Wednesday Woo

Weekend Tube: 03/15/18

Let’s get right into it this week. Here are the best videos I watched this week.

Honorable Mention: The Geek Room: New Intro

Normally I wouldn’t include an Intro in this list but it is too damn awesome not to be here. Check it out for some geeky goodness.

#11 Paulogia: Team Pork Chop (feat Shannon Q and Viced Rhino)

Realized shortly after this was published that I had forgotten to include one of my favorite videos of the week. This episode of Ham & AiGs is amazing. Viced Rhino and Shannon Q do an absolutely incredible job at filling in for Paul. Good job guys and sorry for the horrific omission.

#10 Telltale Atheist: Rest In Peace, Stephen hawking

One thing that we have to deal with whenever a prominent atheist dies is the outcry of the religious claiming that person is now in hell. TellTale Atheist does an excellent job going after this belief and I thank him for it.

#9 Anti-Ordinary: Tarot Reading! With Missus Snarky

What happens when two former New Agers come together and produce a Tarot reading video? Hilarity that is what!

#8 Prophet of Zod: End Times Prophecy with Suris the Skeptic

This video features both Prophet of Zod and Suris the Skeptic. A great video about end time prophecy and how goofy it comes across. I recommend you subscribe to Suris, he is great!

#7 Logicked: Genesis of Debunk Blue Balls

This is actually part 3 of a series of videos produced by Logicked and he really brings the punches in this one. I laughed my ass off the entire time!

#6 Rationality Rules: Jordan Peterson’s Archetypes Debunked

A few weeks back Rationality Rules was featured for another video on Jordan Peterson and this video maybe beats out the first in quality and content. I truly enjoyed this video.

#5 Godless Cranium: Defending Anti-theism: Friended FOREVER edition

Have you ever wanted to see Godless Cranium get dogged, throw out some knowledge, and then speak in tongues? Well if you have….you’re weird….but this is the video for you!

#4 Godless Engineer: Christian Condemns Stephen Hawking for being and Atheist

Godless Engineer does an amazing job at destroying this man’s argument if you can even call it that. The title of the video says it all…attacking a man who just dies for not adhering to your own religious beliefs….wtf?

#3 Professor Stick: Apparently Vaccinations Disrupt Immune Balance

Anti-vaxxers drive me nuts and it isn’t just because I was once married to one….ughhh… Professor stick tears apart the arguments given by this charlatan and in a greatly entertaining fashion. Good job!

#2 Istethoriginal: Discover Isethoriginal – This Video you don’t want to miss!

Inane Dragon is great in this and the visuals are hilarious. Good job to both of them. Check it out!

# 1 Anti-Ordinary: The “REAL” Trans Person

Anti-Ordinary makes a second appearance for this video that didn’t quite make it out in time for last weeks list. She addresses a “No True Scotsman” fallacy in terms of what a “real” trans person must be.

Video of the Week: Staggerson Jagz: Proof There is a God

Is it biased to choose a hilarious video that just happens to have a shout out to you at the end as video of the week. Well if that is the case then label me as biased, but I think if you watch you too will see that it is definitely deserving of the title. SJ is one of the funniest guys I know and he is absolutely fantastic in this one!

Weekend Tube

Weekend Tube: 02/16/18

Goooooooood evening friends! Today marks another week gone by and another edition of weekend tube. For those of you that don’t know I have my own channel now which you can find here: The Godless Iowan. I’m definitely not at the level of any of the people highlighted tonight but I am having fun and doing my own thing. So let’s get going!

#7: Rachel Oates: 3 Awesome Animals You Might Not Know Yet

I love biology, so much so that I had to take it twice in college….I was a theist back then so that might explain why I did so poorly at the time. Anyway, Rachel Oates points out some a few cute and definitely strange animals in this video. If you love animals check it out.

#6: Anti-Ordinary: Science is Racist!

This is so funny partly because the source material is just so ridiculous but also Anti-Ordinary turns the humor up to 11. Amazing!

#5: Godless Engineer: President Trump’s Tweet Debunks Global Climate Change

I love Godless Engineers reactions to comments and in this one he reacts to comments made by President Trump. Even better. This video is absolutely hilarious!

#4.) Jackson Wheat: Evolution of the Eye

One of the arguments that theists use to try and prove the existence of god is the intricacies of certain things in nature. Obviously the intricacy of the human eye is far too great to have simply evolved….wrong. Jackson Wheat does an amazing job relating how the eye evolved and it is simply fascinating.

#3: Professor Stick: Ridiculous Flat Earth Nonsense on SpaceX

Suck Muh Balls! That is all….Actually it’s not but I’ll let Professor Stick tell you all about it. Professor Stick is one of my favorites, please check him out if you haven’t already.

#2:Paulogia: Doubting Darwin Day (feat. Jackson Wheat) – (Ken) Ham & AiG News

Paulogia is joined by Jackson Wheat in an edition of Ham & AIG News. Evolution and Darwin are the topics, namely creationists denial of anything worthwhile in the teachings of Darwin and Evolution. This video is smart, I hope you will check it out.

#1: Godless Cranium: Vincent Rhodes Thinks The Bible Proves Flat Earth

Godless Cranium kicks ass in this video. The source material is hilarious, flat earth videos are always a favorite in our house and Godless Cranium does an amazing job. If this was a list simply built around Flat-Earth videos of the week, Godless Cranium would have won hands down.

Video of the Week: Godless Engineer: KC’s Corner: The History of Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, and Lent

It’s a little known secret but I have a perfect record for keeping my lent promises, For the last 34 years I have given up Lent for Lent and have never had a problem with it. That must make me super spiritual. Anyway, this video taught me a lot that I didn’t know about Catholic Traditions and was just fun to watch. I had no idea they had Drive Through Ashings…that’s amazing! Good job on this video KC!

Anyway, those are my videos of the week. As always if you like the videos please subscribe to their channel and let them know that The Godless Iowan sent you!  I hope you enjoyed these videos and if your feel I missed any great videos let me know in the comments. Life’s too short to be serious but please don’t panic!