Weekend Tube: 04/27/18

Hello Hell-Bound Friends! Another week has come and gone and so another Weekend Tube is here for your viewing pleasure. Let’s get to it!

Honorable Mention: Another Freaking Atheist

The man who started this channel was one of mine and probably many of the smaller channels on Youtube today’s first subscribers and most adamant promoters. He does everything he can to help out the community and I hope you will all check out his channel and subscribe.

#17 The Geek Room: Higher Learning w/ Kyle, Jade, Bionic Dance, & an Asshole

I refuse to name the piece of garbage also headlining this show. Kyle and Bionic Dance were both Kick-Ass. Kyle really took it to Gman, showing a side of himself that not many of us had seen before. We were all immensely proud of his courage and passion.

#16 TMM: The Gay “Agenda

Short but sweet video by TMM on the backwards beliefs of Pastor Greg Locke. This one goes into his beliefs on the “Gay Agenda.”

#15 Milwaukee Atheists: Argument from Ignorance

“We don’t know and therefore we know…” Great job MA on this! Such a good video for your channels debut on Weekend tube! Awesome!

#14 NonSequitur Show: Biblical & Ancient Sumerian Text with Dr. Joshua Bowen

This was one of the most interesting discussions that I have watched on YouTube. I have a deep love of history and Dr. Bowen has a great deal of information to share. Thanks Nonseqshow for making this happen!

#13 Suris the Skeptic: What Is the harsh truth about Atheism?

Another short but sweet video, clocking in at under 5 minutes, and yet Suris is able to make a funny, interesting, and all-around awesome video. Great job man!

#12 Genetically Modified Skeptic: Jonathan Haidt Thinks New Atheists are Dogmatic (A Response)

It seems like it’s been a long time since GM Skeptic has made a response video but there is no ring rust showing in this one. Great video and also congrats on being able to go full-time with your channel.

#11 Godless Journey: The Pill That Makes You a Fool

Godless Journey Makes the List with this response to a poorly constructed theist argument. Godless Journey and I go way back to the far off reaches of the mid 2017’s, when we were young pups cutting out teeth in blogging. Glad to have you on the list my friend!

#10 Scientist Mel: #TheScienceOf 5000 Twitter Followers (aka Mel sings!)

Scientist Mel’s channel deals with science matters…usually…in this video Scientist Mel shows off her singing ability and boy does she have talent! I really hope you’ll check this out and enjoy!

#9 Paulogia: The Ken-pire Strikes Back

What happens when you are a censoring asshat who then gets called on your asshattery? You go on your show and make up even more lies to try and dig yourself out of the Rancor’s deep and cavernous butthole. Great job on calling Ken ham for his BS Paulogia!

#8 Brilliant Doubt: Why the Baha’i Faith is not “The Chill Religion”

Brilliant Doubt is one of my favorite new YouTubers. His videos have the fast style of a 1980’s Micro Machines Commercial. Sadly Brilliant Doubt is probably not old enough to remember those commercials. Anyway this is an awesome video about why the seemingly chill religion of Baha’i is not so chill.

#7 Holy Koolaid: Thomas Westbrook Destroys the Flat Earth Model on The Right to Reason Podcast

Holy Koolaid takes it to flat earth beliefs in this great segment from the Right to Reason Podcast. I hope you enjoy it! Great job!

#6 Professor Stick: Oh No!!! These Questions Are Unanserable!

These Questions are definitely not unanswerable as Professor Stick and the next entry in the list will prove. I would say that you would have to work even harder to not be able to answer these truly pathetic questions.

#5 Anti-Ordinary:  Questions No Atheist Can Answer!

If you didn’t get enough from the last video check this one out. Anti-Ordinary does an amazing job at answering these truly pathetic questions. She hits them with her signature style and I have recently learned that she never scripts her videos…I am blown away! Great Job!

#4 Godless Engineer: Avengers Infinity War Exposed as Anti-Christian Hollywood Propoganda

All of the marvel movies are made in worship of Satan…that’s all I want to say about this guys strange video. Godless Engineer is amazing at making the video hilarious and informative!

#3 Logicked: The moon is a ball of Earths in a spherical mirror. Also reptoids.

I don’t even know what to say about the argument made in the video, but Logicked is in top form and destroys it with the sophisticated class that only a reptilian could! Great job Logicked!

#2 Godless Cranium: Frank Turek is Wasting Space

Frank Turek is wasting space….need I say more. This was one of my favorite videos of the week but unfortunately the next two videos beat him out by just a hair. Great video GC!

#1 Shannon Q: Engaging in Complex Conversations

I bet you thought that if you made a video it would just magically be my video of the week….well think again, Shannon! lol Seriously though this is a wonderful first video for her channel and I can’t wait to see what else she has in store for her very….and I do mean very….patient subscribers. lol

Video of the Week: The Nonsequitur Show: 10 Questions Atheist Can’t Answer…Answered by and Atheist w/Kaitlyn Chloe!

Kaitlyn Chloe had an amazing appearance on the NonSequitur show this week. During which she answers 10 questions that no atheist can answer. She did an amazing job, was funny, and insanely smart. She even admitted to agreeing with (TOTALLY NOT AN ATHEIST) Steve McRae…I mean that fact alone gets her video of the week props!


