, Syrup, Maple Leafs, Hockey….

So that’s the list for this week, what did you think? Did I miss any video that you felt should have been included? If so let me know in the comments. As always, if you enjoyed these videos, please subscribe to their channels and let them know that the Godless Iowan sent you!