Weekend Tube

The List: 07/06/18

Hey guys, it’s time for another edition of the list. I hope you enjoy the videos I have selected for this week.

Honorable Mentions: Johnny DriveBYE, GonnaGoForit, and NotJah Witness:

So I turned 35 this week, and several YouTubers gave me gifts of videos. Thank you all, I have loved my time on YouTube so far and am glad to have met so many wonderful people!

#10 Theomachy Q&R – Celebrating 100 Subscribers!

Congrats to V for reaching 100 Subs. His videos are amazing and his celebration her is pretty great. I look forward to seeing many more subs in the future!

#9 Skylar Fiction: Youtube Strikes My Channel For Hate Speech

If you didn’t know about this then I don’t know where you were hiding. Skylar lost his streaming rights, then lost the appeal, only to have YouTube reverse their decision aftr countless YouTubers and Public figures spoke out against YouTube’s decision. It was amazing and I’m glad to see he is back.

#8 Nonsequitur Show: Flat Earth Redux: Tau Ceti Alpha Reignites Gav and Del

This video is just crazy, no idea what is even going on, just watch. It’s definitely entertaining!

#7 Lavender Lady: Vox Rationis #009 RE: One Tip for Atheists

Great video by Lavender lady, confronting Ray Comfort and his junk advice for atheists. Really enjoying watching LL grow her channel and continue getting better and better with each video!

#6 Black Sofa: 99 Billion per cent proof we neva went to the moon!!!

Another great DelanoTV parody. Absolutely hilarious! Seriously, just check it out!

#5 Digital Hammurabi: Jehovah… What’ in a Name?

Digital Hammurabi has been doing a Textual Criticism series and it’s amazingly good. So what’s in a word like Jehovah? Watch the video and find out!

#4 The Geek Room: Let’s Riff YT #72 w/Logicked

Great episode of Let’s Riff with some hilarious content made only better by having Logicked join Frankie and Bran for the night, it’s so good!

#3 InaneDragon: Salt: Phoning in the Strawman

So technically InaneDragon stole this video idea from another YouTuber, his modus operandi, but it’s incredible. Seriously, such a good video and Frustrated Atheist’s video on the subject is just as good in my opinion so you should check out that video as well.

#2 GM Skeptic: Are Jordan Peterson Fans a Cult?

The first few minutes of this video really crack me up and I agree with the message of the video as well. While Peterson fans might might be fanatics and defend their hero with every ounce of energy they have, I do not see them as a cult. Great video GM Skeptic!

#1 Johnny Drivebye: DriveBYE Debunks Willow Witching with The Dead Sea Skulls

Should you use Dowsing rods to find gas and electrical lines? No…you should not. Fantastic video from Johnny Drivebye explaining why!

Video of the Week: Rachel Oates: Thoughts on Being a YouTuber, How I Dress & Mental Health

One thing that many YouTubers face is people attempting to force their own ideals, values, or beliefs upon you. They rip at you and women on youtube face twice the battle that we men do. Rachel doesn’t hold back in this video and gives straight answers to things that people remark and question her on. Keep being awesome Rachel! Awesome video!


So there are your videos of the week, if you feel I missed a great one, let me know in the comments below! As always, we live in a crazy world, but please Don’t Panic!

Weekend Tube

Weekend Tube: 06/01/2018

Hello Hell-Bound Friends! Sadly I was without internet for most of the week and so in order to get this list out, I had to make some sacrifices. Unfortunately you won’t find any streams featured in this weeks videos, you also won’t find any videos that went over 15 minutes in length. There is one exception but it only slightly went over that mark and thus I deemed it as ok. The last thing I want to mention is that you might notice a theme this week. It might be hard to notice at first, but if you get it award yourself with a breath of fresh air. You deserve it!

#10 Zoe Does Life: Dear Millennials: THIS is how you should live your life

You know all the advice folks give when they have never been asked? Well Zoe does and in this episode she speaks on advice given to Millenials. I really thought this video was pretty funny and I think you’ll enjoy it as well!

#9 Disappointed Optimist: Approximately 5 Minutes of Dead Horse Beating

Everyone knows the Banana thing…everyone knows it’s wrong…but did you know Disappointed Optimist holds a strong and deep grudge against banana kind? Well now you do! This is a great video!

#8 Skeptic Pork: Is god real? (spoiler: still no evidence)

This one slipped in even though it was slightly over the 15 minute mark. Skeptic Pork runs through so many bad arguments in this video that it would be almost criminal not to include him on the list this week. Great video man!

#7 Anti-Ordinary: Re: Closet Gays Spread Aids

Another great video from Anti-Ordinary, she is in rare form in this one though. The video she responds to presents some pretty bad arguments but she answers these with wit and great points.

#6 11 More Questions Atheists Can’t Answer – SJ Thomason Edition

Now you might not realize this but SJ Thomason released a video titled 11 questions atheists can’t answer. I know, it didn’t get much notice and kinda fell below the radar. Well Suris has answers and I think you’ll really enjoy this video!

#5: Bionic Dance: Anthropomorphizing God and Nature

A great video from Bionic Dance this week. She takes on another bad argument that theists love to make, believing that Atheists worship nature, or science, or some other such nonsense…we don’t. Amazing video!