So those are my favorite videos of the last week. If you feel like I missed a great one, let me know and I will definitely watch it. Have a great weekend!

General Information

New Articles On The Way

So I’ve been writing again which is good and I hope you’ve enjoyed the newest articles from myself, Jennifer, and all the others who have submitted entries. I’ve had some new ideas that I will explore over the coming weeks.

1.) BS News report

This is a satirical take on the news of the week from my own unique point of view.

2.) The return of A Pentecostal Atheist Bible Study

3.) Deep Thoughts

Subjects may include science, medicine, paradoxes, riddles, basically anything that gets me thinking.

Anyway, keep on the lookout for these new articles as well as other posts in the future.

Thank you so much to everyone who has read so far, I appreciate you all.

Side note: What would you like to see more of in this blog. Any suggestions and help will be greatly appreciated.


The Diary Of My Mind

Discouragement and Self-Doubt

Do you ever get discouraged writing your blog? I had a pretty major set back this week that I don’t want to go into but it really made me question if I should even keep writing anymore? I really enjoy writing but at the same time I constantly fight with self doubt. What do you do when these doubts hit you?

Personally when I have an issue I can’t get it off my mind. It constantly swims around poking it’s head up from time to time. In the past I would have simply given up, but part of this blog is about challenging myself to keep going. Part of growing up not knowing I was autistic, was being told by many people that I was simply dumb or lazy. Understanding myself has helped a lot with this but still these same old doubts pop up from time to time. As i said in another post, sometimes I love how my brain works, other times I hate it.

So what are some of the things that you do when you hit these walls?

Strange Questions

Strange Questions #2: Isn’t Atheism Just Another Religion?

For the last strange question article, click here.

This is a question that you can either hear this as a question or as if it is a definitive fact.  One of the means that apologists use to try to win people over to their side of the argument is to claim that Atheism is just as dogmatic and creed driven as any religious faith. This is on one hand a very sad argument and on the other hand incredibly annoying.

As stated before, you almost only hear this question posed by trolls and apologists, which in reality are pretty much one and the same in my book. Apologists are incapable of stating that there are any issues with the faith and have no real argument for why that is the case, so instead they try to create controversy within the atheist ranks where there really is none.

Atheism = A lack of belief in a god or gods.

That’s it, nothing more, nothing less.

Now let me first state that there are organizations within the atheist community that do act in some ways like a religion. Secular Humanism and Satanists both have creeds and to a certain extent dogma, Satanists even have their own rituals. However anything that these groups teach are actually an addition to atheism and mean nothing towards the simple definition that I have laid out.

I am an atheist, I am also a secular humanist.  However, I’m a secular humanist because I care about my fellow human beings and like the ideals of the secular humanism. I could easily be an atheist and not follow any of the ideals of secular humanism or Satanism for that matter.

Do you have faith that there is no Santa Clause? If the answer is yes, and you actually have to actively believe in the non-existence of something, then you are more than likely mentally ill. Not believing in something does not create a need to believe in the lack of something. If that were the case then my next scenario would require belief…


Say I told you that sleep is a blessing granted to us by little green men who live under our beds. These little green men are invisible, though they did reveal their green skin to me once, so I know it’s green. They are also 5th dimensional beings and so even if you don’t have space under your bed, they can exist within the confines of your bed.  Each night when you close your eyes, they wave their green penises, large for their small stature I might add, over your eyes and you drift to sleep. I know this is true because each night when I close my eyes, I eventually drift off to sleep.

Does it require any faith on your part to say….I don’t believe there are little green penis waving men living under my bed? If you say it does, then I question your sanity. If you say it doesn’t then the same can be said for anything else that you lack belief in.

Now some will try to reverse the argument and say, well you can’t prove that anything exists. This is where evidence comes into play. If I were to say the little green men, leave green semen trails on our noses each night, and you woke up with green splotches on your nose every morning…you might have some work on your hands to disprove my theory. However, god shows none of these signs.

People will say that nature proves god’s existence and yet we have scientific explanations for just about everything in nature, which are much better explanations than “God dun it…” People will say that god is an ever-present force throughout the universe that is undetectable but obviously there. If it’s undetectable, then we might as well say it doesn’t exist, as in order to have an effect on us, it would have to be detectable in some way.

Some will go so far as to say that god is the universe, yet if that’s the case, why not just call it the word we already have for it….the universe.

If you are new to atheism having just come out of faith, you will find that theist love to move the goalposts on their argument. They will try to do anything they can to prove that atheism is a religious faith in some fashion or form. Yet the following list should clear this up.

What Atheism requires…

1.) A Lack of belief in a god or gods.

What Atheism doesn’t require…

1.) Faith
2.) Belief in the supernatural
3.) Belief in Science
4.) Rituals
5.) Sacrements
6.) Meditation
7.) Works
8.) Prayer
9.) Creeds
10.) Anything outside of a lack of belief in a god or gods…

Are we clear?

If the answer is no…just realize…that green semen is actually invisible too but I was allowed to see it once and that is why I know it’s green.

Thank you for reading.