Homophobia and Faith: Trans Atlantic Atheist Alliance: Episode 1 w/ Kyle Curtis

Welcome to the very first episode of the Trans Atlantic Atheist Alliance. We will be here once per month to discuss topics relative to both sexuality, atheism, and life in general.

This week Kyle Curtis from The NonSequitur Show joins us to discuss Homophobia and the influence that faith has had in regards to that aspect of society.

Join us in the chat with your questions and we will try to answer as best as possible.

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Wednesday Woo

Weekend Tube: 03/15/18

Let’s get right into it this week. Here are the best videos I watched this week.

Honorable Mention: The Geek Room: New Intro

Normally I wouldn’t include an Intro in this list but it is too damn awesome not to be here. Check it out for some geeky goodness.

#11 Paulogia: Team Pork Chop (feat Shannon Q and Viced Rhino)

Realized shortly after this was published that I had forgotten to include one of my favorite videos of the week. This episode of Ham & AiGs is amazing. Viced Rhino and Shannon Q do an absolutely incredible job at filling in for Paul. Good job guys and sorry for the horrific omission.

#10 Telltale Atheist: Rest In Peace, Stephen hawking

One thing that we have to deal with whenever a prominent atheist dies is the outcry of the religious claiming that person is now in hell. TellTale Atheist does an excellent job going after this belief and I thank him for it.

#9 Anti-Ordinary: Tarot Reading! With Missus Snarky

What happens when two former New Agers come together and produce a Tarot reading video? Hilarity that is what!

#8 Prophet of Zod: End Times Prophecy with Suris the Skeptic

This video features both Prophet of Zod and Suris the Skeptic. A great video about end time prophecy and how goofy it comes across. I recommend you subscribe to Suris, he is great!

#7 Logicked: Genesis of Debunk Blue Balls

This is actually part 3 of a series of videos produced by Logicked and he really brings the punches in this one. I laughed my ass off the entire time!

#6 Rationality Rules: Jordan Peterson’s Archetypes Debunked

A few weeks back Rationality Rules was featured for another video on Jordan Peterson and this video maybe beats out the first in quality and content. I truly enjoyed this video.

#5 Godless Cranium: Defending Anti-theism: Friended FOREVER edition

Have you ever wanted to see Godless Cranium get dogged, throw out some knowledge, and then speak in tongues? Well if you have….you’re weird….but this is the video for you!

#4 Godless Engineer: Christian Condemns Stephen Hawking for being and Atheist

Godless Engineer does an amazing job at destroying this man’s argument if you can even call it that. The title of the video says it all…attacking a man who just dies for not adhering to your own religious beliefs….wtf?

#3 Professor Stick: Apparently Vaccinations Disrupt Immune Balance

Anti-vaxxers drive me nuts and it isn’t just because I was once married to one….ughhh… Professor stick tears apart the arguments given by this charlatan and in a greatly entertaining fashion. Good job!

#2 Istethoriginal: Discover Isethoriginal – This Video you don’t want to miss!

Inane Dragon is great in this and the visuals are hilarious. Good job to both of them. Check it out!

# 1 Anti-Ordinary: The “REAL” Trans Person

Anti-Ordinary makes a second appearance for this video that didn’t quite make it out in time for last weeks list. She addresses a “No True Scotsman” fallacy in terms of what a “real” trans person must be.

Video of the Week: Staggerson Jagz: Proof There is a God

Is it biased to choose a hilarious video that just happens to have a shout out to you at the end as video of the week. Well if that is the case then label me as biased, but I think if you watch you too will see that it is definitely deserving of the title. SJ is one of the funniest guys I know and he is absolutely fantastic in this one!


#SubscribeSaturday #1: Anti-Ordinary

Today I’m starting a new article about the content creators on YouTube that have helped make my life and the world a little bit better just by doing their thing. We start with one of my favorites Anti-Ordinary.

The above video was not the first that I saw on her channel but it definitely set her apart in my wife and I’s mind. The tearful admission of her childhood beliefs is heartbreaking but I think it’s wonderful that she chose to share it with us. Thank you.

Anti-Ordinary lives in the UK and spends her time on YouTube running the gambit between absolutely hilarious response and bible studies, to serious social issues.

She is bright, funny, and always in your face. Everytime I hear her say “Please Bitch” it has me rolling. On the serious side she is a great supporter of LGBT+ rights, atheism, and opinions on all things in between.

On a side note: her makeup is always amazing…I say this because every time we watch one of her videos my wife says….”I wish I had those skills.”

I first saw Anti-Ordinary on Godless Engineers channel in the video below.

This video really stunned me and ever since then I have been a subscriber and binge watcher of her channel. She will have you laughing, crying, and thinking about things from perspectives that you might never have considered. I cannot tell you enough just how much my wife and I have learned or how much we love this creator.

Since subscribing I have become friends with her on Twitter and learned that she is also genuinely a good person. She does a lot to help support smaller YouTubers and deserves many more subscribers than she currently has. It is my hope to see her over 1000 soon and continually rising.

Thank you Anti-Ordinary for all that you do in the community and just for being a fucking awesome person. You’ve brought joy to our lives and I know you will do the same to many others! Go and subscribe to her now!