Proof that God is Good! Musings From the Ginger Stranger…

Musings from a strange man under the lamplight trying to prove that god is good. Remember God doesn’t want action, he expects intent and then action…

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Weekend Tube

Weekend Tube: 08/17/2018

Hello Hellbound friends, another week has passed and it’s time for another edition of weekend tube. You can also find my list on the new show Ad Homies with Kyle Curtis and Mr Atheist, where I list the top 5 videos plus the video of the week. Anyway le’s get right to it!

Honorable Mention: Ad Homies [#1] Requiem for a Stream

This is a new series from Jimmy and Kyle. I really enjoyed the first episode and not simply because I am allowed to be a part of it in the form of my top 5 plus 1! So check it out and when they have their channel ready, go and subscribe!

Honorable Mention: Steve McRae: Cult of Dusty blames Nonsequitur for hum not being invited to Mythcon

This is a long video and chosen mainly for one portion. Hear to about an hour and a half in and watch as one of the strangest discussions on the first amendment and the freedom of speech occurs. It’s truly one of the oddest things I have ever watched. Enjoy!

#10 Jackson Wheat: Matt Powell Pt 2

Another great video from Jackson Wheat exposing some of the apologetic idiocy of one Matt guy. Really enjoying these response videos from Jackson and I’m hoping that Dr Evilution will grant us that wish!

#8: Suris: Discount Hovind Gets Everything Wrong!

Suris takes on some absolutely awful apologestics in this video. Seriously, this guy makes Ken Ham or Kent Hovind look like Neil Degrasse Tyson. So check it out!

#7: Godless Cranium: Found The Light Wants Biblical Punishments

Yet another Christian that isn’t afraid to come out in favor of biblical punishment for crimes like murder, rape, and did you know that even gays were stoned in the Bible…anyway, It’s an awesome video from GC! So go and watch!

#6: TellTale: Why Jehovahs Witnesses Hate Christmas?

Telltale Atheists lets us know why Jehovahs Witnesses are so adamant against the celebration of Christmas as well as whether or not Jesus was a real person. It’s a great video and I think everyone should check it out. Also TellTale just went full-time so congrats!

#5 Rationality Rules: My Views On morality (Is It Objective?)

Rationality Rules does a great job describing his views on morality and whether or not it is objective or subjective. Personally I tend to lean towards the side of subjective morality and yet it’s hard to argue against the information brought forth by Sam Harris and this video here. If we move past religion, then do religious definitions have any meaning to us anymore? Very interesting video!

#4: Nonsequitur Show: The Dinosaur Hoax

Trevor Valle is incredible in this video debunking all the arguments thrown at him one by one. Are they poes, do they even know? Check it out and decide for yourself!

#3 They: THEY are watching you

If you’re not watching They you are missing out. This guy has production values that are through the roof and his content is incredible. This video is the start of a series which goes after those who blame THEY for all the evils in the world. Enjoy!

#2 Godless Enginees: Atheists Buy 800lbs of Peanut Butter for Haitian Orphans

This was incredible, to see the amount of support that GE and KC received during their charity drive was incredible! Bravo both of you!

#1: Professor Stick: David Avocado Wolfe Proposes a New Vaccine

Have you had your piss vaccine? No? Well that probably means you are at least somewhat sane. Does piss cure cancer? Nope and Professor Stick of course does an incredible job of destroying this stupid….I repeat…STUPID idea. Great video and was very close to being the video of the week.

Video of the Week: Atheist Republic: Allah is Gay

What a brave statement. Is Allah gay? Well he’s a mythical character so why not, he can be anything you want him to be. Is Allah a purple gnome that lives in a toilet? Sure, he can be that too! Seriously though, this video took courage and I want them to get as much support and encouragement as possible!


Subscribe Saturday: Jen with_1_n

It’s been a few weeks since I did one of these and the entry today deserves this for two reasons. Reason one is that her channel and content so far rocks! Reason two is that I had to cancel an interview with her earlier this week and I honestly feel horrible about it. My internet went out and wasn’t fixed until yesterday. So for your viewing pleasure I present to you, Jen with_1_n!

First and foremost, Jen with_1_n is a community builder, she is always engaging in the comment section and live chats of YouTube channels. Always there to offer encouragement and support. The above video was made in preparation of a live stream that occurred yesterday. It was amazing!

Her channel is just starting out so she doesn’t have much content yet, but what she does have is an amazing idea. Into the Alphabet is a great series that focuses on a variety of topics. A is for Apostasy was the first of this series and it blew us away. Great job!