#4 Re: 11 Questions that Atheists Cannot Answer (+More Shoutouts)

Now you might not realize this but SJ Thomason released a video titled 11 questions atheists can’t answer. I know, it didn’t get much notice and kinda fell below the radar. Well Cosmological has answers and I think you’ll really enjoy this video!

#3 Where Does Morality Come From?

Telltale Science is another channel by Telltale Atheist, one you should definitely subscribe to. In this video he delves into the idea of morality and it’s origins. It’s an intelligently made video and one that I really think you will all enjoy!

#2 Godless Cranium: SJ Thomason’s Unanswerable Questions Are Answered Effortlessly

Now you might not realize this but SJ Thomason released a video titled 11 questions atheists can’t answer. I know, it didn’t get much notice and kinda fell below the radar. Well Godless Cranium has answers and I think you’ll really enjoy this video!

#1 Prophet of Zod Fixes the “11 Questions” List

Now you might not realize this but SJ Thomason released a video titled 11 questions atheists can’t answer. I know, it didn’t get much notice and kinda fell below the radar. Well Prophet of Zod has fixed questions and I think you’ll really enjoy this video!

Frustration of the Week: Mediacom Cable Internet

Not a video but god damn…what a pain in the ass it was to be without internet for an entire week simply because my cable company accidentally turned off my internet and somehow didn’t realize it had been turned off when I called them last week!!!

Video of the Week: My Morning Routine With Jesus

This video is so funny! I really didn’t know what to expect when going into this one but came away with sore ribs from all the laughing that I did. Great video and more than deserving of being this weeks Video of the Week Winner!


Faithless Females of YouTube

Disclaimer: Zoe Does Life was not feeling well today and was unable to join. We all wish her a speedy recovery!

Hello Friends, Missus Snarky will be leading an amazing panel of guests, on the Hopelessly Human podcast…yes I see the typo… discussing what it is like to be female in the skeptic/atheist community, the good, the odd, and the awful. Her guests will include.

Allie Jackson of Atheist Republic:

Atheistic Snail:

Forsaking Faith:


Kaitlyn Chloe from Godless Engineer:

Missus Snarky:

Rachel Oates:

Scientist Mel:

Zoe Does Life:

Weekend Tube

Weekend Tube: 02/16/18

Goooooooood evening friends! Today marks another week gone by and another edition of weekend tube. For those of you that don’t know I have my own channel now which you can find here: The Godless Iowan. I’m definitely not at the level of any of the people highlighted tonight but I am having fun and doing my own thing. So let’s get going!

#7: Rachel Oates: 3 Awesome Animals You Might Not Know Yet

I love biology, so much so that I had to take it twice in college….I was a theist back then so that might explain why I did so poorly at the time. Anyway, Rachel Oates points out some a few cute and definitely strange animals in this video. If you love animals check it out.

#6: Anti-Ordinary: Science is Racist!

This is so funny partly because the source material is just so ridiculous but also Anti-Ordinary turns the humor up to 11. Amazing!

#5: Godless Engineer: President Trump’s Tweet Debunks Global Climate Change

I love Godless Engineers reactions to comments and in this one he reacts to comments made by President Trump. Even better. This video is absolutely hilarious!

#4.) Jackson Wheat: Evolution of the Eye

One of the arguments that theists use to try and prove the existence of god is the intricacies of certain things in nature. Obviously the intricacy of the human eye is far too great to have simply evolved….wrong. Jackson Wheat does an amazing job relating how the eye evolved and it is simply fascinating.

#3: Professor Stick: Ridiculous Flat Earth Nonsense on SpaceX

Suck Muh Balls! That is all….Actually it’s not but I’ll let Professor Stick tell you all about it. Professor Stick is one of my favorites, please check him out if you haven’t already.

#2:Paulogia: Doubting Darwin Day (feat. Jackson Wheat) – (Ken) Ham & AiG News

Paulogia is joined by Jackson Wheat in an edition of Ham & AIG News. Evolution and Darwin are the topics, namely creationists denial of anything worthwhile in the teachings of Darwin and Evolution. This video is smart, I hope you will check it out.

#1: Godless Cranium: Vincent Rhodes Thinks The Bible Proves Flat Earth

Godless Cranium kicks ass in this video. The source material is hilarious, flat earth videos are always a favorite in our house and Godless Cranium does an amazing job. If this was a list simply built around Flat-Earth videos of the week, Godless Cranium would have won hands down.

Video of the Week: Godless Engineer: KC’s Corner: The History of Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, and Lent

It’s a little known secret but I have a perfect record for keeping my lent promises, For the last 34 years I have given up Lent for Lent and have never had a problem with it. That must make me super spiritual. Anyway, this video taught me a lot that I didn’t know about Catholic Traditions and was just fun to watch. I had no idea they had Drive Through Ashings…that’s amazing! Good job on this video KC!

Anyway, those are my videos of the week. As always if you like the videos please subscribe to their channel and let them know that The Godless Iowan sent you!  I hope you enjoyed these videos and if your feel I missed any great videos let me know in the comments. Life’s too short to be serious but please don’t panic!