The second in this series was just as good and dealt with the different translations of the Bible that exist. It’s a great video and one that I hope you will all check out!

The third in this series deals with the Churching of women, or how women are taught to behave in the church. It’s another excellent video and I can’t wait to see more from this channel.

So Jen with_1_n, thank you for all you have done so far in helping build the community, thank you for the great videos you have made so far, and thank you for just being you!

She is currently at 70 subs, let’s get her to 100!

Also follow her on twitter: @IwearCrocsAlot


#SubscribeSaturday: An Atheistic Snail’s Journey

Welcome to a new #SubscribeSaturday post. This week I have a brand new YouTuber, Atheistic Snail.

Atheistic Snail is a former Catholic who made her way to reason though a very interesting journey. The above video gives a brief description as to what the channel is all about and a bit of information regarding who she is now. These stories are all similar but also different in their own ways and I find them all fascinating.

The above answers video gives her perspective on some of the most common questions that atheists receive. Her reasoning for hating Pascal’s wager is the same as mine. I can’t tell you how many times I used Pascal’s wager as an argument for faith in god and now I realize just how bad of an argument it really is….gah….you live and you learn.

Atheistic Snail already has some great response videos that I have really enjoyed. Response videos are actually a bit scary to tackle because you want to come off as tackling the ideas promoted in the video but not the person themselves. Atheistic Snail nails it and I think you’ll really enjoy this video.

I want to thank Johnny Drivebye for directing me to this channel. I’ve really enjoyed every video she has on her channel, I’ve seen Atheistic Snail in my comments section several times and she has been highly supportive of me throughout the last couple of months. This channel is almost definitely going to blow up and I am so glad to have found it in the early days.

Thank you Atheistic Snail for being an awesome new creator. For being bright and fun to watch. You’re going to go far in the future and I am glad to have met you in my comments section and now through your videos.

Everyone should go and subscribe to Atheistic Snail’s channel right now, it’s awesome!!!

An Atheistic Snail’s Journey


#SubscribeSaturday 5: Mac Clark

Last but not least on this weeks #SubscribeSaturday is Mac Clark.

The first video of Macs that I watched was the one above. It highlights one of my biggest pet peeves, the fake War on Christmas. Now I realize that we are in March now but I don’t think this entry would be complete without the above video.

Mac is a funny guy and I think you will agree. He’s also a very genuine person who does a lot to help support smaller YouTubers. His channel has just over 20 subscribers but I would love to see that number get much, much, higher!

Starting a serious video with a silly song is hilarious. The above video describes part of Mac’s story about coming out as an atheist to his parents. It’s interesting and fun to watch. Check it out!

Mac is just starting out but he has some great content. He also has some amazing ideas for future videos that will involve other creators like myself. He’s really interested in helping the community grow and for that I say thank you.

Thank you Mac for being awesome and for making this community a little bit better with each video you produce.


#SubscribeSaturday: Staggerson Jagz

For our second and final entry for the day I present to you Staggerson Jagz!

Staggerson Jagz is hilarious, his videos are entertaining as well as informative. Truth be told he was the very first YouTuber that I ever subscribed to, since then I have come to see him as a friend and great help in producing my own content.

His Emit videos kill me, and I think you will see why. If you are unsure of where to start in his content and Emit video would be my suggestion. You cannot go wrong with this!

As I’ve said before, Staggerson Jagz was instrumental in me starting my own channel and while I am still not the best at it, still trying to figure out my audio, but without him I wouldn’t be on there at all. He gave me advice on what to buy, how to use it, and really was just an incredible help.

So thank you Staggerson Jagz for not only being an amazing content creator but for also simply being an amazing person. Much love to you and thank you for everything you have done and continue to do in our community. Everyone, go and subscribe now!


#SubscribeSaturday #5: Godless Journey

Number #5 today is Godless Journey. Godless Journey is the smallest content creator featured today with 20 subscribers but I want to see him hit many more.

Godless Journey is actually the person that I’ve known the longest featured today. We met before either of us had a YouTube channel and were both writing blogs on here. His journey to atheism is very interesting and I hope you’ll check it out as well:

His videos are short but heartfelt and very enjoyable. He has made me think on several occasions. I enjoy his style and am very glad that he is out here with me creating content for former believers.

Godless Journey also hosts a stream called Secular Hangouts, which I would love to be a part of if we can figure out our schedules to make it work. He’s funny, he’s supportive of other creators and is an all-around good guy. I consider him a friend and I hope you will check out his channel and subscribe!